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User Robin Gardella time January 11, 2017

I was told that the items I put on consignment had sold back in February 2016. It is now January 2017 and I have yet to see a check despite leaving phone messages and emails inquiring when my payment will arrive. My next step will be to file a complaint with the BBB

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User Reviewer528359 time November 15, 2015

Complaintgave items to consignment to sell. Have not gotten paid for sold itemsI shipped gold jewelry to Showcase Antique Center on April 04,2013 All contracts, pictures, etc. are as shown in what I am sending you.About a month after I shipped to them I saw in their advertisement in Maine Antique Digest where they had sold one necklace for $5000.00. I asked repeatedly by phone + mailed a certified letter for them to give me a report. They eventually told me I would get a check for over $3000.00 in August. I called after the first week + they tell me they meant it would be mailed August 30,2013 no check and I called Saturday September 07 and they sent an email telling me it was mailed that morning. Still no check on Sept 13 and they won't answer my callDesired SettlementAll of my money or jewelry, immediately back to me! They told me at the time all prices some had fallen Business Response We had known ********** for many years as a customer of Showcase prior to this transaction. During a telephone conversation where she had mentioned she was disposing of some of her items and had lost a lot of money going via the auction route, we approached her to consign her items to us as we knew she had top quality merchandise.Our normal consignment rate is 35% for items sold over $100.00. *** would not do it for any more than 10%, so we took the items in under that stipulation. On one piece of jewelry that sold for $7,000.00, no commission was taken so that the sale could be made.The rock bottom prices listed on the inventory sheet total $24,545.00; not including the three pieces returned to *** or the agreed change on #19 to $7,000.00. The grand total, therefore, would be $31,545.00 which should be the figure in dispute.On numerous occasions, *** was told that her jewelry was selling and being put on layaway longer than the 30-day period. In the economy that we live in now, people buying expensive items need longer to pay for them. In fact, during one conversation, *** mentioned "could it take up to six months", and was told "yes".*** was told that a check would be mailed on August 30th, but it was actually mailed on September 7th of which she was informed via E-mail. Apparently, this check did not reach her. The next thing we knew, she had filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.On September 19th, a check was reissued to *** in the amount of $8,298.00 and sent overnight to her.*** requested that the three remaining unsold pieces of jewelry be returned to her. *** did acknowledge receipt of these pieces.*** will be receiving her next check in the amount of $8,005.50 within the next two weeks. A check for $7,000.00 will go out approximately one month later and a final check for $5,787.00 approximately one month after the $7,000.00 check. The total of the four checks is $29,090.50 which is based upon the agreed prices.We have tried to please *** investing many hours pricing, tagging, placing the items out for sale and promoting them via telephone calls and advertisements in the Maine Antique Digest.For selling $31,545.00 worth of jewelry for *** in a short period of time, Showcase only made $2,454.50 - a little over 7% profit. This did not include our expenses.We hope that this answer will resolve all disputes. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Because they have lied to me repeatedly! The check that they now say on December 03rd will go out in a couple of weeks, they called me on November 16th to tell me it would go out the first of the next week. It did not arrive. They called again on Monday, November 25 to tell me the check would be mailed Tuesday, the next morning. Nothing! Keep in mind this check is in part payment for a bracelet that sold for $5,000.00 that they advertised in the Maine Antiques Digest as sold In June, 2013. They continue soliciting through their ad in Maine Digest for MORE people to consign to them because they are so TRUSTWORTHY-you should read the ad! They have cost me and my elderly husband night after night of sleeplessness and worry that we don't deserve. I retained an attorney to sue them. Thank you for your help. Final Business Response We have spoken with **********. Her check for the $8,005.50 has gone out. In about three weeks her next check will go out and approximately two weeks later, the remaining check will be sent to her.***'s remaining jewelry items have been returned to her and she acknowledges receipt.

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User Reviewer528352 time November 12, 2015

ComplaintConsigned large collection of mainly antique Christmas items in August, 2013. Assured of many sales but only one payment received. Consigned large collection of mainly antique Christmas items in August, 2013. Was told to expect payment each month on sold items. After several calls and assurances that many items had sold, received only one check for approximately **** USD in December, 2013. Have called, was offered apologies, and told check will be sent out at the end of the month, but nothing arrives. Deeply disappointed with Showcase Antiques.Desired SettlementWill be in MA in late June and will retrieve un-sold items and I have asked by registered letter for all funds due at that time.Business Response Consignor was here. After discussion and paymentof the majority of his monies, he left his itemshere. Final payment will be made to **** on July10th at which time he will contact you with afavorable post.

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