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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/04/28) */ Dear Representatives, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to Mr***'s claims Dr***s has been a 216digital client since October, He has paid $per month via credit card for his hosting services each and every month since he began hosting with us In January 2014, Miva announced their new non-compliance policy for running out dated versions of their softwareIn February, 2016, Mr***s was assessed a non-compliance fee for his Miva Merchant ($55.00) for running an outdated version of the Miva software on his website (anything older than Miva was Non-Compliant as of 10/26/and the client was running Miva 9) In advance of billing Dr [redacted] non-compliance fees, we sent out email notifications informing him of the new policy and urging him to upgrade his store to the latest compliant version before October 25, to avoid penalty feesA 68-Day notice was also sent to all Miva clients on August 19, and a 21-day upgrade notice was sent on September 24, The emails included detailed instructions on how to upgrade their stores themselvesDrScott ***s did not upgrade his store by the specified deadline, therefore had to pay for a month of non-complianceHe engaged our team to upgrade his store on February 24, per Work Order# 02172016-(approved by the customer on 02/17/- days after we received the non-compliant invoice from Miva)Miva Merchant submits Non-Compliance invoices on the 15th day of every month We received notice from Miva Merchant in October of that all Miva Merchant clients' fees would be determined based upon the revenue their online store generated for the past monthsWe sent an email announcement of this new policy to all of our Miva clients in December of (The Revenue Based Policy was to take effect on April 1, 2016)Dr***s received his first Miva Merchant Revenue Based Fee on April 6, 2016, based upon the revenue tier Miva reported for Mr***'s store ($500,- $1,500,000) to 216digitalHe then called into speak with Greg M [redacted] (owner of 216digital, Inc.) about the invoice he received and refused to pay for his Miva Merchant license and Hosting fees (which were provided to him and being used by the customer)After a long negotiation over the phone and a detailed explanation of Miva Merchant's policies (which had been previously sent to the customer in email announcements), we agreed to delay his price increase until the month of MayIt should be noted, Mr [redacted] Dr***s did agree to pay an additional $in April but later reneged and we subsequently processed a refund of the additional $ Just to reiterate, 216digital, Inchas complied with all requests from Dr***sWe have even gone as far as waiving his Miva Merchant licensing fee increase for a month (a fee increase of $219.96) after the client called in threatening the company and demanding refunds for services rendered Dr***s submitted a notice of cancellation of all services effective on April 27thWe subsequently cancelled all services per his request Please see non-compliance announcement and revenue tier group based pricing announcement included as part of this reportFeel free to contact me with any and all questions you may haveThank you Greg M [redacted] President 216digital, Inc Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2016/05/03) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) 216digital and Greg M [redacted] have not been honest with their response to this complaint216digital continued to bill me month after month for a bogus noncompliance fee even after I paid 216digital to upgrade my site and they certified that the site was 100% compliantDespite being compliant, they continued to bill me as noncompliantSecondly, Greg M [redacted] and 216digital illegally billed me for revenue based fees for revenues ($500,- $1,500,000) although revenues were less than $50,Furthermore, illegal charges were made to my credit card without my authorizationAlthough 216digital has the right to assess a noncompliance fee and to use tier group based pricing, they have overcharged me by placing me in a tier that is times my actual revenuesThey continued to bill me as noncompliance while providing certification to me in writing that my site was compliant Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 10, 2016/05/04) */ In response to Mr***'s rebuttal: In October 2015, Miva announced a new licensing business policy, where customers would be charged based upon the annual revenue generated in their Miva shopping cartUnder our agreement with Miva, we were given until April 1st for the new pricing policy to take effectMiva also went to a non-compliance policy whereby all Miva licenses must be upgraded to the current version within days of a new version release Miva provides their partners, such as us, with store revenue information to base the licensing tier groupingsThey reported 500K-1.5M for intelligentweight.comWe invoiced the client for their reported tier group in AprilMr [redacted] called and objected to the new pricingI agreed to research the revenue calculation with Miva and not charge the increase for the month of AprilHe cancelled hosting with us before the end of the month, so any claims of overcharging are simply not true Additionally, Mr [redacted] claims we fraudulently changed his credit card on April 18thHe and I talked on April 18th and Mr [redacted] approved a final charge of $on the card as a final charge to the card prior to its removal from our billing systemWhen I latter learned he was disputing the charge, I elected to refund it to his card to save us all some aggravationSo this should now be a non-issue Mr***'s Miva store was non-compliant on occasionsWhen he complained we cancelled and did not charge out of of the billsHe really had no room to argue for consideration on the non-compliance bill we charged I hope this clears any confusion or misunderstanding in this matterI appreciate your help in promptly resolving this matterThank you Sincerely, Greg M [redacted] Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (4200, 12, 2016/05/06) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) The business owner is simply not honest with his responseAlthough my revenues are less than $50,000, 216digital fraudulently billed my credit card without my authorization for fees for a store that has revenues of $500,000-1.5MGreg M [redacted] has blamed Miva for the error but refused to correct the error and continued to fraudulently bill my credit card forcing me to terminate the contractIn addition to this complaint, additional complaints filed with my credit card company, MIVA corporate office and the Ohio State Attorney's Office

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