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2nd II None Management

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Review: Ms. Kenya H[redacted], CEO of 2nd II None Management failed to honor her contractual obligations for over two years. She was consistently non-responsive to over fifty attempts of trying to contact her via emails, phone calls, text, and even certified mail (which was returned to me because no one ever signed for the package). I flew from Florida (this where I live due to a new military assignment) to Maryland on March 28, 2014 and personally delivered a letter to her office at [redacted] - Suite [redacted], Maryland [redacted] (I had to go to this office since her office in [redacted] Maryland was closed). I slipped the letter under her office door since no one was in the office. I waited several hours for someone to show up but no one ever did. In the letter I informed her that I no longer required her services since she was unresponsive and unreachable. I requested she refund the $2,900.00 (two thousand nine-hundred dollars) deposit my renters gave to her because I would be managing my property beginning on April 1, 2014. It has been over three months and I still have not received the $2,900.00 deposit.

This company never met their contractual responsibilities and their customer support was nonexistent. They were consistently over 20 days late in depositing my rent payments and never performed a inspection of my home in the two years I had a contract with Kenya H[redacted]. The last straw was when my renters had to contact me to fix the air conditioner system in my home because Kenya H[redacted] was unreachable. Although I paid an additional $450.00 (four hundred and fifty dollars) to Kenya H[redacted] for a home warranty to cover any major repairs of my home, I had to use my own funds to make the repairs of my home's air conditioner system which cost me $670.00 (six hundred and seventy dollars) .Desired Settlement: I am requesting a refund of $3,350.00 ($2,900.00 deposit plus $450.00 warranty refund) to be paid to me immediately. I need the refund in the form of a certified bank check to sent to my home address in Florida.

Review: I am a active duty service member stationed in [redacted] TX . I hired this company to manage my property when I transferred from the state of Maryland. I have had problems with this company not complying with written contracts and withholding tenants money. I have tried repeated attempts to contact the owner **. [redacted] with no avail. As of 14 February 2014, I have not received the payment for the month of February. The company website states payment shall be received by the 10th of each month which 2nd II None Management has not fulfilled.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that 2nd II None Management pay the required amount of money as stated in the contract. I am also requesting documentation of payments received by 2nd II None Management.

Review: I own property and I entered into a contract with the owner of the company, [redacted], in December 2012 to manage my properties. Since the beginning of our relationship I have only received one deposit in my account. The tenant has not paid rent since July 2013 owing the amount of $11,900 in rent and court fees. The company has not file failure to pay rent and has not help with legal procedure to remove tenant. **. [redacted] Company has not upheld her part of the contract that has left me in danger of losing my property due to foreclosure. I left numerous voice, email, and text messages she will not return my calls nor respond to my email messages.Desired Settlement: Payment of $1,700

Review: I entered into a contract with [redacted], in October 2011 to manage my rental property. I received all of the rental income due to me in 2012.

From January 2013 to July 2013, I only received 3 1/2 months worth of rental payments from [redacted]. Throughout this period, I made several calls each month to [redacted] to find out the reasoning behind the lack of payments received and to review the course of action they took during this period. Each month thru April 2013, [redacted]indicated that they were in communication with the tenant and were working thru the court system and with the tenant to collect the past due rental income. Attempts to reach [redacted] from April 2013 to July 2013 proved to be challenging as its representatives could not/would not tell me the reasoning why rental payments were not received nor could they provide me a current status on any court proceedings taken to collect past due rental income.

On July 11th, I researched outstanding rental cases at [redacted]s County District Court to confirm if [redacted] had indeed filed a case with the tenant to collect late rent in April 2013 as promised from our previous communication. During my research I could not determine if any court cases had been filed by [redacted] regarding my property.

On July 15th, after not receiving a response since April 2013 from [redacted], I sent an email request for them to immediately provide me with a record of the following items: Copy of the accounting record since January 2013, Copy of the maintenance record, information of any court proceedings taken on the tenant to collect overdue rent and a copy of the last inspection report. Upon one week of my request I only received a copy of the previous inspection report. A representative from [redacted] indicated in a phone call on July 16th that the tenant had made partial payment of $500 each in June 2013 and July 2013. [redacted] only provided me a copy of the last inspection report.

I decided to terminate our contract effective July 22, 2013, after I did not receive all of the promised items I requested the previous week. In my termination notice to 2nd to None Management, I told them to immediately make arrangements with me to provide all of remaining items due to me at the termination of our agreement (i.e. keys, security deposit, all remaining rental income collected and due to me and a copy of the tenant agreement.

Since July 22nd, I have not received any communication from [redacted] in regards to completing the termination of our agreement. [redacted] has also withheld the two payments made by the tenant in June 2013 and July 2013. The tenant has provided me with a record of all payments made since January 2013 and I discovered that an additional $332 in owners payment were withheld by [redacted] for a total of $1,332.

I have made 2 formal requests to [redacted] via email to complete the termination of our agreement.Desired Settlement: $1, 322 in outstanding owner deposits owed

Release of security deposit held in escrow

All other items requested at termination



Good Evening,

Review: I own two rental properties and I entered into a contract with the owner of the company, [redacted], in April 2012 to manage my properties. Since the beginning of our relationship the deposits she made into my account have not been reflective of what was due to me. While she did attempt to rectify the matter in January 2013, I terminated our contract effective 1 March 2013 because the matter had persisted too long. Additionally, she only attempted to rectify the matter after I informed her that I would seek another property management company to work with. All along I left numerous voice messages for [redacted] and I sent numerous email/text messages. I have documentation, which was submitted to [redacted], to support my claim of the money due to me ($3,369.00). She will not return my calls nor respond to my email messages.Desired Settlement: Payment of $3,369.00

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Description: Property Management

Address: 7700 Old Branch Avenue, #E206, Clinton, Maryland, United States, 20735


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with 2nd II None Management, LLC, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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