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$300 Data Recovery

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$300 Data Recovery Reviews (136)

THIS IS THE COMPANY TO USE PEOPLE! After my computer crashed, I dropped and broke my external hard drive that I had backed everything up to. I was devastated to have all my data and family photos lost. After much browsing of local data recovery services, I found $300 Data Recovery in CA. After watching the video and researching the site and review ratings I knew it was the right place for me. I DID THE RIGHT THING!! This company is so efficient in having you complete a chances form to find out the details of your loss so they can give you an idea of your chances of recovery. Then they give you very specific instructions on how to get your equipment to them and stay in touch with you through every step. They have you confirm your information throughout and are so attentive that you feel like you're the only customer they are helping. Oh, and the price can't be beat. I received ALL of my data today and could not be happier. I will be forever grateful!

$300 Data Recovery Response • Jun 10, 2019

Hi Charlsa,
Thank you so much for your rating and review! We're so happy you found us and we were able to recover your data quickly and for a fair price!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

$300 Data Recovery successfully recovered all of files from my dead hard drive. It was a physical issue with damaged drive heads. I knew what the issue was, but didn't have the expertise or tools to perform the recovery. They were quick in identifying the issue once they received my hard drive and offered options on the recovery. Communication in the recovery process was excellent with updated emails and they were up front on any extra cost in obtaining a donor driver to swap out parts. I'm glad I accidentally found them online. Otherwise, I'd have paid at least a few hundred dollars more on the recovery cost compare on other recovery services. Thanks to *** and his team on the great work! I'd definitely use them again (hopefully, I won't have to with better backup process) and would recommend them to anyone.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Jun 05, 2019

Hi Cameron,
We're glad you found us too!! We're so happy to hear we got back your data after a head swap and saved you at least a few hundred bucks!
Thank you,
$300 Data Recovery

I'm very pleased with the services provided and the upfront rate that was charged. The whole data recovery process was streamlined and $300 Data Recovery was able to recover 99.95% of my data! I honestly don't even think that extra 0.05% was anything relevant anyway. Everything came back in perfect order and I couldn't be more satisfied with this company. Thanks, guys! You really can't beat the quality of services here and at such an affordable rate, too. Truly top-notch.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Jun 02, 2019

Hi Philip,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our company and the data recovery outcome.
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Fast, reliable, affordable. My laptop disk crashed after a heavy vase fell on top of it....recovery around CT was $2000 and up...I understand that would be worthy for a professional losing clients info, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money for some documents and personal picture....
I found 300recoverydata on a Google search, went through their "price analyzer" to get an estimate and decided that it was worth the risk....and I am so glad I took it!
The service is just excellent.
Clear instructions for your disk shipping. Emails with updates for every step of the recovery, detailing extra costs (if any, in my case a Twin disk, only $50 more) so you can approve or decide not to continue with the recovery....
The customer service is fantastic, over the phone, email or through their website chat.
The final cost was exactly like estimated, they recuperated my pictures and files (and you get to see the list of the items before everything is finalized) and they explained why some of the stuff was irrecuperable (Cryptowall 2.0)
They ship the transfer disk I sent them for the recovery as soon as I paid the balance of my bill, perfectly wrapped and secure.
Cannot recommend this company enough. Great experience from beginning to end.

$300 Data Recovery Response • May 30, 2019

HI Paula,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy that you found us and we were able to save your data for a fair and flat-fee price!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Had to buy a doner drive for parts to get info from my bad drive 125.00, a transfer drive for the recovered data 75.00, and 15.00 because of the type of drive I had. The only thing I didn't know about prior to me sending the bad drive was the doner drive. All said and done it cost 515.00 and any other places I found STARTED at 500.00. Very happy with the service.

$300 Data Recovery Response • May 16, 2019

Hi Tommy,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were happy with our data recovery cost and outcome!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Losing data can be one of the most STRESSFUL and traumatic things--especially when it's all your personal photos and memories. And then to know that it's likely going to be extremely expensive to MAYBE get those back just adds to that stress. My husband found 300 Dollar Data Recovery and I was unsure (the name alone sounds a little sketch), but I looked at their reviews and decided it was my best shot to hopefully get my memories back and also not spend all my hard earned savings. As soon as they received my damaged drive, the email correspondence was consistent--they emailed me almost daily with updates. They were able to get 75% of my data!!! (pretty much all my photos which is all I really cared about). The replacement drive was affordable and their customer service is AMAZING. I am so happy they were able to get back some of my most priceless memories while not putting me into debt. I will recommend them to anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the situation of their hard drive crashing. They gave me relief in a very stressful situation! 10/10!!

$300 Data Recovery Response • May 13, 2019

Hi Teal,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We love stories like this and people like you are the main reason we haven't increased our rates. Without us, there may be no other option for an affordable level-3 recovery. We're so happy to hear your data was recovered and we made a stressful situation as smooth as possible for you.
$300 Data Recovery

Very impressive service. Every step that $300 Data Recovery laid out in advance went exactly as planned with no slippage whatsoever. I couldn't have asked for anything more. On top of that, they were able to recover 99.9999% of my data. I was quoted $700 to $2,700 by the bigger guys - what a difference! They are one terrific organization.

$300 Data Recovery Response • May 11, 2019

Hi Roger,
Thank you very much for your rating and review!! This is exactly the kind of thing we love to hear no surprises, saving hundreds of dollars, and 99%+ recovered!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Did an awesome job for us. Got all our data back. There were no surprises. Best communication ever on top of that!

$300 Data Recovery Response • May 09, 2019

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our no-frills recovery and up-to-the-minute communications!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

I am happy to report that 300DDR has recovered almost all of my lost data that was lost due to an accidential hard drive erasure. This was a very worried time for me. 300DDR was professional and provided timely updates as they performed their work. I would definately use 300DDR's service again and also feel comfortable recommending their service to family and friends.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Apr 29, 2019

Hi Tom,
Thank you very much for your rating, review, and recommendation! We're so happy to hear most of your data was recovered after a format!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Outstanding! Received my transfer drive this afternoon with all my ancestry files & pictures, email data files and all my documents! Best Buy Geek Squad told me drive was dead and all files were unrecoverable.

Thank you $300 Data Recovery for doing what others said was impossible!

$300 Data Recovery Response • Apr 21, 2019

Hi Kevin,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear your data was recoverable, especially after another company told you the data was unrecoverable!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

I highly recommend working with $300 Data Recovery. In my case I had a hardrive that I lost access to and heard clicking noises coming from drive after losing access. I even attempted to open the drive cover and fix myself after watching youtube videos online about stuck drive heads. Unfortunately I could not resolve it with quick repair. I put the cover back on the failed hard drive thinking it was done and a loss. Then I found their site,, and went ahead with opening a case online. I shipped them the drive per the instructions they provided and upon receipt I received an an email from them requesting my approval to proceed with the data recovery. Within a week I had my data from the failed drive recovered onto another hardrive and my old drive shipped back to me. Without a doubt if I ever experience any type of data loss I will be sending it to them for help. They were awesome!!!

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you

$300 Data Recovery Response • Apr 14, 2019

Hi SC,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy you found us and we were able to recover your data quickly and for an affordable price.
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

Excellent experience. Always kept in the loop as to progress being made. Cost explained and fair. Data recovery for me was better that 98% and I was very satisfied.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Apr 09, 2019

Hi Geary,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our company and got back at least 98% of your data for a fair price!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

These guys are top notch! Saved all of our pictures from dead SSD drive! Thanks! Well worth their fee! Excellent customer service!

$300 Data Recovery Response • Mar 29, 2019

Hi Robert,
Thank you very much for your review and rating! We're so happy to hear your data was recovered and that you appreciated our customer service and low rates!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

I am 100% satisfied with this company! FIVE STARS!
I'd give them 10 stars if I could..

This was a gamble but AMAZINGLY $300DR came through.
Saving me about $1100 and recovering 99.987% of the sectors
on my crashed drive = 100% of my files.
The whole process from start to finish was fast and efficient
and they communicated with me throughout the whole process.

THANK YOU $300DR for an excellent and affordable service.
I will tell everyone I find who needs this service about you!

$300 Data Recovery Response • Mar 25, 2019

Hi Rick,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our company, recovery, and the fact we saved you over a thousand dollars!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

The staff of $300 Data Recovery were courteous, efficient and very communicative. They kept me informed during the process (without my instigating) and were able to reclaim nearly 100% of my data in a relatively short time. I highly recommend and would use their services again.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Mar 18, 2019

Hi Phillip,
Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our company and recovery!
Thanks again,
$300 Data Recovery

They did a wonderful, timely and expert job on every facet of a complex and tedious repair, Very polite and stayed in communication throughout the process and by going to them I saved a ton (900$). I would highly recommend them to anyone having data loss issues.
*** B.
Kansas City, Missouri

$300 Data Recovery was very attentive and affordable. The cost was $1,000.00 cheaper than what we were quoted by a local company. The reviews and quick responses to all our questions put us at ease mailing our hard drive so far away. We were informed of what was happening every step of the recover process. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!

Very clear communications with clients, very up-front regarding fees, no "hidden fees" or bait-and-switch tactics. Very professional from beginning to end. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else who experiences a hard drive failure.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Feb 25, 2019

Hi Stefan,
Thank you very much for your rating, review, and recommendation! We're so happy to hear you encountered no hidden fees or shady tactics when dealing with us!
$300 Data Recovery

Very professional and efficient. I recommend them.

$300 Data Recovery Response • Feb 25, 2019

Hi Richard,
Thank you very much for your rating, recommendation, and kind words! We're so happy to hear you were pleased with our company!
$300 Data Recovery

Every business in America should look to this company as a model of how to run their business. It starts with an ethical desire to offer services at reasonable prices in a time when many people need these services at a rate that is manageable. Next, they add superior customer along the way, walking you through and being available for each step. I was impressed like I had not been before, even before sending off my hard drive. Finally, they have the technical expertise. Businesses across America, this is how it's done!

$300 Data Recovery Response • Feb 19, 2019

Hi Evan,

Thank you very much for your rating and review! We're so happy to hear we were able to impress you, and that you appreciated our integrity and fair prices.

Thanks again!
$300 Data Recovery

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