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4 Seasons Lawn Care, Inc.

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Review: Our cedar hedge & yard were damaged by a fatal car accident 3/03/13. 4 Seasons was hired to do clean up, replace damaged lawn & destroyed cedar bushes. Clean up & lawn work was fine. But of 7 cedar bushes replaced by Memorial Day 2013, now 4 are dead at the end of Aug. 2013. 4 Seasons refuses to replace the dead bushes saying the tops were trimmed. Yes, 2 " was trimmed as required by law as the hedge is within 15' of a corner intersection & must not be taller than 3'. 4 seasons ignored this ordinance when they planted the 7 bushes. 2 remaining new cedars were also trimmed in accordance to the law & are doing well. We do not feel we are responsible for 4 Seasons ignorance of the law & planting errors. Nor do we believe nipping 2" off the top (leaves only) killed the 4 bushes, especially since the remaining 3 are growing well. As experienced gardeners we know that minor trimming of cedars encourages root growth, not plant death.Desired Settlement: We want 4 Seasons to replace for free the four dead cedar bushes with appropriately sized new cedars which are no taller than 3 feet.




on the paperwork as far as dates, etc. is correct except the dollar

amount of the project. The total project cost was $1041.34. The

"improper" planting as the complaint states was never brought to our

attention at 4 Seasons at the time of planting or afterwards. The

complaint filed is the first I've heard of it. Our issue with this

replacement at 4 Seasons comes from the fact that cedars that were just

installed were cut and trimmed on. I didn't go out with a tape measure,

nor can it be proven, but there was more than 2" cut off the plants.

The "trimming encourages root growth" statement is true with ESTABLISHED

plant material. It is quite the opposite with newly planted material.

The plant material is still trying to establish itself in its new

planting in the first few weeks after installation and should not be

cut/trimmed. With this project, we also installed sod in an area that

wasn't originally supposed to be sod. It was a "good will" gesture

given we did feel bad that this yard was destroyed by a joy riding drunk

driver. Everything else on the project was done to the specifications

of the proposal. When we received the call that some of the shrubs did

not make it, I sent [redacted] to go look. He stated that the shrubs

were topped off (trimmed off). Normally, when this is done, it is a

situation where we don't cover the material/labor under warranty. Josh

made a new estimate to replace the shrubs at 50% off (totaling $184.80

with tax). When the clients called about the estimate they received, it

was a very unpleasant situation. They proceeded to scream and use

profanity towards Josh, and at the end told him to "Go F[redacted] Yourself!"

When this kind of situation occurs, we no longer do any work for said

client. We will not be replacing anything and will not be doing any

work ever again for these individuals. If a statement is needed from

[redacted] regarding the phone call, he can be reached at our shop

between the hours of 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The number here is [redacted].

[redacted] - Owner

4 Seasons Lawn Care Inc.

Very negative experience with 4 seasons.
I contacted them in May of 2014 to give an estimate on our patio to have it power washed and re-sealed with locking sand.
They showed up July 31st unannounced in the morning. 2 guys were here and one of them did the power washing while the other stood watching holding a broom and at times would dig out some sand. (I work from home so I was here the entire time that day). They were here for an hour and a half. Left that day and we left on 8/1 for vacation.
I believe they came back on either 8/4 or 8/5 to put the sand in and I had expected the sand to cover all areas of the patio and the only sand they put in was on the outside edges.
I called [redacted] the owner at 4 Seasons and he came here to look at it and said it was done correctly. I received the bill for $399 (I did sign a contract back in May for them to do the job for $399 based on 4.5 hours of work)
I went in to speak with the owner (there are 2 [redacted] that run the company) and he wasn't able to help me so [redacted] called me later that day. From the beginning of the conversation he was rude. I expressed to him that I didn't think there was 4.5 hours of work done on the patio and also that it wasn't done the way I thought it would look. [redacted] told me that his guys were here the first time for 2 hours (which they weren't) and that he sent 3 guys out here to put the sand in and they were here also for around 2 hours..
I have sealed our patio before by myself and doing the entire thing (not just the edges as they did with the sand) only took me an hour to sweep it around and complete. How it took them 3 people to put the minor amount of sand on the edges is unbelievable.. it wasn't even enough for one bag of sand.
I expressed this to [redacted] and his reply at the end of our conversation was.. "Some clients/people you just can't please." He did not offer to do anything to make me happy as a customer and I felt extremely dis-respected by him the entire conversation.

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Description: Landscape Contractors, Lawn Maintenance, Tree Service

Address: 1539 N. 8th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States, 54220


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