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402 Lone Star Property, LLC

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Thank you for your correspondence regarding this matter.">On 06/04/Lone Star Property, LLC (Lone Star) purchased the property located at *** *** *** *** ** *** at a foreclosure auction conducted on behalf of the *** *** Owner's AssociationPurchase was made subject to an outstanding encumbrance and Lone Star conducted a title search to determine from whom to request payoff information to protect the investment
The property was found in great disrepair and Lone Star invested thousands of dollars to rehabilitate the unit
On 06/20/Lone Star sent proof of ownership Certified Mail RRR to *** ** ***/*** Bank(mortgagee) and formally requested to payoff the property
On 06/22/Lone Star Property, LLC and *** *** executed a 2-year lease agreement
Subsequently, *** ** ***/*** Bank foreclosed the property without ever responding to the payoff request or notifying the bonafide owner(Lone Star) of the impending foreclosure
Upon discovery that the foreclosure occurred and was not to be reversed, Ms*** was advised to pay rent to the bank & seek council to secure her rights under existing law that protects her tenancy
Contrary to Ms_ *** statement, lone Star did not file for or receive any kind of restraining order against the bank or any other party to this matter that would have restricted communication to Ms***
With respect to Ms*** statements regarding her eviction, Lone Star had no role in the proceeding and can only assume Ms*** failed to pay rent to the new owner as obligated to secure her tenancy
Contrary to Ms*** statement, Lone Star has not been compensated for the loss and no settlement has been reached with the foreclosing party
Pursuant to Texas Property Code and section 10,C SECURITY DEPOSITS of the lease agreement, Lone Star is compliant and, to date, is not obligated to return MsAgulera security deposit
Very Sincerely,
*** ***
Lone Star Property, LLC

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I was in direct contact with *** ** *** and yes they were not able to give me a 90day notice due to the fact that they had a restriaining order that they were not able to give me that amount of time and I was only give a 30days notice that I have paper work verifingIf I had a 2yrs contract with Lone Star company and this Company was not able to uphold the contract because of their own faults I deserve my deposit backI feel he is trying to cheat the system and I was put into a situation where the owner knowling knew the situation prior to me moving inEven when I called the owner to tell him that the bank had left a card to contact prior to the restraining order *** (the owner) told me not to listen to them and if they try to contact me again in any way to make sure to call him firstI should of known a red flag was thrown at the time that something was going onI still feel the contract was between myself and Lone Star Property and he walked off with my deposit in his pocket knowing that the contract was broken due to faults of his own
*** ***

Dear Mr. [redacted],
Thank you for your call, below outlined is the response to complaint #[redacted]:
The property was owned by 402 Lone Star Property, LLC and rented to the...

The lease term was from 11/01/2013 to 10/31/2014.
The property sold 08/05/2014, the purchaser agreed to honor the term of the lease, the tenant remained in the property and the deposit was timely returned and accepted by complainant. 
The rent that was received for 08/2014 was accounted for with the purchaser of the home and evidenced by notarized affidavit.
Tenant's claim regarding some 180 day homeowner's lien is incorrect, false, incoherently described, and utterly without merit.
Lone Star owned the home(deed recorded under doc #[redacted] records of Travis County), and was not lien holder in any respect.
Contrary to Complainant's opinion, property owners are not compelled to discuss matters regarding ownership with a tenant with respect to the disposition of the property. It's private property and an owner can whatever they want with it.
Further, contrary to Complainant's opinion, Lone Star is not responsible to provide a copy of the lease to the purchaser. It is solely Tenants responsibility.
As a courtesy, I did offer to supply her with another copy of her lease if she could not find hers.
Complainant makes actionable fraudulent claim the Lone Star didn't own the home from April 2014 forward and illegally demands returned rent.
Lone Star has acted within all laws pertinent to this matter.
Lone has not collected any monies it was not entitled to.
Lone Star returned Complainant's security deposit in full prior to when is was due.
Complainant has distorted, if not entirely manufactured, facts in this matter.
Complainant is disingenuous in her assertion of damages as she was permitted to remain in the property for the term of her lease.
Complainant is entitled to nothing and is owed nothing.
Thank you
402 Lone Star Property, LLC

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
It is quite interesting that Lone Star Property continues to stand by his standard of practice which would be to rent a home to a tenant and then allow the homes to go into foreclosure.  I have found many tenants he continues to do this to.  Travis County deed records do not lie about the fact Lone Star Property owned a lien on the home not the home itself and that the home was put into auction at the time Lone Star Property was renting it out due to foreclosure.  Yes, Lone Star Property finally returned my security deposit after I had a witness statement and a lawsuit pending against the agency because he told my witness he had no intention on returning my deposit.  He has a history of not returning the deposits as well per other tenants.  Lone Star Property continues to hide behind that fact he has done nothing wrong but has not provided the truth as to why the home was "owned" as he states but then went into to foreclosure.  The home was actually owned by Bank of America because the original owner went into foreclosure therefore the home went back to the bank.  Lone Star Property believes he owned the home because he owned the homeowners association lien.  If the is truth behind his statements of owning the home why was he so surprised to find out the home was bought out from underneath him?  Why did he attempt to sue Bank of America but lost?  Yes, Texas law requires him to provide landlord information.  "A tenant is entitled to know the name and address of the landlord (the actual owner of the property) and also entitled to know the name and address of the management company if the landlord has hired a separate company to manage to the property." Texas Tenant Advisor.  Lone Star never provided information about the new homeowner because he didn't even know the home was purchased. 
Lone Star claims that I was allowed to finish my lease but that is incorrect.  I was asked to leave the home early.  I actually moved out of the home on 10/15 because the new homeowners wanted me to leave the property.  Lone Star wouldn't know this because they never communicated with me after the property was purchased.  He neglected to check on a tenant that he placed in the home.  He neglected to make further repairs on the home after he was notified the home was purchased.  Maybe by law it wasn't his responsibility after the deed was recorded but as a good landlord and someone that cares about the tenants he puts into his homes he should have checked on me.  It appears that he is out to make loads of money from any avenue regardless of the people he hurts.  He is a licensed real estate agent and is required to protect the people he serves.  I am rejected his excuses.   

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Address: 8808 Mountain Path Circle, Austin, Texas, United States, 78759-7209


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