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9 to 5 Dropout

550 14th Rd S 438, Arlington, Virginia, United States, 22202

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I'm contacting because I did not received my money back. I was not satisfied with the course. I am requesting a full refund $197 because this boot camp program is very stressful and overwhelming to succeed and not what I thought it would be . And, When I did receive the link and started the class, I still do not understand why I am not able to access the chat group with the other classmates because I have no way to enter into the discussion group. And also the instructional videos were not the best of quality. This course is not what I thought it would be it did not talk about certain points that I wanted to learn about.

I am requesting a full refund $197 because this boot camp program is very stressful and overwhelming to succeed and it is not what it was advertised to be, it was said that after 14 days that if I was not satisfied with the 9 to 5 dropouts and did what was instructed to do for 14 days that I could get a refund, I also am not able to understand your course being that I don't have much knowledge about computer, your T-shirt book camp is very stressful and hard for me to understand and catch on to it, your boot camp cost me $197.00 dollars and once I joined the course I find out that I got to pay more money out to have a T-shirt store by paying $29.00 a month to *** to have a store, $37.00 for a coaching team and have to pay for a designer and I don't have money like that, that why I purchase your boot camp T-shirt course to make money not to pay out money that I just really don't have, and I have contacted you several times through email and all I get back is and auto email res-ponder back saying that you have received my requests and that you and your team are reviewing my requests, again I did what was asked of me to do to the best of my knowledge and ability for 14 days and now I ask for a refund.

over a month ago Oct 2019, I ordered the program that promised to include EXTRA Bonuses with immediate purchase. I was in the middle of the purchase and the presentation froze on me. I sent an email stating what happened and explained to "MIKE" that my money was taken out and I missed out on the Extra Bonuses please look into that and afford me the opportunity to receive the extra bonuses. I received a welcome email pretty much thanking me for my order, without the extra bonuses of course. The complaint of me not receiving them was never addressed. The email did say that someone will get back in touch with me from the support team. Without a resolution, I started emailing and every time I received an automated email and various individuals would tell me they are looking into it. I then went on *** and tried to leave a message, my message was declined since it had what they considered something negative to say about the company. I went to messenger and messaged MIKE without a return reply. Two random women reached out to me talking about they are members of the group. One said she actually fwd my complaint to customer support and the other just put random thoughts without resolution. I received an email from Manique B, she said she was waiting on Mike's decision about my purchase. I waited, didn't hear anything back, emailed her again a couple more times she finally said it would take up to "15 Days" for the proper department to issue my refund.

Manique B (The 9to5 DropOuts)
Oct 30, 00:10 EDT
I do not know how long it will take. First, it has to be approved, and from there it should be returned back to form of payment in 3-5 business days. However, depending on the holder please allow 15 days.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.
Manique B.
The 9to5 Dropouts Customer Support Team
NOW ALL I RECEIVE AS REPLY IS : [9to5 Dropouts] Weekly Progress Reminder
This is a friendly reminder from 9to5 Dropouts that you have active courses

I signed up for this 9 to 5 dropout online course but had problems with it from the very beginning. It was very misleading when I completed the first week it kept displaying that I only completed 34% of the course and would not let me go forward to the next video. I contact Mike via email to inform him of the situation (Person that started the course). He stated that the situation would be fixed immediately but it was not fixed until the next day. Although the video would play and let me proceed to the next video, it was still displaying 34% completed. When I completed that week, it was still showing 34% and I kept getting emails about logging in to complete the course when I had completed the course the reflection of 34% continues to report to their system that I have not been going forth with the course. One of his assistance emailed me and stated that it will continue to show 34% but I should be able to go to the next video. It did allow me to, the next day, but then it kept repeating the same video again. I reached out to customer services to ask why this keeps reoccurring and the individual from customer services emailed me that some times happens but I should be able to complete it. Ok, when I finally was able to go into the second week the same thing kept happening, therefore a full day of me attending the course was wasted because I had to reach out to them to let them know and it takes 24 hours for them to get back to you. I was frustrated, got behind in the course and got tired of emailing them about the same thing. Every time I reach out to Mike he would refer me back to the *** Bootcamp for answers from other amateurs in the course which I thought was ridiculous, that was like the blind leading the blind. All the videos were pre-recorded, in the live video to sign up, Mike stated that we were going to have live videos of Q&A to help our success, he said that he will reach out to us as well with a 1 on 1.

The video kept freezing up on me too, therefore I got frustrated because I felt like I was wasting my time with the whole thing and decided to ask for a refund. I completed the form for the process of the refund. The lady from customer services responded to the email that the refund was submitted for processing. It was days later, still, have not heard anything, so I emailed the same lady from customer services and she said that she can see that my refund has not processed and that she will look into it and get back to me, but I still have not heard anything as of yet, and that was almost two weeks ago.

I do have the emails too if it needed as proof of the communication. et

Customer Response • Dec 05, 2019

Good Afternoon,First I want to say thank you for the research on this problem and that I want to say that the issue has been resolved. I received my full refund on November 25, 2019, quick turn around. Warm regards

The sales pitch states that the gentlemen will provide training to show us how to set up a online T-shirt shop, make it profitable, find a niche, build a brand, show you were to find your designs and keep others from stealing your designs and more. These webinars are poorly structured and all over the place, confusing and there is no real research or methods put in place to prove it works. They also encourage you to sign up for the inner circle for additional fees to for help and feed back. But the inner circle barely has any post from the instructor. Others in the group seem as confused as I am and tried to reach out to a few of them, with no response. Leaving to believe that some of these are made up profiles. The classes are stressful and he is encouraging us to troll pinterest and amazon and steal the best selling ideas. In his word "we may have great ideas, but no one is going to care" so we should take others ideas that are selling. These webinars are recordings from April and he keeps saying if this is the first training and so we are going to make them better as with each training. There is no where for us to give feed back. Every email reply that I have gotten takes a few days and they have not solved any issues that I have. You would think that as a new company they would put there best foot forward to make the necessary changes to take care of customers after we pay our money, but that's not a concern for this company. The advertisement also said if your start the class and your still skeptical he will give you a refund, but you have to do the work??? I asked for a refund stating why I was skeptical and they advised that the instructor have invested a lot of time in his methods and I just need to do the work. I am very irritated that I have been sold a janky boot leg webinar that I personally could have been less stressed if I would have googled the information on my own. I have screen shoots of the few post from inner circle as well so show what the activity actually look like.

I contacted 9to5 dropouts customer service because I was not satisfied with the course. Connie responded about 6-7 hours later and asked me why I wanted a refund. And she got back to me two days later and said the I can not get a refund because my 14 day was up and I had not to work any of the modules. And I completed week 1 and 2. And the day I contacted her was on the 14 days and she did not answer my email until 2 days later. She stated that I can not get a refund because my 14 day was up and there was no up-selling and that I did not do any of my modules. The instructional videos were not the best of quality. And purchasing the course for $197.00 and the coaching for and additional $37.00 monthly and with a monthly cost of $29.00 for Shopify there were additional websites you needed to purchase in order to have a successful store and not to mention you needed to hire a designer. I feel like they should tell you these things upfront so the buyer can be aware make an informed decision before the purchase. And also with the monthly coaching that I paid $37.00 dollars for I did everything that he instructed me to do. Like joining the FB group 9to5 dropout book camp. and 9to5 coaching group in which it took about 2 weeks for approval to join the coaching group after I had paid money for that service.

I am requesting a full refund $197 because this boot camp program is very stressful and overwhelming to succeed and not what it And, I got off to a bad start because you sent me the link two days late after I had paid for for the training.

When I did receive the link and started the class, I still do not understand why I am not able to access the chat group with the other classmates becsuse I have no way to enter into the discussion group. I have notified you several times about this matter, but you never reply.

you sent me a link to join the *** group and I requested approval at least eight times to join the group but it's still pending for approval. I sent you messages on *** regarding approval and you said that it's a 1000 people trying to get approved and you are getting better at responding, and then you said that you had just approved my request and I immediately checked but wasn't approved becsuse said it's still pending.

I have reached out to you on many other emails requesting information about *** and how to upload into *** and to this day I am still sitting here at my computer waiting for your reply and three days have passed without a response from Mr. N

I sent him a message yesterday on *** when I o servedhim sitting at a table playing card eith four other men and eating cob of corn with shrimp and potatoe, but he didn't reply.
I can resend emails to you as proof. At this point, I am no longer interested in this program. I am too elderly and don't need added stress and am asking for him to return my full $197 refund today.

I cannot pursue this course because it's extremely disorganized and misleading and I believeit to be a scam.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this information.

Customer Response • Aug 08, 2019

From: *** <***@***.com>Date: Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 12:33 AMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: FYI UPDATE: THE MERCHANT 9TO5 T-SHIRT CAMP HAS REFUNDED MY $197. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CONSIDERATION.

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Address: 550 14th Rd S 438, Arlington, Virginia, United States, 22202


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