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• Nov 15, 2023

904thin placed me on many pills and 500 cal. a day, but after one month lost weight, but on my second month. I must of had an allergic reaction toward the pills and ended up getting "BELL PALSY' I am not sure what those pills contain but the pills are not FDA approved. It's sad because I live with Bell Palsy for over 4 yrs now and 904thin did an investigation and never gave me the result. On November 6, 2023 I had to get surgery for the Bell Palsy because my face never when back to normal, that's the sad part. I would like to know if anyone out there received these same results.

Success at last
My name is Cherita Cherestal, RN and I must admit during my initial consultation with Dr. Foss I was harsh. I thought this was just another gimmick and I was desperate. Dr. Foss was shocked probably because I was a nurse, but polite he was also very firm while educating me on every detail of the program. He stated "You will lose the weight if you follow my program precising as I have prescribed it". I could see and feel his passion, I was excited! The program was difficult for me it required great discipline but I was successful and I owe it all to Dr. Foss. My pursue for a "LIFE STYLE CHANGE" as (Dr. Foss described) I embraced not just for vanity but for my health, well being and quality of life as I age. Now I'm living my best life thank you Dr. Foss!
Success at last


I went from 172 to 150 in the first 40 days! (22 lbs) Then round two I lost another 11 lbs. I would have lost another 10, but I cheated. But hey, 33 lbs down, cut blood pressure meds in half, can't wait to visit my doctor to see what my bloodwork shows! This program is amazing, it shows you how to eat to MAINTAIN the weightloss. I tried lots of other diets, and I'd gain it back. Teaching you how to eat to keep it off is the key. I feel SO MUCH Better. I'm 139, but I'm going to reach 129!


Also, the price total overall for the first round was about $600. That was the price of membership and supplements. I would do it all over again. It was worth every penny!

Unfortunately this is not what it is saying it is, so there are so many horrible reviews because the honesty and ntegrity of the program is left out. If the program just stated all that is entailed and the price it will cost, the program would probably be alot more successful right now. No one appreciates Lies!


Waited 90 minutes after my schedule consultation appointment and then walked out. Not professional. I should have read the reviews before wasting my time on a Saturday!


My son just signed up for the program two days out of the hospital from having his heart shocked due to atrial fibrilation. He's 35, and this experienced alarmed him. He had not seen his cardiologist, but he went to get information on the program. After a hard sell, he committed. Subsequently, we found out the possible effects of extremely low calorie diets on the heart. The American Heart Association discourages any such diets, regardless of supplements. My son is a policeman, and is waiting for Workers Comp to make him an appointment with a cardiologist. Feeling helpless,he latched on to this program as a solution. The next day, after I had researched the possible effects, he decided to return the unopened materials. They were willing to take them back if he paid $625 for the "profile" they did - a series of questions he had to answer. Originally, they told him it would cost only $99 if he decided the program wasn't for him. However, when he attempted to cancel, the price went to $625 (go figure). I think they make a lot more money from people who decide not to do the program than from the people that do. As it stands, they have agreed to let him hold off starting the program until he sees his cardiologist (wise idea, since if anything happened to his heart, I'd be all over that law suit). However, he will still have to pay the $625. We are considering contacting a lawyer because his case has to do with his physical well-being above and beyond his weight issue.


I also did the program after a heart attack. My doctor said a health diet was a "great idea". Low calorie is not what this program is all about. Yes, over weight individuals should lower their calories. But I did the program for get off medication and overall health. There are not drugs involved and no pressure. The only pressure to do the program was a genuine concern for a repeat of heart problems and having to take more prescriptions. And by the way, doctors make lots of money every time they prescribe you a prescription. What do you think drug reps day? They go to doctor's offices and ask them to perscribe their brand over others. So yes, you primary care physician will tell you to not do the program as mine did. After talking to another doctor that not only recommended looking into the program, showed me before and after pictures of her before and after. I have been on it for 2 years. I cost me less that $600 per year for the supplements. I have always been thin so the weight loss program was not for me. I did it to get off 6 prescription medications (heart, blood pressure, blood thinner, arthritis meds(multiple), etc. I do not take any of these prescriptions and have not for almost two years. Was it worth the $2000 initial investment? Absolutely! Yes I was skeptical, Leary, and wondered if it was the old snake oil trick. But as a lawyer, I new that I could take them to the cleaners if I needed to. All I can say is that give it a shot. If you plan on not listening to what they say, continue to eat donuts every day, sit around and just be lazy, fine. And no it will not work. And by the way, they make it very, very clean that if you return the unopened bottles and want to cancel, you must do it the next day (24 hours). After that you will pay $650 dollars for the process they do to each individual. It cost them money to do these things. They are a business after all.

Please contact me for a better nutritional cleanse plan (30 day satisfaction guarantee, no strings attached) I had a spinal injury and Fibromyalgia and I have never felt better and stronger with more energy! There is nothing for him to lose by trying it...I strongly believe it can help him. Find me On Facebook Melissa Ryczko ❤️❤️❤️

I tried the 904thin diet and lost the weight but I have since gained it back. Never did get to the fat burning stage as I was hungry all the time and this diet had stated you would not feel hungry. I also had severe constipation and severe leg cramps to the point I could not walk across the room because of the muscle cramps in my legs. I tried to get someone to help me with this but they kept reverting back to the diet and never addressed this side effects of the diet. If they had someone who knew the program well and how to manage these side effects it might be worth trying again but for now it scares me.


904 thin, $2000, 500 calories a day. no health coach, no return of calls. this is a sham people. if you only eat 500 calories a day I bet you lose weight and can save a bunch of money. the tapestry park office took my money, no personnal health coach, could never find my info in computer, never told me how to maintain wt after 40 days, said " if you want to come back every month I guess we can let you "


And you J Wombers sound like their payed for advertisement. Not to mention you infringe in any one’s right to their own opinion. If it dose not work for them, who are you to make such a comment? Actually l was abt to give it a try, and looked at reviews. Your replayes made me change my mind. Their complaints did not

You sound like a former disgruntled employee. You sure know the lingo pretty well for never receiving a call or advice. And 500 calories? No. You get a plan based on you "individual" needs.

I have not done this program, but glad I read these reviews before wasting my time, as I was considering making an appointment. These prices are ridiculous. Glad I did not waste my time. In light of what I'm reading here, the ads very misleading. Most people in the real world cannot afford this


I did the program about a year ago. I reviewed the videos and went to my consultation with high hopes. At the end of the consultation they drop the bomb of the cost and payment options (which are not great either) and say "which one of these is right for you" - it felt like such a sales pitch. When I said something about the cost, he said - well it is an investment in your health.. which made sense at the time -- so I was sucked in. After the analysis was done I was handed off to my "coach". I had THE worst coach possible that basically just gave me the information and sent me on my way - not fully explaining how to get into the fat burning mode.. which in the end I never really did achieve. I was STARVING the entire period and my weight was fluctuating and never really stabilized. I got to the point of 40 days and not losing weight - so they set me up for another 20 days of starvation. My coach always made me feel like she could not get me out of her office fast enough and I was so extremely discouraged by how this miracle was not working for me. When the 20 additional days were done, so was I. I had lost the 20lbs - but my coach never followed up with me and I never went back... no one ever noticed. Needless to say ALL the weight came back. Every time I hear the ads on the radio - it just makes me so upset -- what a waste of my money.. time, effort. I would never recommend this to anyone.


I don't think all the naysayers posting on here actually did the program. they were blinded by the price which I agree was expensive. I paid the whole amount upfront so I think I got a discount. I paid $1995. that being said, they don't just give you a diet plan and take your money. they give you a whole bunch of vitamins and supplements you take in conjunction with a list of foods that are good for YOUR metabolism. They also give you a bunch of natural cleanliness items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste) so that you can stop taking a chemical bath every morning and purge the toxins from your body. My 40 days ended on March 17, 2017 and I lost 38.2 lbs. I've continued on relatively the same diet since although I have added a few extra things and also I will eat rice and potatoes very moderately and I am still losing weight. As of this morning I am at 44lbs. $2000 is a lot of money but it beats the $17,000 I would have paid for bariatric surgery if I would have had the money. I'v also stopped using blood pressure meds (I was taking 2 different ones), Flomax for urinary problems and my cholesterol meds. If you do this program and don't lose weight then you cheated somewhere. the book they give you clearly tells you that the meal plans are unforgiving. Also, since you really are consuming much less calories than you naturally burn in a day it is impossible not to lose weight. that's simple science and its undisputable. I will tell you 1 other thing. It feels great to wear pants that aren't digging into my hips. luckily I have clothes in my closet ranging in waist size from 34in to 42in. right now I'm comfortably back down to my 38s and squeezing into my 36's. In the next 2 to three months I will be easy in the 36s and and pushing for the 34s. I won't spend another summer of wearing an oversize t-shirt to the beach! 904thin works!


I’ve been on the program for 23 days ...I’ve lost almost 10 lbs as if this time. It was hard at first,but I have adjusted. Do I miss certain foods? Yes I too take medication that I no longer want to take. My husband is doing it as well. He’s had heart issues which were discovered when he was 41... yes 51 now and he’s been able to decrease his heart meds from his heart doctor. I can now comfortably wear my clothes as can he. Yes it was a large investment, but my health and his have both improved. I can eat what I want just not the way I’m use to. We have one grandson and plan to enjoy him...hope this helps someone


Robert, that is wonderful news to hear you made such great progress. I am reviewing 904thin as a business and would like to hear more about your experience, what your daily requirements were for your program. Would you mind sharing this with me?

I just left 904- THIN and I'm completely floored by the price. First off I came in for a scheduled appointment and wasn't called back for 70 minutes, yes 1hr and 10 minutes late! I paid the $27 online prior to my appointment, but I only got to talk to a tech/office person who gave me the price sheet. No there was no "body analysis ".


What office did you go to.?

This program is amazing and worth every penny! I was skeptical at first too but I went for it because nothing else had worked for me before. I lost 34 pounds in 40 days! My sister also did the program with me and did great too. I paid monthly so it was pretty affordable in the end. Recommend it to anyone.


We are so glad to hear about the great experience you and your sister had. Congratulations!


This is what I was expecting when I heard the advertisement on FM 100.7 The Promise. When something sounds too good to be true IT ALWAYS IS!! lol

I don't know who has $2300 to spend on something that you have no guarantee you will get your money back if you can't lose the weight they promise. I also asked questions about the program on the so called chat line and they wouldn't give me any information but they wanted my contact information right off the bat. I will be so glad when the day comes that all of this false advertising comes to an end. Thanks.


Please contact me for a better nutritional cleanse plan (30 day satisfaction guarantee, no strings attached) I had a spinal injury and Fibromyalgia and I have never felt better and stronger with more energy! There is nothing to lose by trying it...I strongly believe it can help. Find me On Facebook Melissa Ryczko ❤️❤️❤️

We actually do offer a guarantee, we guarantee a minimum of 20 lbs. of weight loss on our 40 day plan. Complete details of our guarantee can be seen on our website: We offer a variety of payment plans and options for each individual so that everyone change experience the life-changing power of this program.


There is a new diet in town that has been advertised on WAPE 95 called 904-Thin. It is a weight loss program that guarantees you will lose up to 30 lbs. in 40 days. There is a video to watch and then you have to pay a consultation fee of $27.00 to even find out the price of the program. I called and asked for a ballpark figure and they would not provide any information as to cost. I decided to go ahead and pay the $27.00 expecting maybe the program may cost as much as $1000.00. I have been losing weight all my life and am now 60 years old so I know how much these programs cost. After going over the program which consisted of me stepping on a scale and talking to a doctor (the $27 cost) I was advised this program would cost $2300.00. I was floored. I also went on their Facebook page and the first testimony they post is someone that has not been active on Facebook since 2014. Please check this place out - I feel they are just collecting these fees knowing that most people could not afford this program. Thank you!


Please contact me for a better nutritional cleanse plan (30 day satisfaction guarantee, no strings attached) I had a spinal injury and Fibromyalgia and I have never felt better and stronger with more energy! There is nothing to lose by trying it...I strongly believe it can help. Find me On Facebook Melissa Ryczko ❤️❤️❤️

Hello. We are sorry that you feel that you did not have complete information before coming in for an appointment. We offer a number of products and services and all plans we are offer are customized to the individual so it is very difficult to provide pricing without an accurate assessment of one's current health. The $27 is not just for a consultation but a Body Composition Analysis which alone is a $99 value and tells each patient the level their metabolism is functioning at. That test is used to help determine what plan is best for that individual.

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