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A-1 Allergy Relief

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On 10/07/13, I met with [redacted], a sales representative with A-1 Allergy. He demonstrated to me and three of my family members a vacuum unit. I was impressed with this unit; however, with the price of the unit being so steep, I told Mr. [redacted] that I needed to talk it over with my husband. He informed me that I, if approved, could take the unit home to demonstrate it to my husband, but I had 3 days to cancel if I did not want the unit. I called the phone number on the cancellation form on 10/09/13 to cancel the order and to have someone come and pick it up. The representative informed me that I needed to fill out the required information on the form & return it to the address listed, and that it had to be postmarked no later than 10/10/13, which I did, and it was postmarked & put in the mail on 10/10/13. On that same day, 10/10/13, I received a call from A-1 Allergy asking if there was anything they could do to convince me to keep the unit, at which time I told him that I couldn’t afford it as my hours & my husbands hours have been cut back at work, and we didn’t have it in the budget. He then said that Mr. [redacted] would be contacting me to set up a day & time to come by and pick up the unit. On 10/12/13, I received a call from Mr. [redacted] wanting to set up a day & time to pick up the unit. During this phone call, he again tried to get me to keep the unit by telling me that he could get the price down, at which time I again informed him that I did not have it in my budget for this unit, I was very adamant that I wanted him to come pick the unit up. I received another call from Mr. [redacted] on 10/14/13, asking me if I would be willing to co-sign for one of my aunts, as he had demonstrated the unit for them as well. I told him that he needed to discuss that with them. He then stated that the unit would make a wonderful gift for someone. I again told him that I couldn’t afford it, if I could, I would buy one for myself. I then asked him to call my aunt to set up a time to pick the unit up because it was at her house as I would not be home for him to come by. On 10/21/13, he showed up at my work again trying to get me to keep the unit. I told him once again I couldn’t afford it; he then called his supervisor with me there to inform him that I could not afford the unit and that he would be picking it up that day. As his supervisor was on the phone, he once again told me that they would lower the price to $2,120.00 with monthly payments only being $45.00 with 0% interest until paid off. I again told him to go pick it up from my aunt’s house that I felt like he was harassing me after I have told him several times before that I did not want the unit. After he informed his supervisor, he gave me a cancellation form to sign, which I did and I have a copy of. He left my work, went to my aunts house, picked up the unit, and that was that….except it wasn’t. I received a bill from [redacted], the Credit Card Company, for a charge amount of $2,964.00 on 10/07/13. I called Mr. [redacted] on 10/22/13 to inform him that I received a bill from [redacted] with a charge from A-1 Allergy. He informed me that he would call and take care of it. I then received another bill from [redacted] that showed a credit of $2,964.00 on 10/17/13, a credit of $7.31 on 10/24/13 and a charge of $2,120.00 on 10/21/13. I called [redacted] and asked them what the charge was for, and all they could tell me is that it was a charge from A-1 Allergy, but couldn’t tell me what for. I then tried to call Mr. [redacted] to ask him what was going on with the new charge, however, the number I have for him did not work; therefore, I called A-1 Allergy on 11/22/13. When the representative answered, I told him that I was trying to get in touch with Mr. [redacted], and explained to him what the problem was; he told me that he needed to pull my file. Upon him getting my file, he informed me that he remembered me, which made me think that maybe he was Mr. [redacted]’s supervisor, and he went on to tell me that he had a bill of sales with my signature that I agreed to the lower rate of $2,120.00 for the unit. I informed him that I cancelled the unit and that Mr. [redacted] had picked it up the day I signed a cancellation form. He told me that when Mr. [redacted] came by my work on 10/21/13, I had agreed to & signed stating that I would keep the unit at the lower rate. I again informed him that the unit was picked up by Mr. [redacted] on 10/21/13, and that I haven’t had a unit since then. I was pretty upset at this point, and asked him why he was trying to scam me, in which he replied that he was not scamming me, and that I signed stating I would pay for the unit (which I do not have) and that he could do nothing about it being that I signed on 10/21/13, and it is now 11/22/13. He told me that I had plenty of time to call and cancel, which I again told him that I had canceled the order on 10/09/13. I then asked him for a current number for Mr. [redacted] so that way we could get this settled, but he informed me that Mr. [redacted] no longer worked for A-1 Allergy, but even if he did, he couldn’t give me a number for him. I then told him to have a nice day, and the next call you get from me would be my lawyer on my behalf. After the phone call ended, I called [redacted] to report a dispute against the charge.

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