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A-1 Auto*Carburetion*Dyno Tuning

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[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  THE RESPONSE FROM
SUPPOSEDLY PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. Because their response has all deliberate
inaccuracies in it, it is a clear and precise representation to me of the
unprofessional workmanship of Nichols Plumbing. Considering the length of time
that the second plumber spent arguing with me about the fact that they never
fixed the toilet in the first place or properly replace the knobs on our shower,
proves that there could not have been ANY WASTE IN THE TOILET, or he would not
have spent one second, standing there arguing with me for that length of time
under those conditions.  The toilet was dry there was no water or anything
in it, because I had turned the water off. Actually, they should be grateful
that I never mentioned the damage that water does to hardwood floors or that
the second plumber lied and told me he would be back, only never to return.
 When I called Chris N[redacted] to ask him had he heard from his plumber, he
said that he would check on his whereabouts and call me back. He never called
me back and that is why I contacted the in the first place. As for Nichols
saying that I refused to pay to fix the toilet that also is a lie. He promised
to come back to my house and make right what was wrong without charge. (I have
a letter from him saying so). I'm really annoyed at the fact that Nichols
made up all of these lies, especially the one about waste in toilet, since I
had cleaned, the shower and complete bathroom, and sanitized the toilet (which
DID NOT any have waste in it anyway), to make sure that the plumber had a nice
clean place to work. The reason I took the length of time that I took to
contact Nichols about their poor work is because I was waiting until I paid my
bill in full. If you will notice, there is a space in time since the date they
came to my house and the date on the invoice when I paid them in full. Because
ever since they first came to my house, the toilet constantly ran at night and
overflowed from time-to-time. It was not clogged, it just plain NOT WORKING
PROPERLY. And there were times when the shower could not be turned off as the
handles just kept turning, and they still but not working properly and are
squeakier than a wheel. The reason I received such a large invoice from Nichols
for such small jobs as: changing the guts in the toilet and replacing the
shower knobs, is because on their first visit I was at work, and my daughter
was at my house, and the guy, somehow manages to remain at my house for over
seven hours at $150 per hour. When my daughter contacted me at work and told me
that the plumber was still at my house, and had been there since 9:15amish and
it was then 4:00pmish, I asked to speak to him, and when he got on the phone, I
told him to PLEASE LEAVE MY HOUSE NOW. Because I cannot afford to pay you to
stay at my house all day. I am convinced that he deliberately made a job that
could have been completed by any plumber in a few hours at the most, an ALL DAY
LONG job to do, so that the charge would be exceeding expensive.  If you
review Nichols' invoice, you will see that nothing major was done at my house,
so there was no need for plumber's overly extended stay to create such a large bill.
So, I not only feel as though I have not received good workmanship, but also
that I was very much

August 15, 2016Dear [redacted],As you can see, this complaint was filed a year after the original repair date, there was obviously no problem initially or she would have called us before now. When she did call, we responded promptly to the call. We arrived and found the toilet was clogged with...

waste and would not flush which we explained had nothing to do with the repair we made a year prior. She told my serviceman that she had no intention on paying for the call to clear the toilet so we left her house as no one will work for free. We did nothing wrong a year ago and did nothing wrong when she refused to pay for the 2nd call this time. You would not work for free as we would not either.Also, as we do not feel she is entitled to any refund, please note in the invoice that the repair to the toilet was only a small part of the overall bill, for which there are no reported problems. Thank you for time and if you have any questions please call me [redacted] and I can answer any question you may have.Thank you, Chris N

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