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A-1 Automotive Inc

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The Complainant was told the battery would work in her carHave the complainant return the
• battery and we will refund her purchase price of $Thank you for your time and

In regards to the above mentioned case, customer did purchase a transmission on 8/22 for a cost of $550plus $150 shipping and product was shipped. The vehicle here was driven to ensure there was no issue withthe transmission prior to shipping. No issues was found prior to shipping.When customer...

contacted us, he stated the transmission was only taking in 1 quart of fluid which wouldindicate a torque converter problem or poor install. We suggested they have someone well experiencedcheck to be sum it was installed properly.We did also offer to refund the customer $550, the cost of the transmission, once it was returned to us.They would be responsible for the return shipping. We have not received a return and our offer wasrefused both to have the install and torque converter checked as well as the return.Our invoices do state a restocking fee of 25% on AL robins and we ware not charging that to thecustomer in our return offer but he has yet to return the transmission to us. We do not warranty any laborwhich is also clearly stated.The offer still stands for the customer to return the transmission to us at his expense and we will refund thecost of the transmission of $550 to him upon receipt.

In regards to complaint ID # [redacted], please be advised of the following:1. Part was purchased on 5/25/17, with a 30 day exchange only to the part not shipping with a25% restock fee Which is clearly stated on the paperwork,2, Customer contacted us on 6/2 and offered to credit the card used in...

purchase when part wasreturned to us,3. On 6/16 customer was advised the return to the credit card would be done on 6/19, which itwas for the $425 purchase price. Of which we do have the merchant copy of the transaction4. Customer did not speak with John on 6/17/17, as he was NOT in the office that day.The next communication from customer was by way of this complaint. We will gladly provide proof ofthe credit transaction to the customer should he request it.Thank you for time.SincerelyJohn V[redacted]

Review: I had my car towed there to have a motor changed out. they said they would switch everything over for the intake and what ever it needs bc the motor going in did not have what that year of the car needed. I paid them 1350 to do the motor plus to change over my oil pan sense the one that was on my old motor was new and to put a new seal on they did not they left the old one on and never replaced the gasket. they had told me everything was taken care of and done. I took my care to a dealer to have it inspected. everything seemed to check out and got my emissions and everything done. I have been watching my gas mileage and it did not seem right at all so I talked to my friend and he looked up what the motor was suppose to look like and it was not correct. they did not switch over my head or my intake at all. I called down there they said come in and they would give me a intake and I could have it put on. what I did not realize when my friend told me that was not everything I needed that they should have switched the head of the motor over to run the intake sense it has a egr valve which the other motor did not which was causing my gas mileage to be so crappy.I called back down and they told me they had already junked the motor that the intake they gave me was one they had sitting there. now I have to go back to the dealer and let them know they missed my egr valve and have to have my emissions revoked and its going to cost me close to 1200s to buy a new head which is 300 plus the gasket kits to the intake and head the pipe that goes from egr to head of motor and also for someone to pull the motor out to replace the head of the motor. in order for me to have my egr in and to pass emissions with out this I am with out a car to drive to work bc if I drive and get pulled over with no emissions for erie county I get fined. they also told me my timing belt was new bc I paid extra for a new one and when my friend looked the bolts were rusted over indication that they were not touchedDesired Settlement: I do not want them to touch my car I would like to have a accuall car lot of my choice put it on. and them to pay for it. they lied to me and now I have to go through all this to have it taken care of. if I can have it done soon I will not have to have my emissions revoke and redone.and for them to open my timing up and see if it is new like the junk yard said it was.



The customer did have a motor job done here on his 1998 Subaru for $1050.00 plus $40.00 for

Review: I went to pick up a battery for a friends car and they sold us the wrong one. When asked about it they said it was fine. Wrong, it was too small and unable to be safely secured into the vehicle. My friend has two small children and they suggested to zip tie or bungee it in which I feel is very unsafe and irresponsible. When we brought the battery back for an exchange or refund they were going to charge us a restocking fee of 25% even though they were the ones who sold us the wrong battery instead of telling us they didn't have one in stock. They wanted to make a quick dollar off two girls whom they assumed knew nothing about vehicles without knowing I'm a full time mechanic in the marine corps. They treated us with complete disrespect and I'm appalled at the treatment we received.Desired Settlement: I want my money back for the battery without a few because they screwed up and don't want to admit it. Its an unlawful sale and they were unprofessional and a disgrace to the company.



The Complainant was told the battery would work in her car. Have the complainant return the

• battery and we will refund her purchase price of $25.00. Thank you for your time and


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Address: 433 E 9th St, Erie, Pennsylvania, United States, 16503-1205


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