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Review: My wife and I entered into a contract with A1 fence to have them remove an old concrete fence and replace it with a section of wood and a section of metal. I received a grant from the county to put up a fence for the safety concerns of my son that has cerebral palsy. The grant had a deadline to use it. They came out and tore down 6 feet of the concrete fence and then told me that they could not finish the job for the agreed upon price. I was asked to pay for additional time and materials. I declined to adjust our contract. I did not have the money and did not think it was fair to spring this change on me at the last minute. Due to the special needs of my child and the grant deadline I asked them to just put up the wood portion around part of the yard so my son would not drive his wheel chair over the retaining wall. I had to remove the concrete fence myself and pay to have the debris removed. The slick talking sales guy told me that they were not charging me to remove the concrete that it was a free service and I still owed them the whole contract amount. They did not reduce what I owed to them. For the sake of matching the fence they already put up I had them come out to finish the wood fence later last year. They had already ordered the metal fence so I was on the hook for the materials. I picked up the materials for the metal fence with the intentions of having someone else install it. The metal fence was for around the pool and the city gave me a short deadline to put it up for safety. I called around to find a company to install it and nobody was able to do it in the short period I need. So mistakenly I had A1 come out again. When they put up the metal fence they miss measured and ended a section with two extremely odd looking sections in a very visual place. They did not put the agreed upon hardware on the gate because it would have made the gate difficult to open. My question to the sales guy was why would you tell me I could have and pay for the hardware if it wouldn't work. The sales guy was difficult to get a hold of and extremely slow to call me back. When I asked him to fix the problems he told me the fence is done and hung up on me. I have called him at least 20 times and no response. There is nobody else at A1 that seems to be in a management position.Desired Settlement: I would like the section of fence that was miss measured and installed incorrectly repaired and a refund for my expenses for the removal of the concrete fence.



A1-Fence entered in a contract with Mr. [redacted]. When work was started, there was vital information that was withheld from A1-Fence. The wall was constructed by a mason who built a reinforced -spaced wall. Without this information (which was later discussed by the plaintiff and actually the way that A1 found out) we as a company came to the conclusion to walk away from the job, with homeowner acknowledgment. There was a grant for a special needs child that I did help the plaintiff out with. Numerous phone calls were made to the city of Brookfield to allow for a higher perimeter fence which was done on my own personal time. Adjustment to the contract was never discussed and the fence was not a last minute decision. There was a deadline to use the grant money, but after a phone call to the county, the plaintiff had till December to use it. The Plaintiff is using the pressure of time which may work in his profession, but is far from the truth in this situation.

When plaintiff talks about "for the sake of matching the fence" it was actually 2 different style cedar fences that were installed. He could of went with any other contractor, but to be frank, I do not think any other fencing contractor would of had the patience that A1 Fence demonstrated. First cedar fence went in around June of 2013, second cedar fence went in July of 2013, Aluminum went in July of 2014, and was not ordered until late august of 2013 after work was preformed and issues that we had , had already been discussed. Again, not really "on the hook" for anything at that time. I would not consider the time frame to be a short period. The pressure of time is being used, and it turns out that there was over a year in between the cedar fence going in, and the aluminum fence going in.

Bottom line is this, I would send any potential customers to plaintiffs house to use his/our installation as an example of a professional fence installation. If changes needed to be done, A1 Fence would of been more than happy to do so. The way the plaintiff came back to us about the changes, there isn't 1 person in the contracting business that would of made any changes to the plaintiffs fence. You cannot treat people rudely and expect them to go out of there way for you. I have voicemails and texts to back this up.



The company has not returned any of my calls or texts to fix the problems. They put the wrong size gate posts in so the gates sag and the child safe lock doesn't always connect. This is a serious safety issue. They said they would drop off the other gate hardware item. They have not. The will not discuss the design flaws.



We stopped over at plaintiffs house and dropped off cane pole. Checked the gate and adjusted the latch. Posts are the correct size for a gate.

I called A-1 on behalf of our homeowners association to discuss the removal of an old fence and potential replacement. I left a message and they called me back a day or so later. I asked to meet with me to review the fence line and give me some options. They declined and asked that I send them pictures, which I did. I had not heard a week later so I asked via email again if they were interested in earning our business. No response. A few days later, I sent another email asking if anyone was there. A day later, I got this response: "This is not something we are able to do right now. If you are still in need of this come late fall, contact me then." Zero sales professionalism, zero sales support or direction. If they are too busy to take on a new customer, imagine what your service will be like.

I contracted and paid for 6 foot tall cedar fencing to be installed on the north side of my property in December, 2011. As of March 5, 2012, my fence is not finished. At the time of payment, there was a board matching the fencing that was to be installed to close a gap between a fence post and my garage. I waited two months and after a couple of messages left on voice mail, the salesman finally showed up the week of February 12, 2012 and lightly (3 nails) nailed up a board that is shorter and wider than the remainder of the fencing. I called the salesman and his response to me was "I thought your fence dipped down and that's why that board was attached. I put up that wider board because there would be a gap if I used a smaller one. I didn't nail it completely down so when the siding will be installed, the company can easily remove it." I informed the salesman that I want the fence completed and he informed me that they would be out the week of February 26, 2012. I'm sure if I had not paid him yet, he would have had that board installed properly way before now. As it is, the fence installed on the west side of my property is not what I requested, but I settled for it because I did not want them to leave me with partially damaged fencing when they installed the fencing I requested.

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