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A-1 Marine Sanitation, Inc.

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Reviews A-1 Marine Sanitation, Inc.

A-1 Marine Sanitation, Inc. Reviews (6)

Will not pick up trash on the day they are supposed to according to what we were informed when we first began with them.Originally we were told that trash was supposed to be picked up on mondays. Then after a month of them picking it up on Tuesdays and the office not doing anything about it we just went with it. Now this is about the 5th holiday that they have not come to pick up our trash period even on tuesday. It isn't even really the holiday. They have not sent out any information about when they are planning to pick up trash, they just don't pick it up. This is unsatisfactory. They also just throw our trash can back on the ground not standing up. When my wife was pregnant this was a major inconvenience when I was not around to take care of it. Desired SettlementI believe after 4 years of dealing with this horrible service we should be looking at some sort of compensation like a month reimbursement. However how horrible this company is I do not believe this will happen. I just figured a complaint should be made in order to hopefully eventually fix this situation. Business Response Informed have been sent out about the pick days in that area, it was sent out with the monthly statement. This customer has have the service since 2011, we do not have any records of a phone or message in the file that there was a compliant from this customer. If he did call if he was missed, we normally will have some one to go by and pick up the trash.

A-1 consistently fails (every week) to pick up garbage on specified days, and only picks up after my repeated calls to their officeThe absolute WORST. They NEVER picked up on the scheduled days, and I had to call at least 2-3 times a week to get them to come out at their convenience. The receptionist consistently gave me attitude when I called, like they were doing me a favor to come collect my trash. They have not picked up the trash on the correct date once since I began service. Desired SettlementI want my first month payment back, and absolutely no further contact with the company in the future.

The representative was rude, no manager is there. They took my debit card info a few days ago to fix a billing issue and now a random charge was there78.51 was the charge on my account which they apparently have no record of. I filed a dispute with my bank. But I'm very unhappy with the customer service. The way the representative handled things was very unprofessional. They claimed to never receive my banks fax with the charge to prove it was there. And I had already paid my 20 dollar monthly bill. I just want my money back and it's irritating I have to jump through hoops over a fraudulent charge because I trusted a representative with my card information. /////Desired SettlementA refund. And just for your records so if this happens to anyone else./////

Will leave a trash can out by the road when asked to come pick the Trash Can up for weeks even months. They were called asked to pick up the trash can and to send finally bill, instead they left the trash can out by the road for months. Instead of collecting the trash and taken the trash back to the business site. In Onslow County, you can drive in many communities and see trashcans full of trash and magnets. When they should collect the trashcan container instead making the neighborhoods look bad and smell bad. Will you ask the company that if a person hasnt paid the bill to collect the container instead of making other homes look back and have to smell the rotten trash. Thank you. Desired SettlementWe are working on cleaning our community and Onslow County. Please ask the company to have guidelines of proper trash collection after a person has not paid the bill. That they collect the trash and trashcan container after a short period not months or weeks with in a range of week should be average. The trash is picked up 2 times a week. They also need to give containers for recycling. They don't provide many container in the communities that people don't the schedule of recycling and what can be. We are trying Onslow County part of a Recycling program. We need the Company make our Communities look better but not smell worse. Thanks [redacted]

We have paid for the month of March for trash services. It is now mid March and not once has our trash been picked up.We have already paid for trash services for the Month of March 2014 for our house. It is now March 15th and our trash has not been picked up once this month. Our trash can has been sitting at the end of our drive way THE WHOLE time. I can assure you our neighbors have noticed it hasn't moved away from the end of the drive way. I also went out of town on Friday (Mar 7th) and had to stuff more trash into the can AT THE END OF MY DRIVEWAY before I left. I came back Monday (March 10) and my trash can was still sitting there, still full. I called an was told the driver said the can was not on the road.. a bunch of bull crap. It was sitting in the same exact spot... how do I know for sure.. under the trash can is a square of dead grass from the trashcan sitting there for so long. I was told trash pick up in our area was on Sundays. There is no reason why it should not have been picked up while I was gone. I have been calling the office repeatedly (tue March 11, wed march 12, thu Mar 13, and fri March 14). I would call in the morning. they would tell me that they would get to it that day. My wife would let me know in the afternoon at 1200 that they haven't been by so I call again. They say the truck is out and should be by that afternoon. I get home and the trash is still there. I call again around 1600. Now I get told they will be by tomorrow morning?. The last time I called (fri mar 14) I was told the truck was out but would be by before 5 pm. how convenient, that's the hour they close and if they don't come (which they didn't) I cant get a hold of anyone! It is now Saturday night 8:11 pm march 15. Everyone's trash can on our street is empty and tipped over....except magically ours. and why did they come on Saturday?? You cant say we are not on your list because we've had our trash picked up in FEB and today in our mail box guess what we received...your little card bill for next month. So you know our address and want our money but not our trash? ha ha! I don't think that will be happening. I would like my trash FROM 2 WEEKS straight.. well 3 weeks now... picked up immediately. and my money refunded immediately. and pick up your trash can while your at. I would say to pick up the recycle bin too but WE NEVER RECEIVED IT! After multiple calls as well.Desired SettlementPICK UP MY TRASH (which has been sitting there 3 WEEKS)PICK UP YOUR TRASH CANFULL REFUND FOR MARCH 2014 (WHY.. BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED SERVICE YET)

The company claims to pick up recycling on Thursday and trash on Mondays. They do not pick up recycling ever and put all recycling in the trash truck.I have watched 3 times now, the people picking up the trash dumping my and neighbors recycling into the same truck as the trash. Most recently this evening(2/15/16). I called a couple weeks ago to ask if they actually picked up recycling ever and told them that my recycling has NEVER been picked up on Thursday and that I have witnessed mine and my neighbors recycling being thrown in the trash truck on several occasions. The person I talked to on the phone said that wasn't right and that they'd look into it. I gave it a couple weeks at set my recycling out this past Thursday to see if the problem was resolved, but no one came to get my recycling and I kept it on the side of the street. Then tonight I heard the trash truck, so I watched out my window and saw the trash and recycling being thrown into the trash truck again.Desired SettlementI want them to actually pick up recycling or cut my bill in half because I'm only paying for one truck, not two like they promised. Ideally I would like them to actually pick up the recycling and recycle instead of mixing it in the trash.

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Description: Garbage Removers

Address: 1510 Burgaw Hwy, Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States, 28540-3227


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