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A-1 Movers, Inc.

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Review: They call me about delivery and will call me.I got the money orders nobody came or call me about delivery



I hire them to move me, I left because somebody was after me.I got a place and call them.I call back about price. They told me to get a money order for 459920 and They would call me when they get with my stuffs, I didn't get a call from them.I wrote a letter and send a small money order and didn't get answer, I on a cell phone ,It paid by Min. I use it for 911 and call My lawyer.I carry it everywhere. I still didn't call from them. My friend told me she would call them, She have more Min of her phone than me.I don't know what my things are ,I am still have here waiting for them



To Whom It May ConcernA-1 Movers Inc. provided Ms. [redacted] an estimate for the relocation of her goods at a cost of $4,148.76 to transport and pack her personal belongings from Superior, WI to San Antonio, TX. She had phoned to schedule the free of charge in home estimate at a time of her choosing. The salesman was on time for his initial and Ms. [redacted] was not at her residence. We reached her via phone and rescheduled the in- home estimate at a second time of her choosing. She signed and decided the cost was fair and scheduled the relocation for 9/28/2015. Our crew showed up as scheduled and Ms. [redacted] was not at home and unavailable via telephone. Crew returned to warehouse and Ms. [redacted] was reached that afternoon and we scheduled pickup for the next day 9/29/2015. Crew showed up to home on 9/28/2015 and completed the load. Ms. [redacted] and A-1 Movers Inc. agreed to a transportation window of dates agreeable for delivery of her goods to San Antonio, TX. After pickup A-1 Movers tried all means of contacting Ms. [redacted] to inform her of the final bill, based on her actual weight of the shipment and the actual services provided. Ms. [redacted] made no attempts to return A-1's messages and efforts to get in touch with her and left no forwarding address with her prior landlord. The goods continued to TX to meet the required dates of delivery agreed to by both Ms. [redacted] and A-1 Movers.Once the truck arrived in Texas 10/18 through 10/21, Ms. [redacted] was still not in contact with A-1 Movers. At no time did she mention that storage of her goods was required or requested. However, since there was no contact made A-1 upheld its end of the agreed transportation dates and brought the goods to San Antonio, TX. A-1 continued to keep the goods in safe-keeping and placed the goods in Atlas Van Lines Agents Warehouse in San Antonio, TX. These goods were to be delivered out after Ms. [redacted] contacted A-1 Movers. Mrs. [redacted] contacted A-1 Movers a month later and we arranged with our San Antonio Agent to deliver the goods as requested. Goods were loaded out of storage onto a truck and brought to her residence on the day of her choosing. Ms. [redacted] was not at the residence or available by phone on the scheduled date. Truck returned to warehouse in San Antonio, TX and goods where once again handled and put back into storage.Ms. [redacted] was not in touch with Atlas to the following week. At that time she was told that payment for the shipment would need to be collected in full for the goods to be reloaded out of storage and delivered. She came to the warehouse and paid via money order and the goods were promptly delivered out on 1/18/2015.Several attempts were made by A-1 Movers to get the goods transported to TX as Ms. [redacted] hired our company to do. Additional storage and handling costs were applied to her bill to compensate the company for her disregard to the dates delivery dates that were agreed upon. End bill with all additional labor for reloading and storage for three months resulted in a total bill of $4,649.20 a difference of the estimated charges of $500.44 for all of the additional services mentioned above.Please feel free to contact our office at ###-###-#### or [email protected] if there are any questions.Thank You, Chris NyeOperations Manager A-1 Movers Inc.

Review: On September 22, 2014, I contacted A1 Movers via phone for an estimate to move our belongings from Hermantown, MN to Aurora, MN on the 29th or 30th of September. I spoke to [redacted] asked me how many rooms, any appliances, any larger items, would any packing be involved, and drive time from one location to the next. She said she would get me an estimate, and call me back. Later that day, the owner, [redacted], called to say he was fully booked, but was trying to squeeze in my move, and would contact me the following day with an update. The following day, [redacted] called me back, said they could squeeze me in on the 29th or 30th, but was not sure which one. She said I would have a 3 man team, charging $152 per hour, with a $25 fuel surcharge. She said the move would be roughly $608 based on the information I had given her, and that the movers would call the day before to let me know which date and what time to expect them. On that Friday, I received a call that the move would take place first thing on the 29th.

On Monday the 29th, my husband received the phone call at 7am that the movers were leaving the warehouse in Superior, WI, and would be arriving at our home within half an hour. Three men arrived in a car and moving truck about half an hour later. The driver, [redacted], did a quick walk through of the house, noted that nearly everything was boxed and in the living room area ready to walk out the front door, and instructed the other two on what items to begin loading. [redacted] then went into the cargo area of the truck to begin stacking items as they came to him. The man named [redacted] does not like his job, and complained the entire time about how he could not wait until he got a license upgrade and could go to work for FedEx. He was refusing to take items to the truck that he deemed not to be loaded yet. The other man, [redacted], moved as though he were incredibly old and was caught texting several times in various rooms of the house.

Even with everything arranged in the living room, and my assistance, they managed to take 4 1/2 hours to load the truck, a task that should not have taken over 2 hours. Once the truck was loaded, we made the one hour drive to Aurora. I would like to add the driver, [redacted], had no idea what they would be loading, what type of house we were moving out of or into, or how long the drive was to the new location. He mentioned it being a 3 hour drive, which I quickly corrected.

Upon arriving at the new location, I discovered that one man, [redacted], had not come to the unload location saying he had to go to class at school, so there were only two men to unload the truck. For another 6 1/2 hours the truck was unloaded, with my assistance. Neither man moved like they cared to get the job done anytime soon. I kept getting the impression that they were milking the clock. The unload should not have taken more than 3 hours at best. I was only informed after the truck was unloaded that cost was well over $1000 and well over the estimate I had been given verbally.

At no time in this process did anyone offer to come to my home to do a free estimate on the exact costs involved. The bill total was originally $1401.00 and included overtime. When I told [redacted] that I did not have that much money available as that was not the amount I had been told, I offered to write one check for $600.00, the estimated amount, and another for $801.00 postdated, so that someone could call me back and discuss these charges. [redacted] called his office, spoke with [redacted], and was told to take the overtime off the bill, bringing the total to $1374.00. I did not have any extra blank checks, so told [redacted] I wished for a refund of the overage based on the two checks I had given him.

I also wrote on the bill that I was very unhappy and expected a call back to discuss the bill, and included my phone number.

I had to call myself, and spoke with [redacted], the owner, on Friday, October 3. I explained that, first, the bill is wrong. The start time listed was 6:30am, but the charges should not have started until 7am. He agreed. He also said he would speak with [redacted] about the other issues I had, and would call me back by the following Monday. On Friday, the 10th, my husband called and spoke with [redacted] and was told that everything must have been fine as I had given the guys a tip! This is NOT the case.Desired Settlement: My desired outcome is for a partial refund of the charges I was overcharged. I could have stopped payment on these checks at anytime before they went to my bank, but in good faith that a resolution could be reached, I did not do this. Now I am regretting that decision. I wish for a refund of $768.00, the amount I was charged over the estimate of $608.00 plus $25.00 surcharge. [redacted] has indicated he is only willing to refund the half hour of incorrect billing, and one hour of time. That is unacceptable to me as that is not even half of what I have been overcharged for at this time. There was NO tip given, and A1 Movers, Inc was paid $1401.00 on a job that estimated should have cost $633.00.



It was explained to [redacted] that we were at full capacity and only due to re-scheduling were we able to get her move on the books. It is unfortunate that she had not contacted us enough in advance that we could have performed a premise survey, which would have prevented this misunderstanding of the billable amount, she was also informed that actual time and services would be billed. At no time did we give her a phone estimate of anywhere near $633.00 for her relocation - she did have the correct hourly rate, but no where near the correct billable time. Using their driving time estimate to Aurora along with their time first getting to their origin address and returning to our office after completion would use up approximately 3 plus hours.3 hours time would result in a dollar amount of $481.00 with the fuel surcharge included. That would leave $152.00 to cover the loading and unloading with a three person crew(1/2 hour on each end).Obviously it would be impossible to complete this relocation in that amount of time. Originally to help reduce there cost we only had three men for the loading portion and only sent two to reduce the cost of the riding time - After I talked with Mr.[redacted], as a customer service effort I issued a check for $228.00 not due to any over charging on our part. I also explained that if we would of had adequate time to perform a pre-move survey they would of had an estimate that would have reflected the actual charges. I hope this clarifies this situation for you and confirms that A-1 Movers did nothing but provide a proper relocation service as we have for 30+ years.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is not satisfactory to me but see no way to fix the issue. Although I was never offered the opportunity for a physical assessment of our belongings, and I was quoted a particular price, I can see that this company has no interest in the truth of the situation and I do not have the time or funds to pursue this as a legal matter. I have no choice but to accept the small refund and move on with my life, and will never recommend this company to anyone in the future.


Review: The respresentive came out for a estimate and he said if I pack some of my stuff. I would be cheaper and it was not. Then one of the mover from the company had a pair of my shoes wrapped in his coat. I asked what they would do about this. I feel that I was not really taken care of because if the inconvenance of what happen and over charged.Desired Settlement: They handle thing properly then what they did by standard operating procedure.



To Whom It May Concern-

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