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On 9/15/15 I contacted A-1 by leaving a message on their answering machine.I was called back the following day and spoke with their representative about prices for a shower pan refinishing. After quoting me various rates & telling me "the team would be back in Reno after completing their big jobs in [redacted]", I scheduled the repair for 10/7/15 at 12:30 pm. On 10/6/15 when I returned home there was a message on my phone confirming my appointment, but stating I needed to call 674-6503 and leave a message to confirm or they would assume "things have changed"! I did call, left the message to confirm. On 10/7/15 after waiting until 2:00 pm without them showing up or calling - I again called and left a message on their voicemail. I have not heard a word from them. After reading the reviews on YELP, this seems to be a standard procedure for this company. I do hope something is done to remove the "A" rating for this very unprofessional company.Desired SettlementAn explanation would be appreciated.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] GMContact Phone: 775 674 6503Contact Email: [redacted]Our company has been working out of town for the last 2 1/2 months and we will be out of town until Dec 21.Only coming home for Thanksgiving Day If you call our office at 775 674 6503 you will get a recording that says Due to major commercial projects we are accepting No work at this time....We have had NO ONE in town for the last as I stated for over 2 1/2 months and as to this woman this is simply Crazy we believe she is maybe associated with another company but who really cares. We spoke to her when she left 3 messages about 2 weeks ago,we told her we would not take any jobs of any kind until Jan of 2017. Her remark to us was WHY then do you even have a ad if you will not do the work? At this point we simply hung up We will NOT waste our time on this BS complaint this is simply BS I can't even believe that the would even take such a BS complaint.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Louie is totally off the wall in his comments. I have the recorded messages of the company's phone calls to me left on my message machine. The last message stated that some of the crew would be returning to [redacted] from [redacted] on 10/6/15 and repeated my work date as 10/7/15 around 12:30pm. I was told to call and leave a message at [redacted] to confirm, and was told to let the message run thru about the company not accepting any new commercial jobs, then leave my message! This is exactly what I did. As stated they did not call back on 10/7/15 and were a no-show. His remarks about taking 3 messages 2 weeks ago and hanging up were not me! Check the reviews on YELP, which I did unfortunately after the fact, and they will show others have major complaints as well.

Had a shower pan repaired on February 2 with a 15 year warranty. Within two weeks the pan cracked in the same area. I have called numerous times since then and left messages to return my call. I have had no response from them. Messages left from February 16 through today, March 3.Product_Or_Service: February 2, 2015Desired SettlementI would like my repair done correctly to last more than two weeks or a refund so I can have it repaired from another business.Business Response We did a job for Ms [redacted] on 2/2/15. The job had been done previously by another company. We received a call from Ms [redacted] telling us the shower head cracked we told her that if the area where the crack appeared was indeed repaired by us it would be under warranty We told her that if. The rack was when we repairs bright red in color as in item (7)) in our warranty that she was given,at which time she became mad and said. You are jokes and I will report you. She was also ad mad because she wanted her shower walls reinstalled that was also done by another company. She was told we really we not interested because of the mess it wasWas is funny is that wet older I detail to file a complaint with the about the other company Shehas never called us only the one time when we talked to her we told her if we came over to check it and it was not under warrant she would be charged for the repair and also a travel charge The last thing she said was a host. Of improper words and said I will report you and slammed down phone. She was charged a lot of money, by another. Company and now has turned her anger on us Our warranty is self explanatory as far as repairs as we stated we simply can't warrant damages that. Later appear that was never repaired by us She has just made up her mind that she would not pay more money and travel if it was not covered by warranty. She basically said prior to hanging up she did not want us at her home we tried to discuss this but it was not aa person who wanted to hear facts who knows if she even has read her warrantyConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)A-1 did do a job on 2/2/15. The call was not regarding a cracked shower head and a shower head was not repaired. The call was regarding a cracked shower pan. They repaired the cracked pan and their repair, cracked 2 weeks later. I called to reschedule an appointment and also to obtain a bid on another repair that we discussed when A-1 was repairing the pan. A-1 told me that they could do further repairs that he felt were needed and he would get back to me with a cost. After numerous calls to A-1, that were never returned I contacted Never did I become angry, use inappropriate language, or hang up on them. I could not hang up on them because they never called back. I spoke over the phone once and that was to set up the initial pan repair. I did read my warranty and number 7 does not apply because it was their repair that cracked. I would like my repair done properly and at this point I am not sure that A-1 and I can work this out. If we can't, I would like a refund to get my repair done correctly. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)In response to the second reply from A-1 Refinishing, allow me to re-cap and reply to some comments from both statements. 1. A-1 said they repaired a shower head, they didn't, it was a shower pan. which cracked 2 weeks later. 2. Number 7 of their warranty states: "we warrant all of our repairs. We warrant only what we have repaired. We do not warrant other cracks that may appear that was never repaired by us to start with." This was their repair. 3. In the course of their repair I asked about further repairs. See my response to them. 4. I spoke with a live person once to set up initial repair date. I made numerous calls, left messages to no avail. No response from them so I contacted 5. Now, all of a sudden a person overheard my call since it was on a speaker. If this was on the recording, it was a simply request to return my calls. Anything more is a false statement from them. 6. I resent the false statements on both responses stating I resorted to name calling, inappropriate language, that I was just out to get money and their outright false statements of speaking to me at all, I have had no conversations with this company. They never tried to speak with me and I have not even said to them I didn't want them in my house and they weren't welcome, until now. 8. A-1 has fabricated numerous false statements to fit their agenda. 9. This leaves me with only three recourses. I can post on social media along with other disgruntled clients of theirs that have almost the same scenario of shoddy work and/or misrepresentation of actual events, live with the fact I hired an incompetent or dishonest company and lose my money, or take them to small claims court. 10. At this time I will state that I want a refund. I do not want any dealings with A-1 because of their lack of business principles. Shame on them for taking advantage of seniors and others. Final Business Response In addressing the first reply the mention of a shower head instead of the pan was simply wrong with wording. It was in fact a few places on the shower pan. We have noticed that she never makes a statement about the work another company did a couple weeks prior to us. When she says she never talked to us and called many times without a return call that is a false statement as also the statement. She made saying she used abusive words and said we were not welcome at her home. She keeps referring to item #7 and saying it was our repair for sure is entirelyf false that is the reason she did not want us to even come. Check it she simply wanted her money back to pay another company to repair the shower walls that we were not going to do. As far. As social media there is a site[redacted] that has 3 negative remarks about us that we're likely placed by a competitor because we have NO knowledge of such jobs and there is no way we can respond there is also a site [redacted] that has ove19 positive comments withpeopleslast names. If she feels. Like she wants to go to small claims court we welcome the chance to tellthefacts not fiction. We also at that Ti ewould file a countersuit for lost Time &. Wages. We do many jobs a week and because off false statements being made we have to take the time to defend our reputation.We tried from the first and only phone call to set up a time to go see the so called problem but From the start her only answer was SHE wanted her money back and we were not welcome in her home and said. We were jokes. We also see she also NEVER mentioned that it was us that told her how to report the other company to the along with other avenues. This person has made statements which are not true and is simply looking for money to have someone repair her shower walls. We have the copy of the estimate we gave her stating that we simply were not interested in the shower wall repairs and. What it would take to make the repairs.At this point I think it is a waste of time for both. Us and the to continue this he said she said. We tried to be fair but this lady was simply impossible.If she decides other avenues to pursue then so be it.That is why companies have lawyers. It is a shame when things can't be resolved but as they say you simply can't please everyone when they only have one thing on their mind.

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Description: Porcelain Enamel Repair & Refinish

Address: 8175 S Virginia St STE 850 PMB 356, Reno, Nevada, United States, 89511-8981


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