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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I met with Ryan C [redacted] today 5/24/at 12:- He did not take my check for $16,- We are not in agreement of the amount of time it took for the Carpentry work done on our roof I am very disappointed this is not resolved! I feel he was threating/bullying in our meeting stating he has already spoke to his lawyer and what I did was illegal Again, I am willing to pay $16,- hrs of Carpentry work Thank you for your help in this matter! Sincerely, [redacted]

Hello, MrR*** worked with our sales manager Brandon Breit to exchange his car for a new Sonata on 02/23/He should be completely satisfied with his new purchase and we apologized for the miscommunicationThank you K*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11542696, and find that this resolution is
satisfactory to me
Javier Pacheco Iam J*** *** *** *** full nameAnd the reson for my complain is because of the purchase I madeThey sold me a viechle they did not inspect properlyThe brake were wrong which my wife B*** almost had an acsidentThey made me pay to fix the break which they should of fix it before they had of sold it to anyone

Verbal response-A-1 Roofing states the consumer has been refunded in full. The consumer filed a charge-back on the amount with merchant services. A-1 Roofing believes this complaint has been resolved. Daniel A[redacted], Owner of A-1 Roofing

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response...

because:  There are a number of reasons I reject the response.    1.  It seems that the response was made by someone who calls himself Daniel A[redacted], claims to be the owner of A-1 Roofing and made his response through a "verbal response" which I assume was not in writing, but by phone or some other method.  I have never heard of, or from, Daniel A[redacted] before getting your email about the alleged resolution of this matter.  I had always dealt with Daniel M[redacted] and Daniel M[redacted] represented himself to both my wife and I as the owner of A-1 Roofing.  I can only surmise that there is some trickery afoot here.  Either [redacted] is [redacted] or [redacted] was lying to us when he said he was the owner.  Moreover, I have, as the contract clearly states, the signature of [redacted] as contracting on behalf of A-1 Roofing and agreeing to be personally responsible for all the damage done to my office and contents thereof as a result of his negligence in not properly protecting the room during the re-roofing project. 2.  [redacted]'s claim that I have been refunded the money is blatantly false.  I just checked my credit card account moments before beginning this response and my account has not been credited with the return of the money I paid to A-1 and [redacted].  My understanding is that [redacted] (serviced by [redacted]) is still investigating the matter. This is another example of A-1 Roofing and [redacted], or [redacted], providing false and misleading information for their own benefit and to attempt to avoid being responsible for their misdeeds. 3.  A-1 and [redacted] have conveniently avoided addressing the damages issues.  Since I filed the initial complaint with, I have been able to get some estimates of what it will cost to repair, or address, the damages caused by A-1's negligence.  I have an estimate from a licensed roofer opining that the roof that A-1 put on our house if faulty in many respects and to assure weather tight roofing it will have to be removed and replaced with a roof that is applied properly.  That will cost in excess of $30,000.00.  I have an estimate from a flooring contractor indicating that repairing/replacing the destroyed wood floor in my office will cost in excess of  $4,000.00.  [redacted] failed to address the hole that A-1 left in one of my exterior walls a canale,  They installed a canale next to it so I now have a ridiculous looking pair of canales about a foot apart with one of a bit higher on the wall than the other.  They were supposed to remove the old canale and seal the wall.  They also failed to address the fact that they never addressed the parapets and the stucco on the parapets.  I still have parapets that leak and stucco that needs repair.  They also failed to address the compensation for the antique oak partner's desk that was ruined by the leaking roof due to their negligence as well as the computer that still exhibits problems after being flooded.  All in all, their response is as negligent and as faulty as the roofing job they have stuck me with. 4.  As you can see, I have suffered monetary damages in excess of $34,000.00 plus the value of the desk and the computer.  I did not see any proposal from A-1, [redacted] or [redacted] addressing those damages.  Until they do address those damages, the matter is not resolved. 5.  For the reasons stated above in paragraphs 3 and 4 (which may not be all inclusive), I reject A-1 Roofing's response and reject their assertion that the matter has been resolved.  It is far from resolution.  If they want to make a good faith effort to really resolve this matter before legal action is initiated, I suggest they do so in writing through the  If they do not respond, I will have no choice but to assume that they are, once again, trying to avoid their responsibility and I will proceed accordingly.
[redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason if he complaint will be closed Administrat Whom It May Concern:Alexander Hyundai was able to resolve my issue and I am completely satisfied.  I appreciate their efforts and have no further  complaints or concerns.  

We do not have a customer with this name. Can they give us the exact name that was on the documents such as the contract or repair order?

My home that I rent to own had developed a major leak around two skylights and a ventilator in the metal roof. It had caused major water damage due to recent rain. I contacted this company and [redacted], the owner, said he would go look at the leaking roof. The next day he called and told me he could do the work for about $700.00 with a sealant that had a lifetime guarantee. I felt that was an extreme cost, but I was about to be deployed and did not have time to get other estimates, and I didn't want any more damage to the wood floors and sheetrock on the ceiling. The roof in the front of the house also has a high pitch. [redacted] told me he would get to it "next week" as soon as he took care of some other jobs he needed to do. Three (3) weeks later he called and said he was headed over to the house. I told him to be sure to let the tenants know he was there. About two hours hour later, I got a text from the tenant saying the roofer was working on the roof, and she had no idea how long he had been there. She only noticed that he was there when she heard something going on upon the roof. She then said "please don't tell me you paid 700.00 for this" and sent pictures. The sealant he was using could be bought at Wal-Mart for $12.99 per tube, and he used 3 of them. She sent pictures of the sealant that had been placed around the skylights, and it looked as if an amateur had done the work. The sealant was not smoothed around the skylights, leaving ribbons that water could gather around, even though it may not penetrate the sealant and get back down into the skylight. He was only on the job for 2, maybe three hours at the most.Product_Or_Service: Roof repairDesired SettlementI don't mind paying for honest work, but after getting a bill for $750.00, I would have expected better quality work. Per what I was charged, 39.00 is for material then $237.00/hr for labor. I did some nationwide research, and the average rate for a roofing contractor is $32.00/hour. He worked alone, so there was no one else to pay, but $237.00/hr is outrageous. $300.00, while still too much, would be a more reasonable amount I would be willing to pay. I feel I am being price gouged.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I have been paying the debt at the rate of 100.00 every two weeks because I said I would pay the bill. The owner has called my dad asking him to pay the business owner for the amount, has threatened to put a lien on the house and calls me a cheat. I have been called a liar by this "professional" and he says all his customers are satisfied. He should go talk to the people who live in the home where the roof was patched. The tenants who are buying the home, were furious, and they are the ones who reported the unsightly repair, took pictures, and told how long the repairman was there. They are willing to submit statements. I also have the emails where he told me I lied to the I do not expect a resolution to the situation, because some people are not reasonable nor willing to work with people. I will continue to pay the amount owed, but the tenant said he would not have paid a dime for that kind of work. I have not participated in any name-calling as Mr. [redacted] has done, other than saying his work was not professional and I expected better results for that price. However, due to the name calling and the harassment of family and friends, I am considering filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

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