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Review: I keep Getting called from [redacted] for my brother [redacted], I am not the responsible party but they just keep calling. Today the actually searched out my Mother in law in Phoenix Arizona on her cell phone and said that he was [redacted] and really needed to talk to [redacted] right away. This of course alarmed my elderly mother in law who called me right away. I want to be left alone. I have nothing to do with my brothers debt and feel AAAA is harassing me and my family. I left a message today telling them to leave me alone and delete all mine and my family members numbers from there list.Desired Settlement: To leave me alone



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 9, 2014/09/03) */

She never returned any calls except once and requested we no longer contact her. We complied and were requesting a phone number in order to contact her brother.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 11, 2014/09/07) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

A business NEVER has the Right To contact my mother in law on her cell phone in Arizona looking for my brother. I didn't respond before because I work and they call during the day and AGAIN this is a matter for their business and my brother not me or my mother in law.My brother is in prison and will not be available for years. I recommend they right this one off. He will NEVER have money to pay them. But AGAIN, A business does NOT have the right to continually call a sister of a client because they are trying to reach a client. I have NOTHING to do with my brothers debts and My mother in law definitely has NOTHING to do with his debts. I think bill collectors go way outside of guidelines and think they can do what ever they want and with a very low score I would say they have been doing this for a long time. They need to put them selves in our shoes and consider how they would feel if they had a family member that didn't pay their bills. Do they want to be harassed and even have their mother in law...Not even my mother...BUT MOTHER IN LAW, REALLY. How dare they.

Review: My wife has a doctor's bill of $1,000 that was taken over by A.A.A.A. From day one, they have charged us interest, which we never agreed to. We have only been able to pay $25.00 per month which means we haven't touched the original debt. Every time we ask for a statement, they have not sent it. Instead, they have either emailed or called us attempting to collect the entire debt (and are very rude & disrespectful). I called to discuss the matter of interest and was completely disrespected and harassed. I asked to speak to the Mgr or someone above the rep and was told they weren't there. I then asked to speak to the president of the company and was denied. Desired Settlement: I need them to stop charging illegal interest on our account. We never agreed to this and we will not make any further payments until this has been resolved. It makes no sense to pay interest only.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/04/16) */

Dear Sir or Madam:

A.A.A.A., Inc. is a licensed and bonded collection agency in the State of Washington, and has been in business since 1950. This is a family business located in Redmond, Washington.

We were assigned for collection an amount due our client NW Gastroenterology Assoc. for $1002.32 plus interest from date of last charge or payment on October 13, 2010. The initial listing letter was sent to the [redacted] as required by the FDCPA and Washington State Consumer Protection laws. After the 30 period of time to dispute the balance owing, attempts were made to contact the [redacted] to arrange for repayment of the amount due. Finally on May 5, 201 I, [redacted] of this office spoke to [redacted] and he said his wife had been laid off from her administrative assistant job for a non-profit company and he was a self employed landscaper so they could not afford to make payments at that time. Mr. [redacted] agreed to give the [redacted] some time. On August 11, 201 1, again Mr. [redacted] need additional time, and it was given. On October 20, 2011, [redacted] spoke to [redacted] and [redacted] agreed to pay $50.00 per month to begin in November 2011. But on November 17,2011 [redacted] told [redacted] he could only afford to send $25.00 per month. On November 17, 2011 Mr. [redacted] paid $25.00.

Messages were left for Mr. [redacted] to call as no payments followed that first one. On March 2, 2012 Mr. [redacted] sent Mr. [redacted] a payment history (which showed the payment and the interest accruing) and Mr. [redacted] paid $25.00. Payments of$25.00 were then received Apri119, May 25, July 2, July 25, August 28, October 9, November 8, December 19, December 27, of2012. During that time, on October 18, 2012 again Mr. [redacted] sent Mr. [redacted] a payment history (again showing interest). Payments of $25.00 were received January 28, March 4, and March 18, 2013.

April 1, 2013 Mr. [redacted] spoke with [redacted] and postured that A.A.A.A., Inc. had purchased the debt and we could forgive any interest, and he demanded to speak to [redacted]'s manager, then to the owner of A.A.A.A., Inc. [redacted] told Mr. [redacted], correctly, that he ([redacted]) is the manager and the owner, and this company has never and does not now purchase any bills to collect. Mr. [redacted] only wants to pay small payments, and no interest. [redacted] suggested Mr. [redacted] attempt to get a loan to pay this in full from a bank to which Mr. [redacted] said he could not get a loan interest free from a bank. [redacted] explained the small payments were to help the [redacted], and interest is allowed by state law.

Actually, A.A.A.A Inc. applies all payments to principal amount due first in order to help consumers lessen the interest owed. Mr. [redacted] cannot benefit from asking for patience during months he could not pay, and also benefit from not paying interest.


A.A.A.A, Inc

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Address: 2241 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, Washington, United States, 98052-5592


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