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Our technician arrived at Mr *** residence to diagnosethe problem with their dishwasher same day we received the call. First thing the technician did was remove thetoe plate of the dishwasher to verify if there is power since customercomplaint was the unit was not
working. Tech ran the dishwasher and found it was running with water going intothe unit but it was leaking from underneath. Mr *** admits tech showed him the leak which was coming from afailed motor assembly. Customer failed tomention the tech also had to stop the unit due to the continuous water leakingand had to get rags and towels to prevent possible damage to their hard woodfloors. The water leaking problem wasvery evident and Mr *** cannot deny the repair he paid for was for fixingthe leaking water problem only. Ourtechnician can only diagnose a problem that are present. It is untrue our tech did not run the unit tobe sure that it is in working condition before he left. I doubt Mr *** would sign the invoicestating “no water leak” and pay the remainding balance if he didn’t actuallysee the dishwasher is running properly without leaks. We received a callfrom the customer after the tech had already left and we immediately had ourtech call back Mr ***. Thetechnician returned to the residence to re-check the dishwasher first thing thenext morning. Customer complaint wasthere was no water going into the unit. Tech ran the dishwasher and water immediately went into the unit. Mr *** was upset and insists our techfix the problem because he paid for the repair. Technician tried to explain to the customer that he paid for leakingwater problem. Not once in the threevisits did the tech witnessed the water not going into the dishwasher. Not on the initial day of the diagnosis, notwhen tech installed the motor assembly and had to run the unit again to verifyleak and third, when he had to come back to re-check the unit. Mr *** still refused to sign the invoicestating there was water going into the unit and the dishwasher was runningproperly. Our tech had no choice but totake a video to show proof and evidence the dishwasher was working properly aswell as water was going into the unit. Mr *** refuse to accept the fact our tech cannot diagnose a problemthat is not present for him to verify cause. He insists tech fix theproblem with the water not going into the unit even though technician neverwitnessed that problem. At one point onthe re-check visit, the customer asked the technician what he thinks could becausing the water not to go into the unit. Since the tech never witness the problem and cannot diagnose it, he canonly give some possibilities of what it could be He mentioned the solenoid valve or float maybe sticking as a possible reason. But itwas never diagnosed because there was always water going into the unit when thetech was present. Mr ***’saccusation of the motor assembly not needed for the repair is unfounded. He admits seeing the leak, he decided to dothe repair and signed the invoice stating there was no leak. We feel Mr *** realizes he has anotherproblem that would require a different repair expense and no longer want tospend anymore money. We totallyunderstand his frustration but to ask for a refund is unreasonable. We have all the proof we need to substantiateour technicians actions and feel it is according to our SOP. We find the repair to be justifiable and willnot be able to refund Mr *** the cost for the repair of the failed motorassembly

Mr *** called on sept to have two of his refrigerators diagnosed for not cooling and not freezingOur service charge fee for each unit is $but because he had two units, we discounted it down to only $service charge fee for each refrigeratorTech came out and diagnosed the
first refrigerator and has verified compressor is running at good ampsCustomer was told to unplug unit for several hours and plug back in to see if board will resetUltimately customer admit that it has started working againIn that case, our service charge fee has been satisfied Next, the other refrigerator was tested and tech found out that the compressor was running high amps and overheatingCustomer was also told to do same procedure to cool down the compressor and see if it will also reset the boardThe following day, the customer informed the tech although one refrigerator was working already, the second one didn't reset and still not working He asked the tech why the other refrigerator reset but not this oneHe was told, if he was willing to, he can try to reset it one more time and call the tech back if it still doesn't workCustomer replied by saying he doesn't mind since he has another working refrigeratorHe then asked what could be the problem incase after he resets it again and still doesn't workTech told him that it could possibly be his board or compressor But of course we will have to wait for Mr *** to let us know if the second reset didn't work, we would then have to check unit againCustomer also wanted to get an estimate of the cost if it is the board and that's why tech took the model and serial number of the refrigeratorNext time we heard from the customer is not until a few days later, he called the office and was furious complaining the technician has not called him backHe was asking for the full refund of both service charge fees for the two units because he felt the tech did not do anything Customer was told that we would contact the tech asap and have him called back immediatelyWithin the hour, our tech called Mr *** but he was not willing to resolve any issue or misunderstanding they may have had on the last conversation a few days agoHe's already closed his mind to any possible resolution and insists on the full refundUnfortunately we're not able to refund him any of the service charge fees because he refused to finish the diagnosis of his second refrigerator

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: When I called on Sept I was not told they were going to call tech to have him call me. When I called on Sept and gave him model and serial numbers he said I will get prices and call back. There are to many misunderstandings going on. We have never had a tech come to are home to diagnose any appliance and not got answerThis tech wanted to replace board if that did not work come back in hours an replace the compressor. All we could see were dolor signs $$$$. We feel they need to refund at least half the money and be done with this mess.Sincerely,*** ***

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
First I want to start by saying that the issue we had was NOT that the water did not come in but rather the cycle of the machine did not complete. The water came in and went out but when we opened the machine the soap tablet was in the bottom which indicated to me that the cycle was not completing. In any event we had another provider come out to the house and I hope that this gets published to warn other people about this company. First, the other company has been in business for 40 years and they have repair people that actually came to our house and watched the entire cycle of the machine. Unlike the AAA Able company who came and once they replaced the part watched it fill with water and left. Again, even after the first visit when they replaced the main part the machine did not work completely...still the same problem so in essence they did not address the problem but claimed the water leak was fixed. That was great but the machine still did not work minutes after the fella rushed out of the house. The second repair person was not surprised since he had heard of problems with this company. He also stated that for the job that was done their cost would be $325, we were charged $429. I would not have cared about this except that the machine still did not work. So, the second company found the problem to be the little water pump/solenoid that was supposed to be a $245 fix from company 2 but they only charged me $169 due to the issues with AAA Able. A real company with a heart in my opinion. My feeling is this little water pump could have also been the leaking component but we will never really know. I never knew there was water under the dishwasher so I would never have called the AAA Able company to fix the leak since that was not my experience with the simply did not cycle through the complete cycle and run the soap through...that was my initial complaint to them
I don't understand what is so difficult for the AAA Able company to comprehend, they never fixed the problem, they took it upon themselves to fix a leak which we will never know if the leak was from the motor or the pump which the second company repaired. The machine now works like brand new. I learned alot about the quality of our machine so the repair was the right way to go, but I can state without reservation that the first repair job was a "wham bham thank you mam" approach without the thank you. It doesn't get much worse than this company and the company is not a real company I found out, on my own, since the lady answering their phone would not give me an address or a UBI number. Stating that I can go find that out on my own, well I did. This is a sole proprietor operation so they basically can do whatever they want and  they have no customer service to speak of in my opinion.  He spent 15 minutes the first visit and wanted to know if we would commit to the fix immediately or no credit for the visit if we decided later to order the repair of the motor....real nice attitude. By comparison the second company which is made up of many repair people has done the fix and wanted to wait to charge us until after we made sure that the machine worked properly saying they would credit us what we paid if that was not the problem and discovered the pump/solenoid replacement did not address the problem we were having. He even gave us the part to hold on to in case it was something else so he cold put the old part back in and credit us for the new part...but the pump/solenoid WAS the problem. The first company AAA Able took the supposedly broken part so now we will never know the real source of the problem. I am extremely disappointed in this companies response and if they needed a video to prove water was coming into the machine then that alone to me spells fear on their part. It really proves nothing...if he would have watched the machine try to run for 15 or 20 minutes he may have discovered what company 2 discovered and this could have been avoided completely. I can only think that he had one thing and one thing only on his agenda when he came to our home, make a buck. 
I am not feeling good about this and have filed a consumer complaint with the State as well as issued a rejected credit card payment with my bank. This is wrong and AAA Able knows it, they should be ashamed of how they conducted themselves in this situation.

I filed a complaint a few weeks back against AAA Able Appliance Service for dissatisfaction over the service provided. They responded online and I responded back still not happy over their answer. They contacted me today and offered to resolve the matter with a credit back for the labor I was charged to do the job they did since the job,in my opinion, was not completed. They asked me to pay for the part which I have agreed to do and in return they will be reversing 50% of the fee I was charged however not until I have clarified in the complaint online that I have been satisfied by their response to my complaint. The complaint has been close so I am e-mailing you to re-open the complaint so I can make a final statement regarding the issue. Will you please do that and also I am not aware of what the complaint number is so I can go back and add my final comments.
Best Regards,
Designated Broker
Greater Seattle Area
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Review: On 10/3/14 a AAA Able Appliance Service technician was hired to fix a defective electric switch in my ken more washing machine. The total cost came to 243.95 which included parts, repair and labor. On 10/19/14 my husband went to wash his work clothes and noticed that the switch was missing. I called AAA Appliance on the morning of 10/20/14 and the same technician was sent to my home to assess the damage. He explained that because the part was broken it wasn't covered with their 90 day warranty. My receipt says in writing that the 90 day warranty is voided only if damage was caused by external force. I explained to the technician that my husband and I had been very careful with the switch ever since we had to pay a very expensive amount to get it fixed. I told him that I believed that he didn't install the part correctly and asked him if he could fix it. He told me that he would fix it for the previous amount of 243.95. I explained to him that he was being unethical and that he should fix the switch that he didn't install correctly in the first place. Desired Settlement: I am asking AAA Able Appliance Service to once again repair the broken electric switch on my washing machine at no additional cost or I ask that I be refunded the full 243.95.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/11/04) */

It is true on Oct 3, 2014, our tech came to Mrs [redacted] residence to diagnose her washing machine that won't spin/drain. It was determined It is due to a broken lid switch and customer was informed that it could possibly be caused by force(accidentally dropping lid, overloading or out of balance). When Mrs [redacted] called on the morning of Oct 20, she explained that her lid switch is now missing. She explained that the tech told them to be very careful with putting down the lid and it's exactly what they've done. We had the technician call her right away and explained that we would warranty the lid switch if it was found to be defective and not broken. The only way we would be sure is if we came to assess the damage and immediately after an hour, our tech was dispatched. Right away the tech found that the lid switch is broken and only part of the whole lid switch assembly has broken off. Tech proceeded to show customer that by manually activating the lid switch it proves that the lid switch is not defective and it is still attached. The actual part that has broken off is the piece that causes the lid switch to be activated. Our tech tried to show Mrs [redacted] a new lid switch so she can compare it to the broken one and to explain how it works and she didn't want to hear it and told him to leave her house. Unfortunately, we will not be able to warranty the lid switch assembly due to the fact that it is not defective but it is broken. It is the same prob she had before we came to diagnose her washer. She had a broken lid switch, and as explained, it is due to force possibly by dropping the lid, overloading the washing machine or out of Balance which hits the lid switch and could potentially brake it. We understand Mrs [redacted] frustrations and that's why we sent the tech out right away so he can show her exactly how the lid switch work and to prove the difference between defective part vs a broken part. I'm sorry but we will not be able to refund her for the parts and labor cost of installing a new lid switch assembly.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 9, 2014/11/10) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I, [redacted], did ask the tech to leave after he told me over and over again that the lid switch being broken was our fault and not covered under the warranty. I tried explaining to the tech that we had been very careful with the washing machine after having been charged $243 to get it fixed in the first place. From October 3-20 we had spent a lot of time out of town and probably did a total of 2-3 loads of small loads of laundry. Yes, the part was broken but there is no proof that we were the ones who broke the switch. The switch could have been defective and/or not installed correctly to begin with. I asked the tech how much he would charge to again fix the problem and he said the full $243 dollars. I told him that he wasn't being fair or ethical. Our washing machine was bought last year for $200. Why would we spend $500 to fix a machine that is worth half that amount? After this I asked him to leave.

Once again, I am asking for a refund for the $243. I will even consider just being refunded on the labor portion of the contract because that's where I think the problem occurred.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 11, 2014/11/18) */

We totally understand that Mrs [redacted] dont want to spend more than the amount they paid for their washer but unfortunately if she only let our technician show her exactly how this particular part was installed, and how many screws is in place, it's very hard to break off part of the lid switch assembly without any force. Not saying at all that it was intentional. As we explained, it could be from an accidental drop of the lid or an unbalanced load. Also, we know it was installed properly otherwise, if she closes the lid, unit will not activate and ultimately will not go to spin cycle. As she stated, it was working fine until a part of the lid switch assembly broke. The technician was dispatched back to her residence so that we may also be able to confirm the lid switch assembly is intact and could still be activated manually proving it is not defective but because a piece broke off, it will not activate anymore. This is not an uncommon problem with toploader washing machines. It's a repair that many technician work on a daily basis. That's why it cannot be warrantied if it's broken. Part has to be intact and not activating due to an electrical defect. I'm sorry but we will not be able to issue Mrs [redacted] any refund.

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