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the bill was 126.50 service call 240 labor 182.50 co-2 flush the bill was less than a new evaporator fan which would have easily doubled the bill as to repair the whole freezer section was disassembled 2 drawers ice maker drawer slide rails 4 in all 2 drawer closers 2 evaporator panels 2...

light switches ice maker switch freezer temp sensor. As to problem we found evaporator & evaporator control & motor where solid ice after de icing we determined the control & motor may not need replaced as to high cost so we reinstalled all above and verified operation, the condenser was clogged which called for co-2 flush.

Review: AAA Appliance was hired by a realtor to fix a cooktop (the burners wouldn't light) in the home we were purchasing. They came out and serviced the cooktop on Jul 17th of 2013 (the seller's had already moved out) and we moved in on Aug 17th of 2013. The cooktop appeared to be working fine the few times we used it and then stopped working on September 1 of 2013. We got the receipt from the realtor that states their is a 90 day guarantee on parts and labor and we called to ask them to come re-fix it. The tech that answered the phone was the one that serviced our cooktop and told me he found it hard to believe it just stopped working. After they made me troubleshoot a number of items and it still wasn't working, they finally came out. The tech replaced the transformer an then asked if there had been any power outages, anyody messing with the circuit breaker, etc. When we answered no to everything, he said it must have been a boil over that fried the transformer so that was "misuse" and we were going to have to pay for the part. My husband told him we would not pay for it because it was gauranteed. The tech then started yelling at my husband and became physically threatening. My husband told him to pack up and leave. The tech said the new part would not be warrantied. I called AAA to complain and they didn't seem to care that their employee was threatening one of their customers in their own home. Now, 2 days after they "fixed" the cooktop, it isn't working again. I am not sure what they think they did to fix it but it has yet to actually be fixed.Desired Settlement: I would like $600 to pay another company to come fix the cooktop or I would like them to honor the original guarantee and actually fix it without any additional attitude or crappy customer service.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2013/09/21) */

On July 17th 2013, I, [redacted] a technician with AAA Appliance, was called out to the above mentioned home on [redacted] in Happy Valley OR. by [redacted] Upon arrival I diagnosed the GE cooktop as having a defective spark module and 120ac/in-240ac/out transformer caused by a boil over on the cooktop. After replacing the above mentioned parts, a thorough evaluation of all functions was performed and the unit worked perfectly. This repair was paid for by the homes seller and the payment and repair was facilitated by [redacted] AAA Appliance service offers a 90 day limited warranty pertaining to any malfunctioning parts as-well as the service call and labor fees associated with the original repair. However, warranties are non-transferable after sale/ re-sale of the unit. This policy also applies to the sale or transfer of ownership of the residence where the unit is located. However, if the previous home owner was to take the above mentioned cooktop to his/ her new place of residence, the warranty in question would still be valid. On September 1st 2013 a female called in identifying herself as the new owner of the home, where the above mentioned service was performed. I, [redacted] spoke with her and prompted her through some trouble shooting exercises to ensure the cooktop was indeed receiving adequate power supply. After these exercises were performed, I returned to the residence to diagnose the problem. Her husband met me at the location; I identified myself and informed him I was the technician who previously fixed the cooktop in his newly purchased home. He informed me that they had been living on site for over 2 weeks and that the stove was working adequately. I asked him if they had any boil overs, power outages, power surges or exposure to water and etc. He claimed there were no power outages or surges and that the cooktop was in use by his wife when the ignition system failed. He also claimed that he couldn't remember specifically if there was or was not a boil over but didn't see, "how a boil over could break a $3000 stove because he has had tons of boil overs in the past and never did it break one of his stoves." I then showed him multiple spots where water had recently encountered the wiring harness and exposed lead connections; therefore there were multiple boil overs. Pictures were taken of water residue. I showed him all the spots where this particular stove top is not fully sealed and water can access the electrical panel. These spots are located by the control knobs, as well as each individual burner. I as-well reiterated that the transformer is a 120ac in- 240 ac out and is extremely sensitive to any moisture exposed to it (the transformer), any of the igniters, or the surface unit selector switches since the power leads are directly routed in-line to each of the electrical parts mentioned above. I told him that I would warranty the labor and service call fee but not the part due to misuse and/or abuse. The gentleman then raised his voice and started accusing me of "Jimmy-rigging" the cooktop to work temporarily so we could come back and make more money, once again claiming that "even if there was a boil over, there is no way it would cause the cooktop to stop working." At that time I explained the extreme dangers behind any such accusations and how we are a highly reputable repair service that has been in business in Portland since 1973. After many more unspeakable accusations and irrational behavior by the gentleman, I informed him that I would replace the transformer free of charge however, there would be no warranty. We repaired the unit as a courtesy to the new homeowners but requested them to seek service from another company for future appliance needs.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 9, 2013/09/23) */

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The unit was still not fixed!

THey said they fixed/reparied the unit and voided the warranty but, literally, 2 days later, it quit working again. My assumption would be that they root of the problem was never accurately addressed and that is why the transformer keeps blowing. I am not saying they intentionally put a bandaid on the problme but I cannot believe that it was properly fixed twice in a 2 months period and keeps having the same probem.

Not only that but the technician has left out his raised voice and "unspeakable accusations" in his account of the incident. The fact that a service technician came into my home and acted in an aggressive and confrontational manner is unacceptable. My husband responded to his raised voice and accusatory remarks, not the other way around.

Review: We contacted AAA Appliance to look at our refrigerator and ice maker. We were advised by AAA Repair that although our refrigerator is 21 years old it was better then the new computer models. AAA Repair advised us to get a new icemaker. We paid $700.00 for the service and ice maker. Shortly after the repair, we ran the water and it tasted terrible. We again called [redacted] (AAA Repair)and he replaced the filter. We went out of town for 1 month and when we returned, water still tasted bad. We called AAA Repair for the third time, and [redacted] replaced the line. The water tasted ok. However, several days later we noticed the hard wood floors were buckling. We looked behind the refrigerator and saw water at the floor behind refrigerator. We called [redacted] again. He came and tightened the valve to the water line, and it stopped leaking. [redacted] said the problem was faulty packing, and we needed to call a plumber. We had a plumber come out he same day. He said the packing was fine. The leak was due to [redacted] not checking the valve when he installed the new equipment. We spent $700 on a 21 year old refrigerator at the suggestion of AAA Repair. We spent $110 for a plumber at the suggestion of AAA Repair, We could have had a new refrigerator installed properly for this price, and avoided the damage to our newly finished hardwood floors. We have rented a dehumidifier, and the floors are still buckled. We need to have the floors repaired now due the AAA Repairs poor service. We are asking your help in getting our floors repaired.Desired Settlement: We need AAA Repair to pay for the repair to our hardwood floors, due to the damaged caused by AAA Repair. We are getting a quote next week.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/12/26) */

We do not force people to repair their appliance rather we diagnose the problems of the appliance and provide an estimate for repair. Therefore our clients are given an option to move forward with the repair or not. I gave them an estimate up front and they approved and said fix it. We did not replace the valve that they are referring to. The valve they are speaking of is part of the mainline. We are not licensed to do that, therefore we did nothing to the valve. When I rolled the refrigerator out from the wall I found a rag wrapped around their shut off valve indicating it had been leaking previously, which can only be repaired by a licensed plumber. Therefore I had to leave the rag wrapped around it. I then instructed the customer to call a licensed plumbing company. Our company is not responsible for the house plumbing. The repair I had done included the waterline, the icemaker, and the water solenoid which is all located within the refrigerator. After the repair was done, the refrigerator was working great.

Final Consumer Response /* (3000, 10, 2014/01/05) */

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My Hardwood floors were pristine when [redacted] came to repair our icemaker. They remained pristine until the 3rd visit after which we noticed our floor had started to buckle around refrig. [redacted] said problem was the water connection had failing packing. I had a plumber fro, [redacted] come same day. Said packing fine and reconnected refrig. to water source. He stated that on his bill. Plumber cost $130.00 and floor repair $1200.00 So no I am not satisfied with the response

Review: I called AAA Appliance Service Inc about PN XXXXXXX price and availability on about 9-24-14. The part (washer brush) was $69 and 2 were available.

I sent my wife on X-XX-XX to purchase the Brushes but only one was available. She paid for both and took one with the understanding that the other brush would be ordered.

My wife called about10-16-14(No call from AAA Appliance) concerning the other brush and was told the supplier would ship in a week or so.

I called AAA Appliance XX-XX-XX @ 08:00 to inquire where my Brush was, the receptionist said she would call the supplier and call me back.

At 09:30 I called back and was chastised because she was interrupted from answering the supplier by answering my call and she would call me back.

My call was returned @ 09:45 and was informed of a time delay from the supplier. During the conversation, I was talked over repeatedly, and given the same answer about the supplier even though I reminded her they had $69 of mine and I had NO Part (Brush).

I was told the matter would be given to the manager and would be contacted by phone.

This is a very deceptive practice and seems almost like a bait and switch (charge for both parts and wait the customer to forget about it)

This is VERY POOR customer service !!!!!Desired Settlement: I either want a factory brush #XXXXXXX shipped overnight (no expense to me as I have already paid for a brush)to my house or return the brush that I have and get all my money back.

Either way I will be out time spent (waiting or returning the part)



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2015/01/13) */

The customer did receive his part, we sent it next day air which cost us $50.00 which was a loss to us. The customer has the second brush they ordered and we consider this issue to be resolved.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 18, 2015/01/15) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

A few days after Monday XX-XX-XX when I arrived in person to AAA Appliance, my wife was called and asked if I would drop the complaint and AAA Appliance would be overnight shipped to my house (this was my suggestion on Monday, imagine that).

I finally have the part and the whole thing took almost a month, all the while AAA Appliance had $69.00 of my money.

I have never been treated like this and it makes me wonder if others have been treated this way also.

No one should be treated this way!!!!

A very disgruntled customer who will NOT buy parts local again

The repair man was called to our home for a dishwasher repair (it was failing to drain) he spent the majority of his time on his cell phone asking how to repair the dishwasher when their add claims that the technicians are all fully trained. While fixing the issue he ran the dishwasher knowing that it was not draining and of course it flooded all over the kitchen and instead of at least offering to help clean it up (I would assume that someone who works on dishwashers would be prepared for a water leak) he let my father who was the only one home at the time clean the mess father is in a wheelchair and has only one leg. I was extremely upset when I was told this and called the office to express my feelings and was told that the owner would contact me but the office assistant was very rude and didn't even bother to take my number. We will never use this company again.

Terrible experience with this company...while the technician was polite, competent and efficient in the initial analysis/call, the company/office was awful. First a 2day part ened up taking 1 1/2 weeks to arrive. I was told the part was damaged first and then that fedex never delivered it and it was lost so I'm not sure which to believe...then once they had the part they didnt bring the switch to finish the job and had to come back another day to finish the job...but the day the tech was to come back he was late getting to work and no one could tell me when he would be in so I ended up waiting around wasting a whole day away from work for nothing...I would definitely NOT recommended nor would I ever use this company again.

Review: The owner of the company came and repaired our Kitchen Aid built in oven. The repair went fine.

Except for the scratches damage to the stainless oven door .

I spoke with [redacted] about the damage and immediately blamed me. After a conversation he agreed to come back out and repair the door.

He did, and the scratches remained. I reached out to him again and he brought a scratch repair kit to my front door.

I don't believe I should have to do the repair or replacement myself.

My house and stainless is immaculate until [redacted] work was done.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of my original invoice so I may hire someone else to repair the door.

Review: I had them come out to check my washer. They found it was not worth repairing (it was only 3 years old). He said they sell speed queen washers for $1200 ( price of the washer was $899 he did not tell me that) delivered and setup and old one hauled away. He did not explain that the delivery charge and set up and haul away would be $300. That price is very high. I called them and they said they would give me a charge credit back of $101. The price is still too high. Most companies charge much less. My local dealer only charges $49 for this service. They are now charging me $150 for delivery and setup and $50 for haul away of old washer. If he would have told me that delivery and setup and haul away would be $300 I would have not bought from him.

Product_Or_Service: washing machine

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would settle for delivery setup and haul away to be no more than $60. I think that would be more reasonable. [redacted]



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 16, 2015/01/09) */

we no that people would love to pick there own prices but unconditionally that's not how we do business maybe some do but unlikely we give quotes upfront so if you don't want then don't buy also we did give a refund for over a $100 and same day delivery them other guys maybe 2 weeks

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 18, 2015/01/13) */

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