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I would like to address all highlighted items:

When I went to pay my bill the address of 5325 Elkhorn Blvd. #300 Sacramento CA XXXXX did not exist.

I called Action Security after my purse was stolen which had both my car and house keys in it.

I had just been robbed and was very vulnerable and afraid that someone might be able to come into my home when I was not present.

After called several companies I took the company that would be able to install my alarm system the soonest.

One of the companies that I called and had talked to a person by the name of [redacted], told me I could get a system installed that Sunday and that it would be only $100.00.

So he came out to my house and then informed me that the $100.00 would only cover installing security equipment for only 1/2 of my house.

So I agreed to pay the extra $100.00 so that I could feel totally safe in my home.

After the system was almost all the way installed, he informed me that if I would agree to a 3 year service instead of the 1 year service that I could get $50.00 off

Since I was short of money I went ahead and agreed to this.

At this time I asked him "what if something happens that I can't pay", and he skirted around the whole issue saying "people always pay their security system even when they can't pay their other bills".

He never once informed me that if I could not pay, that it would be turned over to collections and all of the money would be expected of me and that I would have to pay all of the money and no service for the rest of the contract either, they would come take out my equipment.

This is a very important issue:

He never gave me a copy of my contract but only gave me a sticky with his Phone # and the phone number of his son (which actually installed my security system) but no copy of my contract.

Note also: 2 section of my contract he said I paid (0) zero amount of money to him. This is not true I paid him a total of $150.00 to him. This is a false contract statement.

I signed up for a 3 year contract (under duress) and he never once informed me of the #(11) ownership, that I would not own any of the equipment until after 4 years not the 3 years he verbally stated to me.

I never wanted a 4 year contract. That is way too long.

He never either informed me that this contract would automatically renew itself if I did not inform them in writing that I would not longer wish to have my security system.

After I did have this system installed I became upon the unforeseen hardship of not being able to pay my bill because my social security check was stopped for 8 months. I paid my house, other utilities, food before I felt I could pay this bill. I thought I could catch up later and everything would be ok but instead they sent me to collection and was going to take out my equipment but I would still have to pay the entire bill.

This shocked me and it was at this time I realized that I had no copy of my contract nor did I even know the person that sold me the equipment last name (he never gave me a business card just a sticky note with his first name on it which was [redacted]).

After the 2nd time of requesting a copy of my contract I did finally did get one and I have been trying to fix this problem ever since.

When I did call the Action Security office and talked with a person named [redacted], she was verbally abusive to me.

My opinion it should not matter that I could not pay my bill even if it was 500 months behind I did not deserve to be verbally abused period!

I feel that this salesperson ([redacted]) was very good at selling, leaving off many important information that as a consumer I needed to be informed of just to get the money without regards for my vulnerability of my situation.

I think his action were dishonest and deceptive. He conned me into a longer contract, did not give me the contract so that I could examine it, and then said I put (00) amount of money down (this is totally dishonest).

I know this is probably too late for me to fix. It took me a long time to figure out how to make this complaint, but maybe I might save other consumers from this unfortunate experience.

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Description: Security Control Equipment & System Monitors

Address: 5325 Elkhorn Blvd Ste 300, Sacramento, California, United States, 95842


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