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User Reviewer12861107 time Jan 31, 2019

To whom it may concern:
*** *** bought the truck from us at A & A Auto LLC. The title was mailed to the Cascade County Treasurer in a timely fashion. Due to an error on the title, they mailed it back and it somehow got lost in the mail when we corrected the
error and sent it back to them. Maybe they got it and misfiled it or something. I don't know but they claim they never got it back the second time from us. Since the temporary permit on the truck expired on 1/25/16, we sent an application to license the vehicle to the Cascade County Treasurer at 9:AM on 1/26/16. We also applied to Montana MVD for a duplicate replacement title on that day. The application to license the truck was sent via electronic fax and I already provided proof of that to *** as well as another copy of the purchase agreement because he didn't have it
Our last communication with *** was on 1/26/letting him know that paperwork was sent to the courthouse for him so the truck could be registered. The next time he called us was on 7/22/angry because he said he has tried times to license the truck and they will not let him. He said he absolutely refuses to license the truck no matter what and wants his money back. I called the Cascade County Treasurer and found that they apparently can't find the fax I sent them. They apologized to me for the problem and I faxed the application to register the vehicle again. This time, I stayed on the phone with the title clerk while she watched the fax come out and made absolutely sure she did not misplace it
We had no idea that *** hadn't been able to license his truck during all that time. He claims he called but I have Verizon phone records from every month to show that his phone number never called us. Besides that, I am the one that has done everything including sending *** proof of faxing papers to the treasurer as well as providing him the purchase agreement again that he didn't even have any more. I realize that *** has been mistreated if he went in and his time was wasted trying to license his truck. However, he needs to complain about Cascade County not A & A Auto LLC. A & A Auto LLC provided proof of sending paperwork in and for some reason, *** thinks we are lying. This is ridiculous. The Cascade County Treasurer does also have the duplicate title as well. There is NOTHING missing from this transaction and nothing more I can do. Any further action on this matter is going to result in us taking appropriate legal action to stop any further slander against A & A Auto LLC.
Attached is the fax confirmation email and the application for registration that was sent to Cascade County Treasurer on 1/26/16. Thank you,
Nick A***,
Manager, A & A Auto LLC

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User Reviewer13201029 time Jan 16, 2019

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: If your story was true, which I believe it is notWhen you apply for a duplicate title you would have received it a long time ago and why was I not contacted to say you have it and then I could have went backYou were told I could not licence it and I don't believe you sent itI went more times to licence it and nothingI called upset, you said " I will give you your money back" , then that day the title mirraculously appears and DMV now gets the EmailI am sick of the games, I either want compensated for months of no vehicle or take it back like you said you would. Sincerely,*** ***

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User Reviewer7183461

We sent the paperwork to the county to license the truck the morning after the temporary permit expired.  We had no way to know that they wouldn't let [redacted] license the truck until he called recently with a complaint.  I don't know why he thinks I am lying because I sent absolute undeniable proof that I faxed the paper to register the truck when I said I did.  I said that I would buy the truck back if I had not provided the registration paperwork.  I did provide it.  This is my final response to this nonsense.  We have done nothing wrong and I have proof of it.  I'm sorry [redacted] has decided he does not want the truck. Thank you for your time.Once again, I will attach the proof of my fax to the Cascade County Treasurer.Nick A[redacted]A and A Auto LLC

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