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at this point we would stay with our original respondthank you A&A mangement

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/07/01) */
The customer purchased an *** *** from A&A Auto, prior to the purchase of the vehicle he had it inspected by his mechanicAfter purchasing the vehicle and driving the car almost miles to *** *** the customer is saying that the
head gasket is badI will not get into specifics about what causes a head gasket to go bad, but 99% of the time it is a result of the car being driven hot
The vehicle was purchased with a limited warranty, the customer contacted the warranty company, and it is my understanding that they denied the claim
I can get the repair done at cost somewhere around We offered to help out, the customer refused
Complaint Response Date bumped because: Holiday

A & A Auto is happy to provide our customers with a 3 month or 3000 miles power train warranty.  Unfortunately the warranty is administered by an independent warranty company.  We have no control over where they send the vehicle for repairs or how long it takes to complete those...

repairs.  This was explained to our customer.

Response #1. [redacted] brought the car to CPS, A&A did not and did not authorize any work. [redacted] did and because it was a verbal authorization CPS confirmed they are out close to 500. Response #2. The 4runner is NOT a salvage title car. Again, the 4runner has a clean title, not a Salvage title. Response #3. [redacted] is again lying about the paperwork. The paperwork was sent to his mom to sign, she sent the paperwork to Elijah, he brought the paperwork in to the dealership. [redacted] and his "other dad" became agitated within seconds of my arrival, picked up the paperwork, left the dealership while yelling obscenities. There was no refusal or agreement to return any funds, in the paperwork that [redacted] refuses to supply A&A Auto are proper disclosures, of which it is apparent he does not want us to have because it would make his claims invalid. If there is to be any type of settlement or negotiation we would need to have copies of the paperwork that [redacted] signed.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I am wanting a small credit of $500. I wasn't able to get everything fixed on the car. More issue are coming up with car outside of basic maintenance as well as an air bag light that I have had since I have gotten the car. Apparently you only care about selling cars and not the safety of your customers. 

[redacted] and [redacted] purchased a 2005 Audi S4 from our dealership on June 29th, 2016. Complaint #1. The customer purchased an extended service contract for the S4, and was provided a 3 month 3000 mile limited power train warranty free of charge. The extended service contract and the warranty are...

through two separate companies, not affiliated with A&A Auto. It was determined by an independent repair facility, and representatives of the warranty/service contract that the issue with the car is more than likely a component of the clutch system. The clutch is not a covered item. After the customers "personal mechanic" was unable to repair the vehicle, A&A was asked if it could be taken to the mechanic that previously repaired the vehicle. That company is CPS and is not affiliated with A&A Auto. CPS did diagnose that problem and did significant work to the S4, none of which the customer paid for. The customer was supposed to pay the shop that they brought the vehicle to. Complaint #2. A&A did not sell or offer to sell a 4Runner with a salvage title, and all know material defects were disclosed properly to the customer. The customer kept the 4runner for 2 weeks without returning the paperwork. When A&A was told that by [redacted] that  [redacted] and [redacted] were not, in fact, going to buy the 4Runner we requested that the vehicle be returned immediately. A&A had to hire a repossession company to gain possession of the vehicle.  The customer states on several occasions that the 4runner has a salvage title. the 4runner does not have a salvage title and does not have to be disclosed that it does have a salvage title. A&A did not agree to take the vehicle back. The customer refused to complete the purchase and A&A had to acquire the vehicle.Complaint #3. As of this date, A&A Auto has not been provided the paperwork requested of the customer to determine what, if any funds may or not be owed to either the customer or A&A Auto. There is a repo fee and days and mileage owed to the dealer for use of the vehicle. We have attempted to work with the customer to get to a solution that would work for them and have been unable to do so. I am not sure what can be done to resolve these issues.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Consumer Response to A&A Auto Response #1:While the Dealer, A&A Auto states that CPS (mechanic shop) “is not affiliated with A&A, CPS states that they routinely service Audi automobiles currently on the lot and sold by A&A Auto.  A&A originally instructed the buyer to have the car towed to the CPS mechanic shop.  On the second occasion the subject vehicle was towed to CPS, according to CPS, neither the buyer nor A&A signed any type of work order on the vehicle.  Any diagnostics or work that may have been performed on the vehicle was done without oral or written consent of the purchaser.  The purchaser confirmed this with CPS and CPS admitted that they had no written, legal permission to work on the car.  If A&A gave some sort of oral permission to CPS mechanics to examine or work on the car, the purchaser is not aware or legally liable for any costs incurred.  Consumer Response to A&A Auto Response #2:A&A Auto stated orally, in front of witnesses, that the second vehicle purchased) vehicle (Toyota 4Runner) that the Toyota “had a clean title.”  A&A also signed two affidavits that the Toyota had a “hail damage, clean title.”  Yet, the “Material Particulars Disclosure” contains a line stating that “This vehicle is a ‘Salvage Vehicle’ as that term is defined in the ‘Colorado Certificate of Title Act,’ Part 1 of Article 6 of Title 42, C.R.S.”From this information, the buyer interprets that the Toyota 4Runner is a salvage vehicle purchased from [redacted] Insurance. Additionally, The primary lien signer on both the Audi and Toyota 4Runner vehicles, that are the subject of this complaint did not sign ANY of the paperwork on the Toyota 4Runner.Consumer Response to A&A Auto Response #3:The paperwork referenced by A&A Auto, is the original copies of the sales contract provided to the buyer.  A&A does indeed have their copies of all paperwork.  The buyer went to the office of Mr. [redacted] of A&A Auto to return the original copies (it is unknown why A&A wants originals since they are unsigned by the primary lien holder (borrower)). But upon the refusal by A&A to return the $750.00 down payment, the purchasers son refused to turn over the original paperwork.  [redacted] of A&A Auto ordered the son of the primary purchaser to leave the premises which he did.  This failure of A&A to return the down payment is the basis for the original complaint that A&A essentially “stole” the $750.00 down payment from the purchaser.  Because of the title status of the Toyota 4Runner (previously declared a total loss by [redacted] Insurance), the bank ([redacted] credit service) stated they would not loan the purchase amount on the vehicle. Therefore, I did not pursue insuring the vehicle.  It is illegal to drive a vehicle in the State of Colorado without insurance.  Therefor, when the purchaser and A&A auto agreed on the return of the Toyota 4Runner to the dealership, the buyer was reluctant to drive the vehicle without insurance back to the dealership.  When this was communicated to Mr. [redacted] of A&A, Mr. [redacted] said “where is the vehicle?” and state that he would send someone to pick it up.  That same day, a tow truck showed up at the vehicle's location to return the Toyota 4Runner to the dealership.  Again, it is important to note that the primary borrower (purchaser of both the Audi and the Toyota 4Runner did not sign any paperwork authorizing repairs on the Audi, nor any purchase contract paperwork on the Toyota 4Runner that was returned.  Satisfactory resolution of these issues hinges on the return of deposits and purchaser repair costs for the Audi and return of the $750.00 deposit on the returned Toyota 4Runner.   Please see purchaser's original complaint.  The fact that A&A Auto has not been returned “original” copies of the sales contract signed by the dealership has no outward bearing on resolution of this issue.  A&A has carbon copies of what they signed.  The primary purchaser did not sign the original paperwork agreeing or acknowledging any terms in that paperwork.    

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2015/06/05) */
When the [redacted] was purchased A&A Auto agreed to fix an issue with the car, the blinkers were blinking none stop. [redacted] took the car to emissions and the car failed emissions.
We made an appointment for [redacted] to bring the car in to fix...

the emission issue and also the blinking lights.
The car was taken to a repair facility and the car was repaired for the emissions and a current emissions test was obtained. Also the blinking lights were repaired.
[redacted] picked up the car and was given the emissions test.
[redacted] called and said there was still a problem with the blinking lights. We will fix the issue, however the customer is unwilling to bring the car to us fo repairs.
[redacted] simply needs to make an appointment to get the vehicle repaired
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2015/06/10) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
unable to make further comments on case.
Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 14, 2015/08/10) */

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