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User Timothy Shawn O. time Jan 23, 2019

The company did a fantastic job remodeling my boathouse on Lake Guntersville Fair price, commenced the job project as promised, and did a great clean up of the job site when done I can be a reference of the quality of work

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User Reviewer8678

A and A Construction were tearing off and putting on a roof right across the street from my house, there work truck was parked on the street right in front of my house.One week into there job I drove up the street and noticed that I had a flat tire, after changing the tire and looking for the hole I noticed that it had a roofing nail embedded in it. Not wanting to blame anyone I changed the tire and just checked the street out in front of my house. After walking around in the street I found numerous roofing nails in the road. I picked them up and I still thought that my tire could of picked up a nail anywhere. The next day I took my kids to school and after arriving at school I noticed that I had another flat tire on the other side, upon inspection I noticed that it also had the same roofing nail in it that matched the ones found in the street in front of my house. After calling the company numerous times without any return calls I finally seen the owner [redacted] outside the house across the street. After explaining to him the problem and showing him the roofing nails he had left in the street he order one of his workers to run a magnet up and down the street to see if there were any more nails left in the street. Once the worker did this the magnet picked up 30 to 40 more nails that were laying in the street, after the owner seen this he offered his apologies and offered to pay for both of our tires and he handed my wife and I his business card explaining to just call him and he would send us a check for our repairs. Since we have had our tires repaired we have tried numerous calls and emails to reach [redacted] at A&A Constuction and he has avoided all contact with us in order to not pay for the damages his company did by leaving nails in the street in which he acknowledge. The funny thing is once I checked the Revdex.com website and viewed this company's status they were rated a D and had other complaints that where not answered! Anyone looking to have roofs done stay away from A&A Const!!!

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Address: 536 Commerce Street, Gretna, LA, 70056

Website: https://www.websiteconnection.com/

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