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User Reviewer11891000 time Jan 26, 2019

After careful consideration we have determined that we are not responsible for the leaking/deterioration for the following reasons:1) Our warranty for new construction workmanship is one year as it is standard in the industryThis project is a few months shy of being ten years old.2) We were never
called to look at the problem before demolition and/or repairs were started.3) It is alleged that the gutter running the wrong way was supposedly re-pitched by someone else at some point, we were not notified and cannot verify the accuracy of this.4) The gutter would have had to be pitched 5" the wrong way from one end to the other, in that short of a distance for the gutter to overflow at the wrong end, obviously this was not the case or it would have never passed inspection in the first place5) If the gutter did in fact overflow for a longer period it should have been from a clogged gutter, a clogged downspout, or from ice and snow build up on the edge and finding and opening in the walk, the roof, or the flashing lineThere also could have been foundation settling.6) We did not do the exterior finish system or roofing in that areaSome of the step flashings were rusty, which indicates water from other sourcesAt the bottom step flashing (a.k.a kick -out flashing) EIFS and drip edge may have been a leak sourceAgain, we were never able to see what that looked likeThis area may be a maintenance area for caulk anywayThe water did not follow the gutter to beyond the siding/roofingWe do not know what kind of transition from the roof/wall flashingWe do not know if ice and water shield was ever usedWe don't know if it was flashed properly on the bottom corner where the roof/wall meet and the water found a way in.7)Even if the gutter was clogged and drained over that edge, it should have stained the EIFIS on the outside, and been noticed a long time agoAgain, the EIFS is now removed and we cannot verifyThe EIFS and the roof joints should have been sealed by those respective trades.8) How ever the water got into and behind the EFIS wall has nothing to do with the gutter, there had to have been a breach in the roofing of EFIS at that point for water to get behind.9) In the pictures that were furnished to us shows the gutter approximately 1" below the drip edge-roof-EFIS jointIt clearly shows an un-caulked area at that pointThere is caulk above that, but at that point where the drip edge meets the wall there is an unfinished/un-caulked area where the water is probably getting inThis may be a maintenance issue as caulk is not permanentThe hole in the wall is clearly above the top of the gutter by about an inchIt also looks like someone cut the drip edge lower lip offNot sure how that got that way but it is also not properWe are not trying to blame anyone else either, we just can clearly see it is not a gutter issue

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User Reviewer8239976

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
The business is clearly not going to do anything to rectify the problem. I just don't want the complaint closed and be reflected that it was corrected.  I want the complaint to remain on their record as being unsatisfied.

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Address: 2867 Crossland Road, Murray, KY, 42071

Website: https://www.facebook.com/AandAExcavating/?fref=ts

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