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A & A Home Health Equipment


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User likge48

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User Reviewer8750

In May of 2012, I received a c-pap machine to use prior to my gastric verticle sleeve surgery. I was under the assumption that the equipment was to be MINE. Insurance covered cost. I had the surgery in July. I received a bill from A &A in October. I called SEVERAL times and was told everything was taken care of. Again in January I called after received another bill. This time I was referred to the home office in Greenville, MS. I was then told that the bill was for RENT oF my c-pap. I then called the Tupelo office to question the set up as rent instead of ownership.

At this time, I was told that it was set up incorrectly and that they really did not know why it was set up as so. The employee who set it up no longer worked there,BUT they would change it. Again, I received a bill. Called the home office in Greenville and was told that I had not met my deductable and this was the amount the insurance would not pay. FALSE. Called my insurance they confirmed that I HAD indeed met my deductable. It was at this time, I asked to speak to the manager. Of course he never called, but his secretary did call and told me if I would pay 1/2 the bill and return my machine eveything would be settled. I went to the Tupelo office and returned the machine and paid approximately $150.00 in cash. This took place on or about the 17th day of June or July. I am now searching for my letter which they signed and the receipt for the $$$ BECAUSE I received another bill yesterday, Saturday, August 17,2013. Called the office and they have record showing my return, BUT NO RECORD OF THE CASH I paid. I am extremely upset. What do I do if I cannot find my receipt??? Why would I return the machine without paying what I owed????? This is crazy!!!!!

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Address: 1403 S Green Street, Tupelo, MS, 38804

Website: https://www.aahhe.com/

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