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A & A Window Cleaning

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A&A Window did a fantastic job cleaning my windows and guttersThey went above and beyond my expectations*** and his employee Audie bagged the leaves and pine needles and offered to haul it awayI live in a heavily wooded area so I just had them dump it in the woods behind my homeIt was very nice that they offeredMy windows were covered in spiders/webs due to all the treesThey looked like new windows when they left.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
*** ***

Complaint"Cleaning" service left property looking worse than when they started. Need service provider to clean up and finish the job. I had my home power-washed a few days before A&A cleaned my gutters. What a mistake. There is not an option here to show you photos, but it was as if they scooped out the gutters and threw everything wherever it landed. My walkway, my furniture, deck, etc... is soiled with all the junk that was in my gutters. I have hours of cleaning to do now. I will never use them again. Will not recommend them to anyone. And if anything, discourage and warn anyone from using them. I'm ashamed for using them and can't urge you strongly enough from going elsewhere. Desired SettlementContractor needs to clean up after their mess and finish the job.Business Response What kind of soil? We cleaned leaves out of your gutters and bagged it. A phone call would have fixed any issue instead of filing a complaint before giving us the opportunity to correct it. It is hard to understand how So much could have gotten on things when you have a little gutter in front and one abound the deck. However, thank you for calling us to fix he issue.

Failure to deliver on pre-paid service to clean gutters at times they scheduled with me. Failure to answer phone, call back or provide a refund. I purchased a gutter cleaning service with A&A via [redacted] The voucher number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX and it was purchased Dec 3rd,h 2013. They were scheduled to come a week later. They didn't show. After several calls, they called back on the 19th and scheduled for 12/26 in the morning. They called about 30 minutes later and rescheduled for the afternoon of the 26th. I said fine, we will be home. They never showed, never called, never called to reschedule. I called a couple more response. I've since called on 1/7 and 1/30. No answer, no response. I asked for my check to be sent back on the last call and left my address...again. Nothing. They excel at pathetic excuses and exceptionally poor customer service, but that's it. Looking at their responses to similar complaints...I see more promises, but confirmed performance. Should there be more apparent lies such as presented in their responses to others, we were home AND left our dogs in the house as I said we would. The owner told me it didn't matter if we were there since the service was prepaid. Desired SettlementWe are talking $65. I simply want these people to return my money and I will be happy never to deal with them again. There are plenty of people who will reliably perform this service, these individuals just don't happen to be among them.Business Response Sorry for the incovienence, the last 60 days have been very trying on our family. We had a very unexpected family emergency that has put a lot on hold. You will need to contact [redacted] in order to get our refund. You paid them, I only get half of what you paid, so to get a full refund, call [redacted] and they will refund your full purchase price.Consumer Response The case is not closed in my mind. No contact from the company and their contention that we can get the money back from [redacted] is also patently untrue. The deal with [redacted] is they do not return money after 7 days. That time was up before their first appointment was scheduled, therefore, the customer is screwed by [redacted] to whom this company refers me to for cost recovery. Not sure you can believe these individuals and close the case without confirmation or a check with [redacted] It appears my only recourse is to take both companies to small claims court as neither stands by their word, the provider company is totally off the wall and apparently feels [redacted] is easily managed and they will just pocket the payment. You have completely undermined my confidence in your ratings having seen how easily an apparently feckless business can "close" a case.Business Response Yes you can still get a refund, simply call them, they will call me and I will say yes. I had a customer who requested a refund 3 months after the fact. You can get your refund. I've already informed them to authorize it.

A&A Window did a fantastic job cleaning my windows and gutters. They went above and beyond my expectations. [redacted] and his employee Audie bagged the leaves and pine needles and offered to haul it away. I live in a heavily wooded area so I just had them dump it in the woods behind my home. It was very nice that they offered. My windows were covered in spiders/webs due to all the trees. They looked like new windows when they left.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

This company does not respond and does not show up for appointments.I purchased a [redacted] for a gutter cleaning service on November 4th 2015. It took 5 calls and voicemails to finally receive a return phone call. I finally had an appointment scheduled for December 7th, for which the company never showed. I have since called 2 more times without a return phone call. I wish I had never contacted this company. Their service is horrible.Desired SettlementI would like my money back.Business Response sorry for the inconvienence. we cannot control the rain. it was raining on December 7th. per your request of wanting your money back, you will need to call [redacted] directly to receive a refund. Consumer Response I understand you cannot control the rain and do understand having to cancel the appointment for that reason. However, you can control how you respond to me as a customer. Not receiving a call that my appointment was going to be cancelled and not responding to my appointment requests is very poor customer service.Final Business Response I am not going to continue to go back and forth. you can call [redacted] and get a refund.

We have been lied to, cussed out by the "SECRETARY" and have had multiple no show appointments! I was understanding until reading other complaintA [redacted] add lead me to this company for gutter cleaning. My gutters were cleaned but a couple of screens were damaged as well as one missing. I in good faith paid the bill, and was promised damage to be fixed. When damages were to be repaired I scheduled window cleaning (this is a company that stands behind there work) repairs and window cleaning scheduled for 3/21, I get a call from [redacted], his truck broke down on the way to do the job and his secretary would call Monday to reschedule! She didn't call, I called to reschedule for 4/21! I took a day off of work, no show no call!! I left a message, and got an email saying there was a death in the family, etc. I responding with my condolences and trusted I would get a call to reschedule. NEVER HEARD ANYTHING! I left several messages, and nothing! I decided to look at the website for other complaints, and to my surprise, I am not the first customer this has happened too. The owner [redacted], will not return calls but will email. When I asked him about previous complaints and said I would also complain, he said, go ahead, everyone knows deaths happen and your case will be closed like the other complaints. I have emails that document everything! What pushed me over the edge was getting a call return call tonight from the "SECRETARY" cussing out my husband that her grandmother was dying and evidentally there was nothing her company could do to make us happy! A email earlier from her husband, said his wife's grandmother died a few weeks ago. I can provide documentation to support my complaint! Long and short is this company has been paid~ I want my refund and my screens replaced that were damaged. Not to be cussed out by the "secretary" or [redacted]'s wife! Desired SettlementI want a full refund for the money paid for both my gutter cleaning that was done half way plus my damaged screens! And I want a full refund for the amount of my window cleaning! Business Response this customer has been refunded. all that was needed was a simple phone call to the third party. after informing Mrs. [redacted] via email that she had not called as she stated to get a refund, she made the call and WAS refunded her purchase. As for the accusation of damaging a window screen and taking a window screen, and damaging their gutters 2 months after the fact, there are several emails between the two of us, and NOT a single email ever stated this. This FALSE accusation is unwarranted. There are several emails in regard to cleaning the windows. Yes appointments were scheduled, yes issues arose to have to reschedule. Things happen in life that are out of our control. Then Mr. [redacted] called, knowing the conversation was going to be recorded, since he was leaving a voicemail. The message contains threats and bodily harm. I quote minus the foul language, "I don't care how many family members have to die, I am going to come over to your house and break your [redacted] neck. Once this message was heard by the [redacted] county sheriffs department, It was recommended to file a complaint with the magistrates office. We did that and the complaint and communicating of threats is now in the courts hands. Along with the threat of putting our company out of business. As far as I am concerned, The [redacted] received their money back and there is no need for any further communication.Consumer Response Once again the companies integrity is in question! Flashing charges, for one and being a no show on the date appointed! A typical day in A &As business life! Charges dismissed! Consumers beware!

I prepaid through [redacted] to have my windows cleaned. I contacted A & A Window Cleaning to schedule approximately 6 weeks before the deadline on the certificate which was April 24th. They asked me if I would like to wait until after May 1st due to all the pollen settling. I explained my certificate deadline was April 24th and a woman named [redacted] told me that was ok she was going to waive that since I called in advance. She scheduled my cleaning for May 15th at 12:00 noon. That day came and went and I heard nothing. I thought it was due to rain so I thought they would call and reschedule. I heard nothing at all from them even after leaving numerous phone messages. Finally I called again and [redacted] who is the owner called and left me a message saying that the next available time he had was June 2nd at 4:00 pm. In the message he stated that if he didn't hear back from me that he would be at my house Monday June 4th at 4:00 pm. I did not call him back as that worked for me. Then on Thursday, May 29th I received another message on my answering machine from [redacted] confirming my appointment for Monday, June 2nd at 4:00 pm and to only call if this was not a good time. If they didn't hear back from me they would be here then. Well now June 2nd has come and gone and I have still not seen or heard from them. I left them two more messages and still have not heard anything. I feel that they are a terrible company to do business with the way that they treat people. I can't believe that they are even still in business. I want this resolved now.Desired SettlementWould like them to come and clean my windows as paid forBusiness Response We called you on June 2 at 10:23 am, the day of your appointment to let you know we could come earlier, asking you to call us back. We did not hear from you till after 5pm. Sorry you feel we are a terrible company, we are not. At this point, it would be best for you to request a refund. Consumer Response This is not true. My husband made sure that he was here with me so that I would not be alone. I received no phone call or voice mail. I have just checked my phone detail and there are no missed calls from them. If they said they asked me to call them back that means that they left me a voicemail which is absolutely false. I do feel that this company purposely did not come to do my windows because I purchased a coupon through [redacted] at a discount rage and it was not beneficial for them. I would hope that they learn how to treat customers going forward. I was very patient every time which I called them and left messages and did not receive responses. Also if they did leave me a message and I did not respond why didn't they call me back when I called them after 5:00 pm or the next day. I do hope that other people do not get in a trap like this and wait so long for a service. Shame on them for their inability to provide what they were suppose to and for treating people the way that they do.

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