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A Action Movers/United Van Lines

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Pamela from our company has been in contact with Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] regarding the issues in this complaint.  We have credited the [redacted]’s for the Boxes that were not used when the loading took place.  We have also entered a refund to the [redacted]’s for the damage to the dents and dings in...

the walls.  Their claim for the household goods that was damaged is being handled by United Van Lines headquarters to be processed.

Mr. [redacted] moved from IL to NV.  His claim for household goods was filed and paid out to him in the amount of $2,536.99 on 10/16/15.  The insurance coverage of Full Value Protection and 9 month time frame was for his household goods portion of the move.  Property damage is another...

type of claim separate from the household goods portion.  Our company at the time of the move did a walk through with Mr. [redacted] and he noted and signed off on 3 spots in the house that were damaged on the day of the move.  Those areas were dents to the drywall in the stairway and the hallway and I nick on a door frame.  When we received the claim form from Mr. [redacted] he is claiming additional damage to 5 other areas of the house in all the bedrooms.  We sent a repair firm to his location to get an estimate on the 3 spots that were noted on the walk through inspection at the time of the delivery but the repair firm sent us back and estimate for 33 areas of damage to the house which included bedrooms and living room and family room.  We contacted the repair firm to obtain an itemized estimate with the repair cost for the 3 spots in the house that we are liable for.  The repair firm stated that they will not work with Mr. [redacted] to repair his place because he is extremely rude and angry.  He wanted the repair firm to go through him and not us.  He is looking to have areas of the house fixed that were not noted on the walk through exception form.  They refuse to do the work for him since he is being unreasonable.  I am sending a settlement offer to Mr. [redacted] for the repairs in the amount of $300 which is a reasonable amount for the 3 areas that we damaged.  The repair firm’s estimate for the 33 areas amounted to $987.00.  This will allow Mr [redacted] to proceed with his own repair company to fix the areas we are responsible for.  Tell us why here...

I am rejecting this response because:  Albeit, my mom received a partial delivery, and subsequent delivery of the remainder of her belongings today (July 21, 2017), the claim that the company was clear and transparent from the date of packing her belongings that she would not have a driver.  The company is trying to save face for their incompetence as a "moving" company.  I don't care if it is a "busy" time or not, you are a moving company, and you should be transparent from the beginning that you are unable to properly function as a moving company that can deliver a person's belongings in a expeditious manner.  Not to mention, ALL of your belongings together, not in two different shipments, weeks apart.  In addition, they shipped her second half of her order to another holding facility in Lee's Summit, MO.  Why not just deliver them to her to begin with, instead of staging them 50 miles to the South?  What a waste of time, money, and energy.Do not take on new customers if you cannot deliver, or pack up a person's life and keep it in storage for a 1 1/2 months.My mom was expected to pay her full changes as COD during her first delivery, of half of her belongings.  She refused, as she did not receive ALL of her belongings together in one complete shipment.  My mom was also promised per diem payments from the company, which they sent to an unknown address in Lee's Summit.  Nowhere in my mom's record does she list a Lee's Summit address.I am greatly disappointed, and they have caused my mom great stress and unnecessary grief and discomfort.  I am outraged by their business practices, poor customer service, and failure to function as a moving company.  They are subpar in their industry.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 18, 2015/08/03) */
The claim for damages on the elliptical machine was denied based off the sales person at the time of the quote informed the shipper that the elliptical machine needed to be crated by an outside party to ensure its safety during shipping and...

handling. We offered to set up the 3rd party for them. These pieces of equipment have many moving parts and are difficult to move when assembled. During the initial estimates quote the shipper stated that they did not want to pay the extra money for the crating and they would sign a waiver for any damages done to the elliptical. The sales person noted on the estimate that the shipper would sign a waiver. At the time of the move they signed a form before the move started releasing all claims for the elliptical only.
When the claim was reviewed it was denied based on the waiver releasing us of damages.
The shipper was informed during the time of the estimate and also during the time of the move of the proper way to transport this type of equipment and also informed of the consequences if they choose to ship it in a different manner.

I am rejecting this response because: We built a new home in Las Vegas and are the 1st family to live in it. As it is a new home, it was in undamaged condition.  The home was damaged unintentionally by A Action Movers /United Van lines on the day of the move in.  Since the move, nothing has changed in the house. Nothing further has been taken into or out of any rooms in the house. No further  damage was caused by anyone except A Action Movers on the move in date.
When a salesman from United Van lines came to our Chicago home, he sold us a 100% replacement policy. He said we had up to 9 months to file a claim for any damages. He never informed us that on the day of the move  there was to be a walk through to do a full inspection of our property to look for damage.  We cannot find it in writing. The foreman of the job was gone for most of the move (personal reasons).  When he returned to our home at the end of the day, he was in a hurry to leave with his crew (it had been a really long day for everyone).  There was NEVER a walk through by anyone from A Action Movers on the day of the move. NEVER !!!  How could you do a thorough walk through with the house all cluttered with boxes all over the place and in the late evening. Some of the rooms had no lights. We were informed to write down any gross items that were damaged. He reminded us that a complete itemization could be submitted within 9 months.
When Steven [redacted] came to inspect the damage to all of our property, he did not inspect the damage to our portable marble fireplace. It was in the garage and had to be pulled away from the wall for proper inspection, he refused to assist us in moving it out to fully view the damage. He told us that after he submits the damages, we had a choice to use him to repair all the damage or we could use the settlement to have someone else complete the work.
When we received the settlement check, it stated that the damage to the fireplace was $500. We had a repairman that specializes in this kind of work examine the fireplace. Part of the marble was broken off and is missing, he said the fireplace was not repairable. I called Mr [redacted] and informed him that he needed to come back to my home and do a proper evaluation of the fireplace.  He refused. He asked me to send him pictures of the damage, which I did. I called him back after he received the pictures and he refused to do anything further. I was very upset with him on this matter. I told him he did not do a proper job and we would not use him to repair any of the damages.  I told United Van Lines about this and I constantly asked, "when are you going to send someone out to give a proper evaluation of my fireplace ?"  Since then they have sent out 2 more  repairmen who have only looked at the physical structure damages of the house. When I went to show them the fireplace damage, they said they were only hired to look at the physical structure damage to the house, not the fireplace.  We have had a total of 3 repairman come to the house to look at the structural damage and  the amount they requested to repair the damage is $987. This is the amount they feel was fair compensation and this is what we are seeking.  These repairman were hired by United Van Lines and gave an honest appraisal.  ALL damage to my house has been done only by A Action Movers on the day of the move.
We do not accept the settlement of $2536.99 as final payment for the damage/loss of our non physical structure property, as the damage to the fireplace is MORE then $500. We want United Van Lines to properly access the damage done to the fireplace and to receive full compensation for this damage.

We have been in contact with Mr. [redacted] in regards to his scratched refrigerator.  We are in the process of contacting a repair company to replace the panels that are scratched.  Sherri was just in contact with Mr. on January 4th keeping him update on the status of this claim and the...

contact of the companies that she has called.  When the repair companies call back we can make a better judgment on how to further proceed with this claim.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. This was after several months of battling with them.

It is unfortunate to hear of the negative experience Ms. [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] had with our company.  In our 84 years of being a small family-owned business, we always strive for one thing, and that is to provide exceptional service to our customers.  However, with this move, we do...

not deny that we failed these expectations.  Any time there is damage or a claim on a move, it typically defines the customer’s experience.  We do everything in our power to prevent such things as happening through our University move training program, in addition to ongoing weekly hands-on training.  However, on rare occasions, accidents do happen.  No one is happy about this.  We are not happy about it and obviously, the customer is not happy about it.  To be honest and ethical, which we pride ourselves on, instead of ignoring negative situations after they happen, we bring to light such situations, as such the customer can protect themselves.    We do this through the extensive paperwork we review with the customer to protect both interests before the move ever occurs.  You will find attached a Local Valuation form, which is a form we require to be signed by all customers on local moves before the move occurs.  Not only expressed verbally, but it is noted in bold on the form “Very Important”.  As you will see, the customer indicated they wanted the “No Charge” option in which regulations require a minimum coverage of thirty cents ( $.30) per pound.  Several other options are available at various deductibles to protect the customer should such an accident occur.  It is unfortunate that an accident occurred on this move, but we have to abide by our paperwork that is signed off by the customer explaining what options they have should such accidents occur.  We do not deny damaging the “marble” table top or kitchen table.  However, as policy states, we gave the customer options should such a scenario occur to protect themselves.    You will find attached the letter that was addressed to Mr. [redacted] explaining the claim computation.  I think it is important to also note, that although this is documented as marble, it is in fact, faux marble, as indicated in the attached picture in which you will see a cement/concrete foundation with a faux marble coating.  This is not stated to insult the customer but to simply clarify as there is a significant difference in worth.  Despite this, the customer chose an option at no charge that values each item based on weight or thirty cents per pound, not the actual item’s market or replacement value.    It is unfortunate the customer choice this option considering the circumstances, but this is no different than a rental car company offering insurance on your rental vehicle.  You do not expect an accident to happen, but sometimes they do, and this is what you can do to protect yourself.  As for the estimate going over what was provided to the customer, we have no intention to misinform or mislead the customer and can only base our estimates on the information provided to us.  In this case, this estimate was conducted over the phone.  A majority of our estimates are conducted in person to increase accuracy.   However, with local moves the 2 most important factors are the hourly rate and the efficiency of the crew, being local moves are based on actual hours.   In this case, our phone representative, Heather [redacted], was provided with a list of items to be moved from an apartment to a residence 6.5 miles away.  It was notated upon arrival that there were several more items than what was indicated to Heather over the phone.  In addition, certain conditions existed, such as the apartment being on the 3rd floor and a long carry from ground level to truck, all extending the expected time under normal circumstances.  Heather indicated on her estimate and communicated that this move would be based on actual hours and this was only an estimate based on the information she was provided by the customer.  In addition, Heather provided the customer an exclusive discounted rate offered only to employees of the State of North Dakota..  The 2 crew members dispatched on this job were experienced crew members and I don’t believe there were any allegations of their efficiencies, rather a discrepancy in the amount of items being moved, as well, extending conditions that lengthened the time of this move.  In efforts to resolve this complaint, a customer gesture was given rebating the customer 1 hour of the actual hours or $108.56.  The customer has made allegations of property damage.  Again, the paperwork, is both our and the customer’s best advocate.  As you will see attached, there is pre-existing property conditions indicated and signed off by the customer.  The customer claims that as for the banister, it was filled out in the wrong spot on the paperwork and did actually occur by us.  We will not dispute this, and believe what the customer has stated.  Based on the pictures we have reviewed, and considering it’s newly painted, we believe this would require very minor touch up to resolve. On Wednesday, November 23rd, we sent our Director of Operations, Pamela [redacted], and Sherri [redacted], Claims Representative to review damage and provide a better understanding as to how we could resolve.  We requested to further inspect the “marble” table top to see if there anything further we could do, however, it had already been disposed of by the customer. We understand the customer is frustrated.  The circumstances of this move are unfortunate and we do apologize that this customer had a rare negative experience.   We take it to heart when claims are made against us, particularly our core values, one of the most important being honesty.  The customer made claims of our company and/or representatives being dishonest.  After thoroughly reviewing this move, there was no ill-intent or dishonesty.  Expectations were missed, but they were not intentional.  Disrespect is the wrong word, rather accident is more appropriate.  Options were given but they were not taken.  Despite this, we want to make a wrong situation right.  In addition, to the $108.56 credit, the $57 claim settlement, we will be extending a $200 goodwill gesture to the customer to repair the chip in the banister, and serve as an additional credit to the estimate. We sincerely do apologize for missing our customer’s expectations on this move.  Our entire 84 years of business has been based on providing our customer’s an exceptional experience.  We understand that did not happen on this move.  Although not required, we hope this customer sees our goodwill gesture as an act to make this matter right and to perhaps shed a different perception of the company we truly are.

Our Agency packed this order on 6-6-2017, the delivery spread is 6-10-2017 through 6-20-2017.This order was packed and protected and brought into our warehouse on 6-7-2017 because of not having a driver available. The moving industry is currently in peak season and there is a shortage of drivers...

nationwide. The customer was made aware right away that there wasnt a driver assigned to this order and that our Move Coordinator was working with Unigroup to get one assigned.  Our Mover Coordinator has been in contact with the customer and Unigroup to get a driver assigned to this order.  Sherry [redacted] from Ungrioup's delays claims  has been in contact with the customer regarding her  delay claim. The customer was contacted on 6-28-17 by our agency that a driver has been assigned to this order. The driver picked this order up from our warehouse on 7-3-2017 and delivered to the customer on 7-5-2017. The overflow portion has been received by the destination agent and is delivering on 7-21-17.

Action movers did not deliver all of our goods nor will they return our phone calls. We were under weight and due a refund.
On sept 30th aaction movers Rrived At our house very late in the afternoon to load. They delivered our goods the following day at new residence only to find they ran out of room and left items. Driver,[redacted] said he would go back on fri.,but he didnt and when we call the office they wont return our phone calls. We had a confrontation with [redacted] but still got nowhere. We were booked for 10,651pounds but were under weight and have not gotten a refund. They have been very unprofessionL through out the process. Plezse help resolve this issue. We have returned to our old residence three times to collect the rest of our belongings.

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