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***: May 6,Hired *** ***: I still believe I'm on the line but the steaks are in line with power poles.***:If you want to keep going then that'll be ok.***:I think your holes are not straight and Barbara next door is right She said they were off.*** or ***I forgot to mention, *** has Dr appt at 8am we will be there right after ASAP ...we will be watching weather also ***: ok5/the photo below shows he places some posts in the ConcreteThat's all for a whileMay ,2015*** or *** texted:We will have that part this afternoon and not sure when the storm down to the southwest plans on coming thru we are going to wait til Monday just let us know what you decide on the west sidewe will do whatever you decide. (They did not show).I called him and we discussed the hole placement. Then I texted:***:The original holes is fineAs long as it is in line with red flag and blue stake.If I need to cut tree then I will when I get home *** or *** replied: Ok(At this point no holes were dug to depth needed and basically just marked.)***: I found the property line last nightAs long as I'm exactly my side of a string between red flag and blue stake at meter *** or *** replied:CoolMonday 5/11/06:33 ***: It's a muddy mess here.*** or *** thank you sir, prob best to dry out a b*: no problem. We talked on phone and still no holes were dug to any depth We are still discussing since it had been raining. Also on east side we will need those holes directly on the line and it is now marked by metal I will not change againEast side neighbor wants to buy half the fence so encroachment will never happen It's going to rain Wednesday I hate to see you guys not being able to work.I will do what ever I can to assist I'll be free labor *** or *** :thanks!! it will be okwe will set the east side in line with your stakes.***: okMay 11, 9:PM*** or *** is it still wet and nasty?***: it's a little wetI strung a string and I'm definitely ready.May 12,06:44*** or *** do you have a lot of standing water?***: no5/photo and nothing done since posts in concrete (They did not show up)5/19/9:AM*** or *** we are trying to catch a break in this weather.***: It's ok.*** or *** got him a Jack hammer for your holes but threatened us if we can't keep it dry ***: HmmWhat will it do?I'll be here all day if you need me (They did not show.)May 20,5:PM***:What happened to you guys today looks pretty dry.*** or ***We thought you got a bunch of rain with that tornado storm so we held out to let dry, we should be out there tomorrow.***: ok I feel for you guys but we did need the rain See you.*** or *** Yes We really needed it see u then5/21/6:AM***: to much rain*** wow had a lot fasthasn't stopped here***: ok5/23/had *** *** stay at house while we were on vacation and AAmerican never showed up and *** stated that he was pretty enough to do work.6/6/*** said he'd be out Monday.6/8/1:PmThe beginning of the problems start here. ***: were you guys not coming? Is everything ok?***I'm sorry, *** was still sick today, we r trying to shoot for tomorrow.6/9/10:45*** I'm so sorry, *** is still sick***: okI hope he gets well See you soon Is there anything we ca do to help?6/9/1:58PM***: Is everything ok?6/10/18:25*** has another appt tomorrow, his Dr today told him to give it a few more days to get to feeling bettersaid the fluid in his head is up againwe normally don't have these problems, we don't want you to regret using usif you will please be patient with us n give us a few more dayswe can have it done this next week.***: ( I figured it to be done)I don't regret itYou guys are ok*** :thank you so very much***: you are welcome6/15/8:am***:Are you guys going to work today It may rain tomorrow (No reply)6/15/16:***: How is ***? (No reply)6/16/08:AM***: is *** ok?6/16/10:28 ***Sorry have another Dr appt today6/17/15:19***: How is ***?(No reply)6/18/05:AM***: Are you going to be able to finish the fence?6/18/9:***: Have you got the rest of the material?No reply6/19/8:Am emailed AAmericanThis is *** ***. I've been trying to get in touch with you in hopes to get an estimated time for you guys to finish my fence. I'm feeling bad about thisI've waited twenty years to be able to afford one and now I either need you to purchase the material and bring it to me or come finish the job. *** ***6/19/10:from A-American HiI'm sorryI've been to different Dr s and was on the hospital daysI have a surgery this next weekPlease don't give up on meI will finish. I got out today Again I'm sorry.Sent from my 4G Android device 6/19/12:to AmericanSubject: Re: Fence I'm sorry you are sickI truly amI was worried cause I wasn't able to talk to you or SherriI tried to locate you and found that my granddaughter is Facebook friends with your son Jarrod I may have misspelled his name Anyway, if I had the materials, I'd feel better I do not know how to build a fence but it's beginning to look like I may have too I don't have enough money to start with another person or company I hope you get well soon and not just because of the fence You are young and deserve a long life. *** ***6/19/15:from ***If y all can give me a few more days, I'll get the fence installed 6/24/10:texted***: Are you ok6/25/14:***: Are you fencing today?6/25/14:emailed to AmericanAre you going to be able to finish fence this next week?*** ***Reply from American 6/25/15:43It will be the following weekI have my surgery on Monday at am*** ***'s still not well, We will call when we can get out there6/25/18:emailed AmericanMy wife wants me to come get material so that we can finish it *** ***From *** 6/25/21:31We don't keep materials on handWe order when neededI can give you a refund on what's left after the posts and bags of concrete Plus the days labor sir if you can't wait.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device***: ok6/25/20:51***: When you get a free moment could you call and talk to my wife about this We don't even know if you guys are going to be able to work 6/25/21:to American Actually I'd like for you guys to do it I'd have to rehire and it took a while to find what I consider good peopleand other people have given you a great recommendation I was also hoping you could do my daughters house in Bedford It's only to but the old fence has to come down Mike will take it down I'm just s little worried that you may not be able to work any moreThe lady next door has come over twice to harass me about the fence not being doneI can handle her If I can do anything to help you I would.b do you want me to put the remainder of the posts in the holes and if so, do I just pour dry cement in there? *** ***6/25/21:from ***Thank you sirNo setting the last post will need to dig them moreWhen we come back I'm bringing my other crew to help finish faster sir.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device6/26/5:AM to AmericanI do appreciate you and hope you get better *** ***6/26/6:from ***I am really sorry with all the rain then my sickness And the hard rocky groundIt should have taken us daysWe have days with only postI apologizeBut we will get it up and make it real nice for you.Saturday I'll get blood workMonday surgery Few days to restThem I'm all yours. Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android deviceFrom: *** Date:06/26/6:AM (GMT-06:00) *** *** *** Cc: Subject: Re: Fence OkI understand Wife was a little worried but not enough to have someone else Her brother in law does fences in Arkansas but we've seen his work and would be a lot better off waiting for you *** ***6/26/6:AM from ***Okay buddyI got up took my am medsSo I'm going back to sleep sir.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device7/2/7:AM from AmericanHi sirI'm up and feeling pretty good I have a dr appointment on Tuesday at amThen I will be able to work We should be able to finish in days7/7/19:took pictureThe posts are all beginning to bow 7/9/16:to American Fence Are you'll going to finish fence now?Thanks*** ***7/9/17:from ***Yes sirPlease give me a little bit more timeAll did not go wellI promise I will finist's the only job I haveGuys took Off because I was sickSo it's just my wife and I right nowBut I will finish I know u have waited years as u told mePlease don't give up on me ***Everything on the table sirI've been and r sickI will finish asapTrust me sir.7/14/9:AM*** We r looking at being out there Fri or Mon ***Ok great (They did not show Friday or Monday)7/19/1:12AM from American Hello ***I'll be at your house this week to finish your installation I'm not yet released to workBut I'm feeling a lot betterI was trying to pass out if I was up to much, I've been working on thatI've been outdoors some, I played with my Harley today someAnyway I'll be over to complete your fence. Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device7/19/9:AM to AmericanSubject: Re: Fence I can help *** ***7/19/11:AMI've got a couple guys that are going to help me sir.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device(He did not show)7/19/18:to ***It will be Tuesday or Wednesday But I'll see you this week.(He did not show)7/20/5:AM from *** to AmericanRe: Fence I just took day off today so I could help you I can't go in to work now after calling off.*** ***7/20/9:48*** I know we've put it off enough but we can't get out there til weds, but we are coming then (They did not show)7/21/19:from ***I tryed to go your house I passed out this amThe guys I had quite I'll b there Monday I know I said this weekI'm trying not to die.7/26/8:AM***: are you coming tomorrow?*** has dr appt at & we will head that way right after so prob looking at 930-10***: ok7/28/14:from ***I'm okay I'll see y all tomorrow. He did not show but requested another $on phone8/1/08:AM*** *** is still not feeling well today, we will have to wait til Monday to come back out there, I'm sorry***: ok-------- Original message --------From: ***Date:08/11/6:AM Subject: Refund ***,I was informed to give you a chance to respond to my demands. I hired you on May 6, 2015. During May a lot of rain but work could have been done such as the area closest to the house and including the foot gate. Several times you've lied that you'd be here And did not show. This has gone so far as to where we are forced to seek legal remedy. The pickets that were installed only have nail in each stringer and the stringers only have screw. This is not satisfactory as I believe you were cheating me on the price. Home Depot recommends 2. We asked you for more nails. The posts have been in the ground without any stringers or pickets and almost everyone needs to be replaced. The total job needs to be finished with the replacement of all posts and all bad stringers. I gave you $at the beginning to honor your half down. I gave you another $on July 31,2015. My demand is for you to refund all that money and we will bear the cost of hiring someone to pull the bad posts and repair or replace all bad stringers and last add nails. It will cost considerably more. If you refuse the refund the Amount in court could reach times that plus legal fees. Please send the check to our address or come by and give it to us. *** ***8/11/7:AM from ***You know I can run right out there with a checkI've don't post repair for bucks other than your jobI've lost money out thereMade nothing Plus Yall have my tools.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G Android device8/14/9:sent to American I've posted on Buildzoom, Red Beacon,, and Craig's list on my review of your work. If you want to fix the job or pay me back for the warranty you are claiming, then I'll take the reviews down. We are in contact with an attorney and will proceed. You claim on Red Beacon that you are bonded and insured. You also advertise a one year warranty. ***8/14/10:05Yes I'd like to finish the jobWe do double nailWe only use in screw on the railsYou will find no one else to install cedar at per footI never lied to you sirIf you thought we were out working jobs no we weren'tWe did repair for bucksI Don't understand how you think I'm trying to cheat youTo be totally honest I'm behind on money due to having to move the holesAnd the rock drilling ever postI agree we should have completed your job percentBut my hiring another person would not work due to me charging you 1/price on gates and per foot on fenceIf you want me to complete what I've started let me know.Sent from my MetroPCS 4G An8/18/18:to AmericanMy fence is a disaster. You advertise that you are insured and bonded. When you got sick, and then surgery, and then dehydrated , why didn't you turn this into your insurance. I just can Not believe you this this to us. I've went to three lawyers and I really do not want to sue you but you given no choice. I really thought you were honest.***8/18/9:PMI am really honestYour fence was fineAll we had to do is change out a few postAs I've told youI have over in your jobPlus you have me tools
*** *** ** *** ** *** ***

This job was started 3 months ago,the customer was accommodated with a vey good price, lower than most companies would have charged. enjoyed conversation with customer at bid so offered a $14 per  linear foot installation at $11.Customer said they had waited 26 years for fence so weren't too...

concerned  on time frame of installation.     73 holes were started, each hole needed  rock drilled due to cap rock. There was an issue with the neighbor on the correct survey line of the property so we waited until it was resolved to finish the side. At that time All the holes that were started needed to be relocated, adding to the holes that needed to be rock drilled out.    Posts were all set in the ground except 8 posts that were standing in water after the Texas weeks of rain, waited to dry out as not to damage the tools. The fence was started and the posts that had warped were in process of getting replaced.    The customer had asked we add a second nail to the pickets which were intended to be doubled after the fence was complete. Our standard procedure on the 2x4 rails is to add 1- 3 1/2" deckmate screw at each post. If any warped 2x4's on ground or on incomplete panel bowed, it would've been replaced.     We had a little over $5100 in the job, tools, materials and labor.  Customer paid total to us $4364.  Work process was a bit slow due to the heat and health issues which required a few dr appts within that time frame. Customer had texted us that we were no longer welcome on property.   We emailed the customer and asked to complete the project that was started,  waiting on his reply.   As for the Home Depot stating the posts were what they call rejects, we only work through the pro-desk for our ordering & these posts were purchased in a bundle, at the full price they always offer them at,  they are the same products we have used numerous times before for years, they were not purchased in that  kind of state. we had talked to their local store pro-desk about the problem, they figured per the heat after all  the rain that it dried them out, so they twisted before railing and our store offered to replace them which  after we removed them we would've done.

Contractor ([redacted] owner of A-American Fence collected $1,250 to start a 38 foot long second story deck repair job on my spit level home over two months ago. The rest was to be paid upon completion. The owner [redacted] had delivered from Home Depot interior lumber and bags of concrete that are ruined because it sat out in the rain, when he abandoned the job. Within the first week, while the lumber was being delivered [redacted] had a couple of young men dig out the support footings to the 38 ft long second story deck and failed to add any support beams. Those two young men also broke my sprinkler lines during the digging. Since the deck is attached to the house it caused my house to shift and now I have cracks on my walls and a 3 ft by 6 ft double pain window to loose it's seal and turn foggy. I have called A-American Fence and left multiple messages and texts but they never return my calls, they just took my money and disappeared. A-American Fence left me with unneeded ruined material and in a worst situation than before they started with damage to my property. The way that deck was left it could have fallen and injured or killed someone. Companies like this should not be allowed to be in business!

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