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Review: I would encourage anyone reading this to also read the Yelp reviews ( both recommended and not recommended) to get a better understanding that I am not the only customer to experience this situation.I was fully prepared to pay an extra $25 for detailing an oversized vehicle ( Ford Excursion), but I got a call wanting to charge an extra $30-$60 for dog hair and $30-$60 for "extra staining or spills". My dog had ridden in the car one time and she sat on a towel. Also, we have two other cars that we drive for daily commuting and rarely drive this vehicle, and there is a tarp down in the cargo hold. I believe the merchant is exploiting the fine print by charging for pet hair, staining, etc. when there may have been minimal or even none of it in the car. They do call and ask your permission before providing the service, but give you a choice between paying a little more and paying a lot more, which in the end results in them getting paid more that agreed upon at the beginning no matter which you choose. Apparently they feel asking permission keeps them within the letter of the law, but when it becomes a repetitive business practice ( see yelp reviews) I think it needs to be looked into. When it was time to pick up the car, we got a call notifying us that the battery was "low". When we arrived after hours to pick it up, driving all the way from Eagle River to South Anchorage, we discoved the battery was dead. They ran the battery down keeping the blower on while the car was off in order to dry the interior, so they opened the back bay door and pushed it out into the alley. We drove back home to get our battery charger, put it on the car, and came back again the next day and jumped it with our other car. The owner was aware of what happened and did not seem to think it was an issue.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for the $85 I paid in extra charges as compensation for the hours and gas we spent driving back and forth trying to get the car restarted after they ran the battery down. Also, I do not believe the extra charge for "dog hair and extra staining" was valid anyway. While there may have been some, I dispute that there was enough to garner an extra charge.

we bought a groupon for auto detail... then they called and said an extra charge of $60 eould be applied because of animal hair! we have 1 cat and he nevr ever goes anywhere in any vehicle! we asked them not to do the service and they didnt, but they still re deemed the groupon!!!!

Absolutely the most horrible business from their Integrity as a business to poor customer care and services.

I bought received one of their[redacted] for services as a gift. It was for Interior Cleaning the person who purchased it purchased it for 75$ (200$ value). I called and scheduled my appointment and was excited; I knew from their site I could expect an extra 30 dollar charge max for animal hair removal (fine I have a Lab). I even cleaned EVERYTHING from my car besides my mats. I went to drop off my car before work thinking it would be done around lunch time ( how long could it take right?) I received a call at 11:40am 2 hours after their opening to be informed they could NOT honor my [redacted] without paying 120$ extra for animal hair...

I"M SORRY 120$ EXTRA?? So my car which was completely clean of everything except needing a good vacuum due to animal hair will cost 120$ extra!! so basically they think their 'SERVICE" is worth 320$ the guy I was talking to said well what's the problem you only paid 75$ any way.... I'm sorry excuse me?!

So if I based it off his calculations right then I "PAID" 75$ plus the now required 120$ lets do math that's 195$ hmm that's almost the 200$ I would've paid full price for. NO!

I declined and Asked for a Manager. I GOT HUNG UP ON!! Called back and kept getting voice mail. Left message no call back. Then I have to send my Boyfriend to pick up my car because hello I have a job to!! I expected to have to verbally state he can pick up my car. He Expected to have to show ID. We did not expect him to get there and them to try saying I approved this extra fee and collect 120$!! I was glad I had the fore sight to have him put me on speaker phone so I could hear what they said! Then he said no services rendered NO PAY! That doesn't take a genius. The guy had to "get another person" Who then just said here have the keys and handed them over. So basically anyone can walk in pick up a car and not have to show Identification.... HMMM... Shady.

I'm hopefully going to get my friend their money back for the [redacted] and made sure to contact them with this stuff. hopefully they won't let them advertise with their facility again. Also since they requre your [redacted] number prior to dropping off your car better make sure they aren't collecting on it without providing service.

Also It seems I was unable to report their facility via the site's report function/ Same company also listed here under a different name AKA 907 Details... HMM HIDING FROM ANYONE???

Review: I took my car in for detailing on 27 MAY 2013, I had made this appointment roughly two months prior. At the time of booking the appointment I was told I would recieve a reminder call the business day before my appointment. I did not recieve a call. I dropped my car off the night of the 23rd and placed my keys in the lock box. When I picked up my car the next day and took it home I noticed that an EMT patch I had in my car along with a sticker was missing. I called as soon as I got home (about 10-15 miles away)and mentioned it to the front desk female. She put me on hold and went and found the two missing items. I told her to please put them in an envelope and mail them to me since I never go to that side of town. She took my address and said she would speak with the manager and have him "approve" to send it out tomorrow (28 MAY 2013). It has been almost four weeks since then and I have called ten times since then leaving voicemails four times including sending a message through their website. Not once have I had a person answer the phone or have had anyone call or e-mail me back. Desired Settlement: I want them to return what they took out of my car by mail. I should not have to waste a couple gallons of gas to fix something their business messed up on. If they would of given me a reminder call in the first place I would of probably known to totally clean out my car.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 9, 2013/07/19) */

As the owner of this business, I had no previous knowledge of this complaint until contacted by Our previous receptionist has caused many complaints and she has been terminated from our business. We tried calling her to locate the items that are listed as missing. She has told us she doesn't know where they are. We would like to offer a free detail to this customer for her troubles. I will have our front office mail her a certificate today. Please call and let us make this up as the previous situation is out of our hands.

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Address: 7926 Old Seward Hwy Ste A1, Anchorage, Alaska, United States, 99518-3261


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