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Review: [redacted] from A Appliance came to my home on November 13 2014 and replaced my Master Select Switch on my through the wall heating and A/C unit. I was charged $230.00 to replace. $65 switch, $135.00 Labor and $30.00 for expedited shipping for part which I have now learned was purchased locally. On December 19, 2014 my unit stopped working from the switch once again. I called [redacted] at A Appliance and he came out to check it and said that it was the thermostat. He said that it worked for heat when he turned the knob to blue and off when he turned it to red. Actually operating backwards. He said you can make it through the winter if you don't touch it but you need a "thermostat". It didn't make much since to me then. On Monday December 15, I called him again because the switch "on/of" master Switch had stopped working again He insisted that I needed a thermostat, which is another $180.00 and the first one still didn't work. I then asked him If I could receive my money back because the first switch never worked and I wasn't spending any more money on it. He said sure, I can refund you for the part cost. Can I come and get the switch off of the unit. I said yes. On December 16, he came into my place of business which is also my residence to take the part off and I asked him who were the owners of the company and why he could not refund my money with a check when he took the part off. He said he had to go and fill out a lot of paperwork from the place that he bought it from and it would take as long as it would take he didn't know. I told him he lead me to believe that he was bringing me my refund when he took the part. He said to me, I can leave it on the unit it doesn't matter to me, why are you giving me attitude. I said, wait a minute sir, you said you came to get the part. He said to me I will just leave it on, you brought this on yourself I don't care. He left with the unit taken apart by him in the middle of my floor during my business hours with a client in the place.Desired Settlement: After all of the unprofessionalism and the part never worked properly. I would like to receive my full amount of payment to him refunded back to me. $230.00.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

At this time, I have not been contacted by A Applicance regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Marvette Waddy

Review: Requested [redacted] refrigerator repair service due freezer section not freezing. A Appliance Repair (AAR) came out on 8/15/15 and technician diagnosed the need for a defrost timer to fix the issue. Technician installed a different defrost timer but stated that it would be better. Left phone message on the AAR answering machine on the afternoon of 8/15/15 that refrigerator was still not freezing and on 8/23/15. No call returned. Sent fax to AAR fax machine on 8/24/15. AAR called and sent another technician that stated refrigerator needed a condensor fan motor to fix the issue. Technician installed condensor fan motor. After noticing that refrigerator was still not freezing by the morning of 8/25/15, I called AAR again. The same technician from 8/15/15 came out on 8/25/15 and diagnosed that the refrigerant level was low and he installed a tap and added more freon. After this third visit, I waited several days and still freezer section was not freezing and now the refrigerator section was holding at 60 degrees.Desired Settlement: I sent a fax to AAR on 8/28/15 requesting a refund since none of their work resolved the issue of freezer section of the refrigerator not freezing. Under no circumstance did AAR suggest any other issues with the refrigerator and as a repair specialist I trusted their service and paid them for a service that did not achieve the requested service i.e. freezer section not freezing. 8/15/15 AAR invoice from an E769-00 timer install was $198.18; 8/24/15 AAR invoice for 833697 condenser fan motor $52.65; and 8/25/15 for 40330 TAP and R-134N Freon was $52.75. Total of all charges was $303.58 and I am requesting refund of all charges.



On 8-15 we replaced the defrost timer because of a no cool problem ref. and all fans ran and cooled to 20 in freezer and 35 in fresh food section. On 8-24 we returned for a no cool problem we replaced the condenser fan that was not running for just the cost of part. on 8-25 we returned and found ref low on Freon , temp 60 degrees , I tapped and recharged system it tested ok at 30 in freezer and 39 degrees in the fresh food . I informed the customer if it leaked out we could locate and repair leak , again this 3rd call was done at no labor charge , only parts . You won't get that kind of service at the doctors office.



I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[The reported issue was never resolved. I left a phone message on the 08/15/15 after waiting several hours as Craig suggested and the freezer never cooled down. Even on his own invoice he states the freezer should go to 0 degrees and I doubt if it were 20 degrees when he was here as the items in the freezer did not feel cold. While I am not an appliance repair person, I went back and looked at the part that was installed and no where does it reference a [redacted] model so I suspect installing the wrong part is the root cause of all the subsequent failures. I would not compare this service to the doctor's office either as the doctor would know when a more experienced medical resource is needed resolve the patient's adverse condition. Waiting and just throwing other medicines, surgeries, and other ancillary services is not a practice of those in the medical field. I realize convincing this company to do the right thing is inconceivable as it requires basic training in cause and effect. If my freezer would have started freezing for just one minute after they performed any service, I would not be asking for a refund. If I listen to this company, I would believe that parts are going bad every other day and we can not fix the issue. As a professional appliance repairman, I would have preferred them to tell me that the refrigerator was leaking freon and I would have stopped there yet a response to this complaint inquiry is left with an if. I am sure there are methods to check if something is leaking before you add more freon and leave the customer in a situation with their freezer not freezing. There is a section on the company's invoice for trained personnel suggest the following improvements. None of my invoices included a suggested improvement yet they had to come back twice after the first service and now want to come back another time to locate and repair a leak that is not mentioned on any invoice. If you have been unsuccessful so many times, I do not have any confidence in your ability to resolve the reported issue. I accept the fact that I am being ripped off by this company that has taken money from me without fixing my refrigerator even for just one minute.


Review: [redacted]I called A Appliance to repair my [redacted] (**). While at my house for ** I showed Craig (owner) my ** refrig in the gara**. It was working perfectly, 40° and 0° F but a light was blinking

• Attempt 1: While at my house for the **, Craig unplug**d and re-plug**d the ** and light stopped blinking. Next day it was blinking again

• Attempt 2: Craig was working on **, so no extra trip for **. He said the problem was a faulty thermostat and replaced it for $165 and said blinking light would stop as soon as temp was normal, but it never stopped

• Attempt 3: Craig was working on my **, so no extra trip for **. He said problem was a faulty switch. I said can’t believe two parts failed and expect reimbursement for other part. He would not agree and said both were bad, so I paid him another $153. The light stopped blinking and thought everything was working until I opened it a couple days later and found nothing was working at all. Being in the gara**, it was 90° F and all my food was ruined. A loss of $75

• Attempt 4: Derrick came and said Craig incorrectly wired the switch he replaced and fixed it. Everything worked and light was not blinking. The next day, light was blinking again. I was exactly where I was before any work was attempted except out $338 + $75 worth of food

• Attempt 5: Derrick came out again and said ** was low on Freon and this was probably the problem from the start and offered to come back and give me a char** of Freon. I had had it and said I’d take the Freon but wanted my money back for all the unnecessary repairs. He said it wasn’t up to him but agreed with my request and apologized profusely. Craig called and offered 2 options:

1. A Freon char**

2. They buy the ** from me for $300

I told Craig, I wanted my money back. He said no! I did not want to deal with him anymore and said, if those were my only options, he should come **t my refri**rator and give me the money, but I was not happy and he’d hear from me. In summary I lost $113 plus my **Desired Settlement: I would like an additional $513 from them. I have it in writing from Greg that a used refri**rator like mine is worth $350-$800 ($1000-2500 for a used builtin like my **). I heard Derrick tell [redacted], Craig's son. that they should try to get my **. He added "it's got all the bells and whistles and in pristine condition." I'd settle for the lower end and take $400 for my ** plus the $113 I'm already out after paying for unnecessary repairs and ruined food, less the $300 they gave me.



After two repairs of 165.00 for a defrost sensor and 153.00 for a defrost timer , He was told his Refrigerator a 30 year old ** side by side was low on Freon . We offered to char** it for free or by it for 300.00 the cost of repairs . Mr Francis decided to sell it to us . We gave him 300.00 plus free pick-up. The Refri**rator needed the timer rewired and very little Freon we are selling it for 350.00

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Description: Appliances - Small - Supplies & Parts, Appliance Repair and Maintenance (NAICS: 811412)

Address: 134 N La Salle St, Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60602-1086


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