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A B C Mobile Home Service & Supply, Inc.

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Hello and thank you for serving as a liason between parties Mrs*** was given an estimate on her roof. What I told Mrs*** is that the roof needed further inspection than I could do at that time due to me having a shoulder injury and surgery so I needed to have the roof
more closely inspected by one of my foremen. I have to pay for this man to go up on the roof to do a thorough inspection BEFORE I could give Mrs*** the free estimate. Also, in order for my insurance (workers comp and/or liability) to be in effect for my foreman to physically go on her roof, we require a signed contract, deposit and/or payment so ABC's insurance is in force. Since this was structural damage in the form of a low area on Mrs***'s roof, we needed to further inspect the situation as we were not knowing if rafters were damaged or if it affected the decking on her roof. To be fair to me and my customers as I have done many times throughout my years in business I told Mrs*** we would give her a credit of what we were charging her for my foreman to physically see what structural damage occurred and what repairs were needed IF and WHEN my company, ABC Mobile Home Service and Supply, Incwas awarded the job of repairs When Mrs*** was signing the contract with ABC to allow my foreman to inspect the roof further, I spoke to her son *** and he said to go ahead. I was fully explaining my efforts to both of them before Mrs*** would sign the contract to have this done. Of course there was an invoice presented and Mrs*** paid it as agreed Honestly, I feel that I provided the service my customer asked for and fairly offered a credit on charges IF my company was awarded the repair contract. My clients range in age from very young to the very elderly from all walks of life and ABC makes it a practice of being fair to each and every one of our customers regardless of age, race, religion or any other aspect so please don't accuse me and my company of taking advantage of an elderly person as I wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of my year old mother either. Proof of me working with Mrs*** to avoid any misunderstanding was me speaking with her son *** while I was at her home just as me and my siblings help protect our mother Please contact me should you have any questions and/or require any additional information Thank you for your assistance in this matter *** ** ***, President ABC Mobile Home Service and Supply, Inc

Sad Case, worst I have ever seen in yrsABC went to this home 2/25/15- degree chill factorWhen my men went under the home they found everything was frozen all water and sewer linesWe came back again to try to thaw pipesThere was 6" of #and #and water under the homeAlso we found
that the customer was using the toilet and bathtub to a paint that they over flowed unto the floor in the home; my men had to use gas masksto enter the homeABC could not thaw these lines so we charged them for the time we spent and gave that back $of their deposit of two check zero maintenance has been done to protect their linesAn estimate of damage would be $10,or more I feel bad we could not help these people and I don't think its fair to A.B.C

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meYesterday I had a chance to sit down with ***, the president of ABC and work things out We put our heads together, went over the numbers, and figured out where the discrepancies were We then came to a mutual agreement on how to solve the dispute Thank you for helping us get this worked out! Regards, *** ***

I reviewed the complaint submitted to the by *** *** of *** *** Road, Lot #**, ***, NY, ***What Ms*** is stating is correct BUT a credit of $was given to Ms*** on November 4, on Contract #***She is correct on the hours to install the door, however,
what she did not include was the hours to take out the old door and close in the opening temporarily to the weather while she ordered a different door and we had to wait until the proper door arrived for ABC to installI believe the invoiced amount to be true and balance of monies are owed to ABC Mobile Home Service and Supply, Incas contractedShould you have any questions and/or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact meThank you for your efforts to resolve this issue*** ***, President

On 1/2/15 - Mrs. [redacted] called our company to service her furnace. When we got there, the furnace had a crack in the Heat Exchanger. We had to shut off the furnace because it was not safe to run due to Co2. We advised her to call nat fuel gas or HEAP to see if they could help. From what I understand...

she got a new furnace through Nat Fuel gas. I told her about nat fuel gas program and told her we would credit her the $217.50 to her if we got the job to install the furnace. She had someone else install the furnace. I think this is fair. [redacted] spoke to [redacted] at business and the following was relayed: I have been in contact with the consumer and the issues have been resolved.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I have reviewed the response and once again will reiterate that the way I see it no service was provided. The response states: "When Mrs. [redacted] was signing the contract with ABC to allow my foreman to inspect the roof further, I spoke to her son [redacted] and he said to go ahead". This is an out an out lie. I NEVER had a conversation with [redacted] regarding that a charge was to be applied. In fact I have a saved voice message received from [redacted] dated 10/29 which he specifically states that he reviewed this invoice with my mother and explained everything to her in detail, there is no mention that he and I had this conversation. I personally only spoke to [redacted] one time prior to this disagreement and that was while he was in my mothers kitchen with his contractor reviewing the estimate with me on the phone. This was the second visit by [redacted]. I was in my car for work heading to the Pennsylvania area. Even during that call I told [redacted] that I did not want anything signed due to other estimates anticipated. He said that he would write that the contract was contingent on a deposit. There were 2 visits made by [redacted] to my mothers house. The first time he was alone and the second time with his contractor. The invoice he had my mother sign was during the first visit and the claim that he spoke to me and I authorized the inspection is simply not true. My mother will be 80 years old in January and only signed that invoice because she said [redacted] indicated it was for insurance purposes. While I do not feel I need to go into specific reasons, I specifically requested ABC to contact me directly during each step of this process and that did not occur. Charging someone over $100 for a free estimate is wrong. The fact that [redacted] was unable to go on the roof due to his shoulder injury was not reviewed with me. In addition, I have a second saved voicemail from [redacted] threatening me with his attorney if the invoice wasn't paid. Unknown to me at the time but my mother received a second bill which an additional $1.99 late fee was applied which she paid (paid even though she feels nothing was done). Apparently [redacted] was unaware of this payment at the time of his threatening phone call. I once again state that I was expecting a free estimate. Had there ever been any mention whatsoever of a charge for this service I would have immediately declined. [redacted] may have tried to explain this to an 80 year old but he NEVER explained that to me as requested.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. spoke to consumer and the following was relayed: The business did not tell me the prices before he came and he did not tell me about HEAP. They are not very professional at all.

I received a warning from my Mobile Home Park. They needed me to correct my skirting around my house. The [redacted] (the mobile home park) said it was a health hazard. They stated if it was not completed soon they would send me to the Health Department. I called ABC to have them come out and get an estimate. They set up a time and never showed. I called them and set up a time so I could be there. [redacted] and I talked and he was going to fix the back skirting of the property and the back corner opposite of my shed. I paid all the funds up front. I told [redacted] that the [redacted] said it was a health department issue. This was sign on 11/14/2013. He original told me the next nice day they would come out and fix it. They rest of the week was not bad weather yet the skirting was not corrected. I waited the next week. This was Thanksgiving and there was some snow. I gave them until Friday. I finally called and they said it was odd that it wasn't completed. They said they finally found my contract and they would put it on [redacted]'s desk. They advised he would call me Monday morning. I never received a call. I called during my lunch break and was advised they were fixing it today. When I came home it was not fixed there was just a pile of stones and a receipt in my door. It was in the evening and I called the company. They answered and said she would call [redacted] and he should call me back. I called again to make sure before any work was down on my property that they called me. She said he should be calling within 20 minute. I waited over 40 minutes and called again. She said she would call again and he should call me back. Finally he called me back saying he had finally received my call. I told him I was extremely upset about the lack of work done on my property. He said it was cold so work could not be done. I told him the first week it was fine weather and today it was clear. He said he personally put the stones on my yard and that he does not know why it was not done. I asked him if he runs the business how does he not know how it was done. He refused to give me a refund claiming that putting stones on my yard was starting the work thus it has to be done know. I am extremely upset by all of this. Worst of all if my mobile home park sees it has not been completed they are going to send me to the Health Department and it is not my fault. I tried to get the work done.

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Address: 6597 S. Transit Rd., Lockport, New York, United States, 14094


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