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A. B. Smith

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Review: I [redacted], am providing you with a formal complaint against “A.B. Smith”, who had performed work at my home at [redacted]. I have attached a copy of his business card which includes ail Contact information.

The following complaint expresses concerns regarding the very low quality of work that was done by [redacted] and his son [redacted] on my home along with unacceptable and highly offensive behaviors.

On April 19, 2014, [redacted] came to my house with his son [redacted] to do work. At one point, I was sitting in my front living room, and I suddenly heard [redacted] shouting out to me to come to the ell portion of the house to see íf I wanted door [redacted] in that low position.

I went upstairs, and then down through the back stairway into the ell portion of the house to where they were working. [redacted] happen to have showed me then the new door and [redacted] I was suddenly caught on how the door seemed to be installed in a shoddy manner. I felt upset, but had contained myself. I did notice that [redacted] had cut the top left of the door in a careless downwards out-of-dimension manner with poor craftsmanship. In addition, the door was also a half an inch shorter on the right side of it.

Our understanding and agreement was that [redacted] was to order and install the basement entry door to fit the original opening with that dimension; because that size of door or opening is not made any more and has to be ordered. In addition, I made it clear, that the door was to be ordered to fit its original opening whether a special order was needed. [redacted] took measurements and never told me that door was going to be half inch shorter on right side

However, I happen to let [redacted] know, that it was okay to go with a six panel door with the thickness that it came in after haven visited [redacted]. Our initial intentions were, to install a door with the frame that it would come in, and redo the opening.

After seeing the way that my door was installed in a shoddy manner, I told [redacted] in a straight business manner, after pointing out these defects to him, that “I did not want this;” “I did not like it',” “did not think it was to pass code;” and “I am not happy with it.”

[redacted] suddenly got offended and started to act bizarre in my own home with starting to say: “I’eem cahlling [redacted],” “Iee’m taekin mie thangs an walkían outah heyah,” “Ieem walkian outah ova heyah,” “I’eem cahllang [redacted].”

In response to [redacted] bizarre and unacceptable behavior, I did not feed into it and ignored it instead. [redacted] happen to then get on phone with [redacted] outside. His son [redacted] happened to be in the same room with me in front of the newly installed door. In addition, [redacted] then began to mediate the problem while his father was outside of my home creating a scene in my neighborhood and an embarrassment.

[redacted] happened to be nice and friendly, with trying to assure me that he would add a strip of wood on right side of the door. I then pointed out to [redacted], to the top left of the basement door, and then he said that he sees that, and sees what I am talking about. [redacted] assured me that he would try to sand it out.

I happen to then express to [redacted] my concern regarding his father’s communication with me. In addition, and I also told him that, I would of liked if his father could of communicated that same way, that way that [redacted] had communicated with me.

I happen to afterwards notice that [redacted] had suddenly come back into laundry room where I was communicating with [redacted] about repairing the issues. [redacted] tried passing the telephone to me, but I did not respond at all to [redacted], as I felt that he was acting unacceptable and bizarre.

I had decided that I was not going to feed into his negative behavior. I expressed to [redacted] then that I respected his son’s communication and respect that he gave to me. In addition, I had expressed to [redacted] that I would have liked for him to have communicated the same way that his son "[redacted]" had communication with me.

At another point, I had told [redacted] that as a homeowner, I have the right to express my opinions (respectfully); and his reply was that he felt the same way too. Quote- I did not say this to him, but in my mind, I felt that he only has the right to express his opinion in my home in a professional and respectful manner. I believe even more so as me being the homeowner and also haven allowed him this working opportunity and he did not to appreciate it. [redacted] did not express his opinion the way I believe that he should of have, but instead, I saw that I did. [redacted] came across as really bizarre, and his work was just shoddy.

At around 3:54, [redacted] had asked me to go over into ell portion of the house to look at the door after he had put wood strip on. My reply back was, that I did not want to go there just in case I had to respond to not liking it. I basically refused to go down there while they were on site working. I then told [redacted] to just finish the jobs and I'll look at it after when they leave. It seems as though like a setup for their presents at my home, and I feel that they wanted me to react.

At around 3:57 pm, [redacted] had asked for the keys for the newly instalìed back outside entry door. I happen to then, have passed the keys to him through the china closet small door slot that went into the o1d washing room to where he was. I noticed as I had reached out to give him the keys through hole, he grasped my whole hand from the top wrist area in a sensual smothering manner, and then beginning downwards to the keys in that same sensual manner. I for that moment said to myself, what is this!?

At around 4: 12 pm, [redacted] wanted me to look at the door and insisted for me to go over there into ell portion of the house. I had declined to do so. He shouted out to me, that door (basement door) “looks 100 times better from what was there with trying best to sand the door.” It appears to me that he admitted that it looked 100 times worse for when his dad first did it. [redacted] said this to me during the time that he happen to be passing the keys back through the china closet (small slot door from old Washing room into china closet). It appears that, [redacted] had redone the [redacted] the other direction from where it was initially installed the opposite wrong direction.

This eye-brow shaped door [redacted] by [redacted], does not ever come in that opposite direction in its purchase box to where [redacted] initially installed it the opposite direction. [redacted] had to purposely take the door [redacted] apart to install it the wrong opposite direction. The other out glass door that is in the same hallway opposite facing the front of the street, its [redacted] was installed the appropriate manner by [redacted].

I feel that it was obvious that [redacted] could have seen how to install the door [redacted] the appropriate manner by seeing the other door [redacted] that was previously installed, that is in the same hallway just opposite facing the street.

I noticed at around 4:42 pm, when sitting at my dining room table doing paperwork, I was sensed by strong cigarette smoke. I could not believe that at that point, that this could be happening in my home, and had felt much disrespected. There happened to have been a second time that I had smelled cigarette smoke in my home as well.

I don’t smoke and cannot tolerate it. I also noticed after when they had left, the door was never sanded by [redacted]. [redacted] had apparently lied to me that he was going to sand it but it never happened. In addition, he had said, that it looked 100 times better, but apparently he was not telling the truth.

I also noticed when I was sitting on the couch in my living room reading, I heard someone urinatíng in my basement somewhere where the water runs through there. I also noticed that the basement entry door [redacted] that they installed, was a totally different style door [redacted] than what I said that I wanted.

I was clear with [redacted] that all the door knobs in the ell portion of the house need to match, as is stated in my email; I also told him this during our visit to [redacted] and in several telephone conversations.I had clarified with [redacted] that I wanted them all (door knobs) to match like the two doors that were installed in the ell by [redacted].

l had noticed at around 11:35 am on April 13, 2014, that all along the new gutter that [redacted] had installed at back of ell with his son [redacted], there were streams of water coming down off the roof like as though there was never a gutter put there! I felt at that moment, that this all was intentional and took photos as proof of [redacted]'s bad work.

I happen to have shown the bath code enforcement officer these photos as well as to a friend. They both agreed that it looks like "shoddy work.”

[redacted] and his son [redacted] did a messy bad job flashing the back ell door on top. Additionally, [redacted] had asked me inappropriate and personal questions just before he was leaving. I felt that they were not professional business questions to ask while haven started a new job. In addition, and it should not be none of their concern.

I had met with my attorney a week ago, and I happen to have shown her the photos of [redacted]'s work. Her professional response was, that it looks intentional and they are trying to [redacted] me off, but she did not know why (as she stated to me).

If you need any other information regarding this complaint, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will contact next week to foîlow up regarding my complaint if I don’t hear from you.

Regards, [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like to have another company to come in and look at the many issues that I have submitted in the complaint. And then hire them to fix the many problems. I don't feel comfortable have A. B. Smith back to my home.



I A.B. Smith was contacted by Kennebec Valley Community Action Program. This program is for health and safety matters. Mr. [redacted] home is a 1800 colonial home in poor shape. Mr. [redacted] was under the impression that we would restore his home to it’s historical state. Being informed that the door to match the others was not a stock item and he would have to pay the difference out of pocket, he declined. Due to the condition of home being out of square and unlevel, was advised a prehung door would be best solution, declined advice and wanted to keep old frame work and molding. Had to cut slab door to dimension of out of square opening. Mr. [redacted] was informed of this matter before hand and agreed as long door open and shut it would be fine. We went out of our way to pick up special door knobs. He was also asked if he would like to pick them out.

Please contact [redacted]. If you would like any other information on this matter. Thank you, A.B. Smith



Here is my response to A.B. Smith’s most recent claims:First, I would like to state that my home is not an 1800 colonial but rather an 1883 Victorian (83 years newer). My house is not in “poor” shape; it is old, but in fair condition, and the section of the ell where [redacted] was working had been stabilized with a new foundation and postings. Since I purchased the house in 2009, I have invested over $80,000.00 in home improvements. Second, I never requested a full restoration of the home. I only contracted for a gutter and two doors to be installed. There was never a written contract, intent or conversation with [redacted] regarding a full house restoration. Third, there was no disagreement about which door was to be installed. I agreed to a six-panel door available at [redacted] as per [redacted] recommendation. In addition, I also pointed out to [redacted] which door knobs I wanted at Lowes and specifically told him what I did not want. He and his son proceeded to buy different style door knobs, only one of which was the kind I agreed upon. They installed both sets in the opposite position from what I requested.Finally, the contractors do not address in their statement the list of other issues I raised in my original complaint about their poor workmanship on the doors and the gutter, or about their behavior towards me, which was unacceptable and unprofessional. Regards, [redacted]

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