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A Better Deal Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Reviews A Better Deal Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

A Better Deal Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Reviews (6)

Please refund my money

This company agreed to refund the invalid charges to resolveI did not agree with the scenario they sent as to what happened, however I agreed to a refundAfter the complaint closed I have never heard from them or received a refundPlease advise

We have reached out to Ms.[redacted] twice to make arrangements to refund her $107.50 but she has not responded.  The notes on the invoice from our plumber at the time (we are no longer employing him) did not mention a cost of a new faucet or installation, or that the faucet was leaking more when he...

left than it was when he was dispatched. We are sorry Ms [redacted] did not contact our company about this. We would have addressed this last November 30th when the plumber went on the call. We have a satisfaction guarantee and we stand behind our work 100%, We also give a lifetime warranty on most repairs that we do.[redacted]ManagerA Better Deal, Inc

I still have not received the promised refund.

We received a call from the customer late in the evening and
she was told that our service call is $25, not $90. The owner of the company,
[redacted], went to her home with the understanding that it was her air
conditioning drain system that was leaking onto the floor and so it was

to send an air conditioning technician. Upon arriving, he
determined the drains were blocked and per 2015 international mechanical code
requiring that all condensation drains be configured to allow for cleaning and
servicing without cutting the pipe, he proposed to the customer that he install
a [redacted] Valve, and this would assist in cleaning the pipes. He stated in
advance that the total cost of that repair would be $145. This amount was
agreed to by the home owner. The valve was installed and he attempted to clear
the drain using the new valve. He was unable to clear the blockage using the
valve, so at no additional cost he attempted to clear the line using a small
motorized drain auger. Still unable to clear the drain he proposed to have one
of the plumbing staff come by in the morning. In addition he spent the time
removing water from under the furnace. First attempting to remove the water by
using towels provided by the home owner, but the volume of water was too great
to be removed with towels, so after discussion with the home owner it was
determined that there was a wet vac available (new in the box) and [redacted]
assembled the wet vac and was able to remove nearly all the water to prevent
damage to the home owner's floors. After spending nearly two hours with the
home owner, he left without collecting any money. The following morning our
plumber, [redacted], arrived at the residence and determined that the pipe within and
under the slab has been compromised and that section of pipe would have to be
replaced. He gave her a quote for the associated work, which would require
breaking the slab and removing sections of floor from in front of the closet.
This type of job would require tunneling to allow for the replacement of the
damaged piping. This is a labor intensive and expensive procedure that is
common to homes of this age. [redacted] did not consider rerouting the condensation
drains to the adjacent bathroom because he was not aware that they were
directly behind the furnace closet. Sometime later that day, the owner, Mr.
[redacted], in a conversation with [redacted] has become aware of the proposal and called
the home owner to notify her of a second possibility common in the air
conditioning trade which would utilize a specialized pump to collect the
condensation and pump it to the outside of the home. At this time he was informed
by the home owner of another proposal from another company that would reroute
the condensation drains to the adjacent bathroom. After conferring with the
plumber, he contacted the home owner and advised her that we could beat the
price offered by the other plumbing company, which would include a refund of
the money that she had already paid, if the drains were located in a manner
that would allow for the proposed reroute.  Someone from the company would have to come
out and evaluate the feasibility. The home owner stated that she would get back
to us and failed to do so. The home owner never contacted us to request any
kind of refund. It was determined by the owner of the company that the plumber,
[redacted], had collected the $150 from the home owner as payment for the work done
by Mr. [redacted] (payment he did not collect the night before), installing the
[redacted] Valve. The plumber had seen the installed [redacted] Valve and notes in his dispatch
order describing the work completed the previous night and he believed he was
responsible to collect the money for the work performed. This was an error. We
do not charge for work that is not effectual. Our normal policy would be to
refund all of her money excluding the $25 service call. But since there has
been so much turmoil behind this call, we will be happy to refund her the
entire amount of $150.

A/c drain service resulted in plenum becoming detached from a/c unit. This resulted in a very high a/c bill for July. Request payment of difference.

The technician came out on 6/28/12 and fixed my drain problem. He was courteous and on time. The problem was while he was up in the attic the plenum was knocked off the unit and I know things happen. I don't believe he would do it intentionally and I believe he would have fixed it if he had realized it. Here's the thing for the month of July my a/c KW usage jumped from 900KW to over 2000KW. On my bill it clearly shows July 2011 to be under 1000KW. I called the owner and asked [redacted] to reimburse me for the difference in my a/c bill. He stated he did not believe his guy knocked off the plenum because he would have fixed it right then. [redacted] said he wanted to come out and look at my unit. He arrived 3hours and 10minutes after the appointment. Stating the traffic was heavy he was coming from [redacted]. His office person told me he was in [redacted] and 183 had a huge wreck. I viewed the traffic cams in the area he said he was in. I don't mind the running late part, but I do mind them not telling me the truth. There was not an accident, and traffic was flowing at normal speeds. He came to look at the unit and said I needed to go back to the guys who installed the unit years ago. It was their fault because of mistakes they made and it might have fallen off, but his tech did not cause it because he would have fixed it if he did. The plenum was attached before he got there and not after he left. On Friday morning I faxed him my a/c bill so he could see the KW usage difference. I paid someone else to come and attach the plenum.

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Description: Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors - Commercial

Address: 715 Katy Rd Ste 444, Fort Worth, Texas, United States, 76244


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