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A Better Home Inspection By Forster

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In response to the customer complaint on my company, my inspector [redacted], and myself [redacted]:   I will admit that I was 30 min late to the follow up appointment that we scheduled with Mrs. [redacted]. I care for my wife who has had strokes and dimsia and there was a bowel movement that I...

had to clean as I was loading her into my car, which caused me to be late.   I am denying the fact that I was anything but a respectful businessman to her when I arrived and was at the property.   When I arrived I asked Mrs. [redacted] what she was concerned with or what she thought my inspector did wrong. She went off on me, yelling and screaming, stating that [redacted] had failed to point out the fact that there was an asbestos pipe in her garage and that she had children that she did not want to be exposed. She told me that she already hired a specialist to come out, and was already on his way, to have it removed and repaired.    I told her that according to contract that she signed, our company was there to perform a general physical inspection that we were not there to inspect or test for asbestos. However, since she was so concerned with the possibility of this pipe that may contain asbestos, I would have it repaired and replaced for her. I told her that my grandson and another one of my inspectors who is a licensed general contractor would come out and remove the pipe and install a new metal pipe. She continued to yell at me stating that we should have told her about this. Telling me that if she wasn’t a foreigner I would be treating her differently, which is absolutely not true. We treat all our clients the same way. She kept telling me that she already hired a specialist to come out, who was already on his way to the property, to remove the pipe for $450 and she wanted me to pay for it.  I told her I would not pay for her specialist, but I would have issue resolved. She continued to yell at me telling me that it wouldn’t cost you $450 dollars to repair the pipe, why should I let you fix it. It also states in our contract that “Client agrees to promptly notify inspector and allow inspector and/or inspectors designated representatives to inspect said conditions prior to making any repair, alterations or replacement.”  She had her specialist out and repair work done before giving our company any chance to re-evaluate and/or make any repairs. During her yelling and screaming at me I repeatedly told her if she would just allow me to talk and listen to me that I would have the issue repaired, which she would not stop yelling. I finally told said listen just shut up and let me tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to fix this problem for you. I will send someone out to remove and replace the pipe that you are concerned with. This was towards the end of my visit to the property. Right after this happened Mrs. [redacted]’s husband told her to get into the house as he was starting to get mad. He said that you know what happens when I get mad… “I’m a mean [redacted]” now get into the house. Later when I got home and talked with my grandson [redacted], who spoke with Mrs. [redacted] on the phone, she told him that if I weren’t an old man I would have ended up in the hospital. I was appalled when I heard this, Mr. [redacted] did not have any aggression towards me when I was on the property. He shook my hand before I left and thanked me for coming out.   I was able to get a few words in towards the beginning of my visit. I asked when did you close on this home? She said that they were still in escrow and didn’t even own the property yet. Which means they were working/repairing a property that they did not even own, yet. I told her if she was so concerned with this issue, why didn’t she move on to another property, and she stated that she liked this house and did not want to, but she wanted me to pay for her repairs.   Since she did not own the home, I don’t know why they had access to the home to make repairs prior to the close of escrow. Second we do accept reasonability for something that we have a contract stating it is outside the scope of our inspection. Third, I did tell her that I would have the issue fixed at my expense by my contractors, which was not sufficient for her.     Respectfully,   [redacted] A Better Home Inspection [redacted]

We recently purchased a house in Fallbrook. During the inspection period Forster Home Inspection was asked to perform a routine inspection of the house so that we are aware any deficiencies before removal of contingencies. We paid the inspectors $500 for their services and the inspection report which indicated that all heating (heat pumps) "appear to be operational". To make the story short, 2 out of 3 units are not operational at all. The upstairs unit later we found through the owners disclosure that did not work. This was later verified by a licensed heat pump contractor from [redacted]) who recommended replacing the unit (estimated at $3337) with the Forster Inspector present.The agents agreed to bear the cost of replacement. After escrow closure my wife and I decided to spend the weekend at the house and noticed that another unit does not function at all! I called Forster this afternoon to inform them of this issue and invited [redacted] who returned my call to come and see the problem for himself which he refused and after a short conversation when I demanded that he either have the heat pump fixed by a professional or return the $500 he started using profanity and I terminated the call. In summary, based on my experience, I find the Forster Home Inspection based in Fallbrook Ca at [redacted]), incompetent, arrogant and unprofessional. Had they identified the heatpump problems, I would have asked the sellers to fix or replace them, or at least had known of my cost before agreeing to close escrow. Public should be warned. I have all the details and dates and there are at least 4 witnesses. Please let me know if you need more information or if I can be of further assistance.Regards, [redacted]

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Description: Building Inspection

Address: 1313 Brooke Glen, Fallbrook, California, United States, 92028


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