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I love this place! They transformed my dog into a completely different dog! When he left for his board and train he was set to his own ways and didn't listen to any commands I gave. Now that he is back I can take him into public and he still listens to what I have to say! Life is so much easier thanks to A Dogs Life!

A Dogs Life is amazing they turned my overly exited easily distracted dog into a well behaved social dog who can now be off leash and in public with perfect manors. I had a few private lessons before his board and train and he is great now. They basically taught us a new way of communication. My dog now knows whats expected and it has made life and our relationship 100% better. I get comments from strangers all the time at how impressed they are with Patton. He sits at the dog park entrance before entering and waits for the go play command. The recall command COME is like magic. It by itself is worth the cost. I cant tell you how much relief I have knowing that my dog will come when called regardless of the distractions. Before training if he was at the park I had to chase him down, now when other dogs are misbehaving or its time to go I just say come and he comes running to my side. This was my first male dog and he is a giant so making sure he was trained was a priority I am more than pleased with the services this place is a miracle. The trainers are very knowledgeable on dog psychology and ways to work with their instincts to get the desired results. The passion for the business is obvious and its clear they want to improve the lives of their clients and the dogs. They were very informative on what I needed to do to continue his success going home and followed up several times with phone calls and emails to ensure all was going smoothly. If anyone is looking for an amazing successful experience A Dogs Life is the place for you. By far my best investment, thanks again for changing our lives and enhancing our relationship with our dog Patton-Paisley!

We were given a guarantee that our dogs would be able to cohabitate if we used a dog's life service, and that guarantee was not fulfilled. We first contacted A Dog's Life October 13, 2015. After meeting with [redacted] we were ensured that our two male dogs who cannot be in the same room as each other would be able to exist together without any fighting. On October 15, 2015 we signed the contract and 4 days later submitted our first (of 4) payment. November 10, 2015 our dogs were picked up to begin the 2 week board and train program. After the training was complete and the dog's returned home, the fighting started back up again just days later. After speaking with the trainers, we agreed to let [redacted] take the dogs back for additional training. When they were returned to us the second time, they were locked in cages and more aggressive towards each other than they had previously been. Despite the lack of progress we decided we would continue with in home lessons to try and resolve the problem. After numerous attempts and in-home lessons, the dog's made zero progress. Along with the "lifetime guarantee" (life-long support and training), there was also a money back guarantee if the dog's show no progress. My husband and I decided to ask for our money back because the dog's lack of progression. My first attempt to contact A Dog's Life regarding our refund was on February 2, 2016. I messaged them on [redacted] as well as sent an email. After 8 days of no return communication from them I sent another [redacted] message asking if they got the first one. 3 days later (February 13), a received a response from someone saying they would pass along the message to [redacted]. After numerous calls going unanswered I eventually sent another e-mail stating my disappointment and plan to take legal action due to the lack of communication and willingness to resolve this situation on their end. Very soon after that e-mail was sent I received a call from [redacted] saying she will not give us our money back but she will send [redacted] (one of the trainers) out to try again. After reluctantly agreeing, I was told she would text me about setting up a time for training. I never received a text from [redacted], so I text her asking about the arrangements and never received a text back. After calling countless times over the next few months and receiving no response, I sent yet another email and [redacted] message on June 13, 2016 stating I would be filing a claim with the and leaving poor reviews. I received a call that night from [redacted] telling me again she won't give the money back and blaming my husband and I for the failed attempts with dogs. She asked again if I'd like [redacted] to come out and try again. I told her I would think about it and get back to her. Since getting our money back was looking like less and less of a possibility , we decided to let [redacted] come out again. Once again I tried to call the office time after time with no luck getting my calls returned. As a last resort I went directly to [redacted] who agreed to come out and try again. After a few (3) lessons with [redacted] she unfortunately left the company and told us someone would be in contact with us to continue our lessons. To this day I have been unable to get in contact with [redacted] despite my numerous attempts. I feel I have gone out of my way to try and resolved this civily, but after [redacted]'s unwillingness to cooperate over the last months, it is obvious she has no intentions of holding up her end of the contract. For that reason, we will be needing our money back. Desired SettlementWe would like our money returned in full. Business Response I met with these clients on Tuesday, October 6th of 2015. Upon their initial consultation I learned that they had two dogs that had been fighting and could not co-exist with one another. Before I began working with the two dogs, I learned that the clients way of managing this problem with the dogs aggression was to lock them in separate rooms throughout the day with minimal exercise and exposure. During my first consolation with the clients I had them bring out both dogs to see what their reaction when placed together. During that first consultation I paid close attention to the dogs body language and behavior they were displaying. After observing the dogs interacting with each other, I specifically told the future clients that there would be "NO GUARANTEE" that I could fix the dog aggression, but with the proper socialization, training, and consistency they could possibly get to a point where they would be able to coexist without out fighting. I made sure to explain that it was very possible they would revert back after going home from the board training. I also made it clear that if that were to happen we would do in home lessons to correct this. Both owners admitted they were very nervous and anxious with the dogs in the same room which is known to cause a lot of aggression issues., I explained that was extremely important for the owners not to show anxiety or worry when around the dogs as this can cause more of an aggression issue between the dogs as they sense uneasiness. Upon me explaining this to the clients they both agreed they would work on being more relaxed around the dogs. During the board and train the dogs got to a point where they could not only co exist but felt comfortable enough to play with one another! The two dogs were with our company as "Board Trainees," from November 2 2015 to November 17 2015. Once we felt comfortable enough, we sent the dogs home and told the owners "how" to continue using the techniques we used to train the dogs and scheduled a follow up lesson on November 21 2015. At the November 21st follow up appointment at the owners home I found that the dogs were interacting very well with each other and saw no signs of aggression between the dogs, However, during that lesson both owners stated that they were still nervous having them in the same room. I again explained to them that dogs have the ability to pick up on how you are feeling and they need to try their best to relax in that situation. On November 25th 2015 Bethany left a five star review on our [redacted] page stating how wonderful the dogs were doing after our training. We had another lesson on November 28th just to insure everything was still going smoothly and it was. On December 4th 2015 I received a phone call stating that the dogs had got into a fight. She explained her husband's frustration after the fight and expressed his uncooperativeness to participate and practice what they were taught. I felt it was best for them to come back for a few days since the owners were unwilling to work with them. I again got them to the point where they felt comfortable around one another and sent them home. Unfortunately, the client did not hold up their part of the contract and work with the dogs and follow guidelines so they did reverted backwards once going home for the second time. I offered to do lessons and help them since the issue was obviously something they were doing but they refused and stated they just wanted a refund. I did cancel the their final payment of 699.60 because of the owners dissatisfaction which I felt was going beyond what our contract states. Consumer Response Unfortunately a lot of what [redacted] has stated is untrue. We do keep our dogs separated to keep them from hurting each other but to say they are locked in rooms with no exercise or exposure is preposterous. If we were willing to spend thousands of dollars on training to allow our dogs to coexist, we certainly take the time to walk, play, and love them. When [redacted] came over for the consult she did instruct us to bring both dogs out, at which time she stated that she would "never have guessed they don't get along". She went on to say there would be "no problem" teaching them to get along. The dates she claimed to have had the dogs, I believe to be correct. However what she claims to have happened at the follow up meetings are false. The dogs began fighting again on November 21st, at which time I text [redacted] and [redacted] and told them what happened. On November 22nd, [redacted] came out by herself to try and help fix the problem. On November 28th both [redacted] and [redacted] came to our house to again try and fix the problem. My husbands family was in from out of town for Thanksgiving and were terrified by seeing the dogs so aggressive. We asked [redacted] to take the dogs back to train more because we would be going home for my husbands pre-deployment leave and bringing two large dogs who consistently try to kill each other was not an option. [redacted] agreed to take them back and try again. After the second stay with [redacted], when we received the dogs back they were muzzled and caged. Not only had they made no progress, they were worse than when we originally sent them. After working with [redacted] for a few weeks, it was obvious the dogs were not going to get along. This is when I began asking for our money back. In no way did neither my husband or I "refuse" to cooperate. We would do anything for these dogs and for [redacted] to blatantly lie is just frankly embarrassing. The first (of two) times I spoke with [redacted] on the phone was when she called after I had threatened bad reviews. She refused to give the money back but offered more training. I reluctantly accepted more training and was told she would text me with times. Not only did she not text me to set up times, but even when I text her asking about it she didn't reply. The second time she called (after I again informed her I was going to leave bad reviews), she called and blamed my husband (who had been deployed since the week after Christmas) and said that she doesn't accept aggressive dogs in the first place and should have charged me more (Which was all news to me). After trying to calmly reason with her, she offered more in home lessons. I told her I thought that would be very uncomfortable due to her attitude towards me and she responded saying she wouldn't come anyways, she would send [redacted]. I told her I would think about it and get back to her. I did get back to her within a day or two saying I'd like her to send [redacted]. She has never contacted me since despite the dozens of attempts to get in touch with her. I've attached photos of the [redacted] messages and emails I've sent along with a copy of what we were to expect with the package we paid for (jump start program, times two). We have obviously not received lifetime support or unlimited lessons.

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