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A-L Financial Corp

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A-L Financial Corp Reviews (8) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below This complaint had nothing to do with my account but everything to do with how they conduct their business [redacted] has gotten into many yelling matches with me and I am constantly being threatened to have my car repossessedI should not be threatened every time I turn aroundI am not always able to call as their hours of operation conflict with my work hours and I am not able to make calls while at workThey are not open on weekends so I am not sure when they propose I callI want [redacted] taken off my case as well as her direct supervisor I do not want to deal with them for the remainder of the time of me paying on my carI appreciate the office manager as she does not raise her voice to me nor threatens me instead fully explains how it affects my account when a CALM TONE unlike [redacted] I do the best I can and have only been days past due once...MAYBE twiceI have only been behind since February due to [redacted] lack of communication in better explaining how it works when I only pay 75% Regards, [redacted]

Mrand Mrs [redacted] signed a Retail Installment Sale Contract-Simple Finance Charge (LAW 553-AZ-ARB-eps 1/v1) on November 25th assigning A-L Financial Corpas the new lender/leinholderBy signing said document, the [redacted] 's agreed to A-L Financial Corppolicies and proceduresThe [redacted] 's signed a contract of monthly payments in the amount of $with an annual interest rate of 21.50%On March 30th A-L Financial Corpprocessed a due date change for the [redacted] 's changing the current due date from the 9th to the 25th of every monthAfter reviewing the account history, A-L Financial Corphas found no discrepancies with the current balanceAttached is a copy of the [redacted] 's entire loan history with A-L Financial Corp along with a copy of the original contract

In response to complaint ID # [redacted] , A-L Financial Corpcompany policy on all reparable claims is as follows:If at any point our collateral is damaged due to an accident, the insurance company must complete an evaluationAt this point, if the adjuster claims that the collateral is reparable, the insurance company then issues a check for repairs payable to the repair shop & customer, or payable to the lienholder & customerIf the check is payable to a body shop and customer, both parties endorse the check and the collateral gets repairedWhen check is payable to lienholder & customer, A-L Financial Corprequires that all repairs be completed prior to endorsing checkThis policy has been in practice for over years and never have our customers experienced any difficulties obtaining repairsThe reason behind this set policy is to ensure that the collateral is 100% repaired with funds allotted per incidentA-L Financial Corpwould suffer great losses if our customers were to partially repair the collateral in an attempt to retain most of the proceeds for personal useFor instance,if a repossession were to take place at any point in time after a damaged collateral was not completely repaired, the unit would sell for far less than the wholesale value, therefore creating a great deficiency for both partiesThis being said, on June 23rd 2015, A-L Financial Corpreceived a phone call from Heather [redacted] inquiring about how she could possibly obtain endorsement of an insurance check which was payable to A-L Financial Corp.andcustomerin the amount of $7,First, our customerwas informed that we would be unable to endorse the check until all repairs were completedSecond, we advised Mrs [redacted] that she could also contact her insurance provider and request that the check be re-issued payable to customer & body shop if the first option did not appease herThirdly, we advised Mrs [redacted] that all proceeds from the check could instead be applied to the principal balance of loan if she decided against the first two optionsMrs [redacted] disconnected the phone call without agreeing to any of the suggestionsOn June 26th 2015, Mr [redacted] personally brought the check to our office and was very pleasant to deal withHe had no questions and just asked for us to apply the proceeds to his account balanceOn June 29th, 2015, Mrs [redacted] called our office to inquire what herpayoff balance was and nothing further was discussedAt this current time the payoff balance good through July 10th is $1,Unfortunately, because of the policyA-L Financial Corphas in place regarding reparable claims, which was fully discussed with our customer, we are unable to forgive the remaining balance and it is due to remain in effect until account is paid in full Should anyone have further question please feel free to contact our office at ###-###-####

In all my many years in dealing with customer service, I have never been yelled at, or argued withAs far as I am concerned, that's not what I should expect from a company wanting to retain my businessPeople have low credit worthiness for a variety of reasons--A-L Financial assumes that all customers are just delinquent foolsI was yelled at, and spoken to in a derogatory manner, each time I called to speak to customer service NO payment booklet was given NO Bill Pay accepted NO VISA/MC or any other debit card accepted NO website NO voice mail NO email NO receipt NO courtesy Avoid this company like the plagueAnother reviewer mentioned that these tactics are what keep folks who are trying to climb out of debt, IN debtTo have to write a check and HOPE it gets there, in the 21st Century with the proliferation of electronic means of payment, is ludacrisAnd if not by check, then the only other way they accept payment is Western Union, which adds a additional $surchargeThis is an abomination They should be investigated and shut down

to whom it may concern:A-L Financial Coprp is responding to the complaint that defendant [redacted] has filed judgment will not be removed in till account has been paid full A-L Financial submitted default package to the court on 10/29/because defendant defaulted on the payment agreement to where she was payments past due defendant sent in dollars cash in the mail that was received on 10/and posted to the account there for at the the time that the default package was summited the defenadant was still in defaultdefendant still continued to be late on the payment for november the payment was received till 12/05/due date on payments are the 21st of every monththere for we are in titled to having a valid judgment against defendant in till account as been satisfied.thank you, [redacted] asset recovery manager

This Place employs the rudest, unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing withWhy would a company allow their employees to treat their customers like garbage will be trading in my car shortly and would rather ride a bike then take a loan from the psycho woman who is in charge in the Glendale CA office Stay away they are loan sharks who bully people Read the yelp reviews their the same complaints from person to person

Unfortunately any recall issued by GM is the sole responsibility of GM, and according to the customer statements the recall was corrected. Our company did not ruin the customers credit any issue he may have with a poor credit report is the customers sole responsibility. Our company reports to...

Experian. There will be no cash or check settlement in any capacity. No adjustment is due.

My name is [redacted] and I was financed by A L Financial for a vehicle. Every time I'm late with a payment A L financial calls my girlfriends work because she is part owner of the vehicle and harasses her. They have called more than four times to her work phone and talked to her manager. This to me is harrassment because I have never been late more that one month so the loan is NOT in collections or default therefore they should not be calling my girlfriends job all the time. Her name is [redacted] and her co workers are witnesses to the harrassment. The agent calling from A L never disclose his last name to anyone.

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Description: Consumer Finance & Loan Companies

Address: 1551 N Tustin Ave #400, Santa Ana, California, United States, 92705


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