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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
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The company still is stating information, they stated very clearly during the quoting process that my TVs would not need a box and not require additional expenseThey also did not provide insurance nor did they reassemble my belongs at delivery.Your drive laughed when asked about insurance and making a claim.I still need the amount requested refunded due them not providing the paid services.
I was forced to sign all documents or find another carrier, they already had my belongings and knew that I could not find another providerI was also threatened with not having my belongs delivered unless I paid more which is a clear violation of the FMCSA
If you are unable to abide by your contract and refund for the services not provided I will need to file additional complaints and reports with the proper authoritiesI will also need to follow up with my credit card company for theft
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*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
I have to finalize the funeral arrangements for my Mother and then I will be able to think clearly enough to deal with the complaintThe business will hear from me within the week from today's dateThank you for handling this matter.]
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*** ***

*** *** was sent a Claim Form to be completed by him and returned to this Company We await receiving his completed Claim Once we are in receipt of his Claim, we will investigate thoroughly and compensate accordingly based on valuation coverage guidelines *** *** was offered
additional insurance coverage at the time he reserved his move, which he opted not to purchase His coverage is valuation, which is free of charge, however less comprehensive and limited to cents per pound per articleThis company has spent much time and effort in attempting to satisfy *** *** to no avail We did send the Claim Form out timely upon his request We anticipated receiving and processing this for him and were therefore a bit surprised that he filed his complaint with the before even processing his Claim We have contacted him and communicated to him that we await his completed claim We hope to resolve this according to contractual guidelines and duly compensate him in strict adherence with valuation coverage stipulations We regret that *** *** was unhappy and regret any inconvenience he felt was caused by us It is our Company Policy that our Customers are priority, always right and their satisfaction comes first

I would like to explain the method of which Final Pricing is reached.  This is explained in great depth and detail by our salesperson, explained in the written quote and again by the foreman on the day the items are picked up for shipment. Please refer to the many quotes provided by [redacted], specifically to the section labeled "SERVICES" as it reads:"The service includes:1)    Disassembly of Furniture for Transport2)    Reassembly of Furniture at Destination3)    Loading and Unloading4)    Room to Room Placement5)    Minimum Valuation of .60 cents per lb. per article6)    Mileage7)    All applicable taxesNote:* This estimate is based on the list of items provided by you for transport and is based on average size.** The final price will be determined by the actual cubic feet of your shipment, to be measured in your presence on the day of the move. "I have enlarged the pertinent section for you.  As was  explained in writing as well as verbally to [redacted], the pricing is predicated upon the actual size of the shipment,  ie., the space it takes up in the truck.  This, again, is measured in the customers presence on day of pick-up.  The determinant of the Final Bill is 1) the cubic feet size of the shipment and 2) the price per cubic foot, which is a constant.  [redacted] was free to ship as much or as little as he wanted on the day of move.  Had he preferred to ship a smaller shipment this was his prerogative and the price would have adjusted to reflect this. Inventory provided by the customer prior to the move is for the purpose of getting an idea of size.   As we explain to all customers, bottom line is the ACTUAL SIZE of the shipment.  The Inventory, of course is important, and only as accurate as the customer provides but bottom line is the SIZE OF THE SHIPMENT.  This was repeatedly explained and agreed and signed off on by [redacted].Attached are the documents reflecting the final inventory list and bill of lading on the day of the move. [redacted] phone conversation with the company lasted well over one hour during which [redacted] yelled, used expletives and insulted female managers.  Repeated polite requests were made to [redacted] to tone down his language and demeanor and discuss his dissatisfaction.  At no time was his wife called a "liar" by anyone at this company and each time he made this accusation it was countered with "we have not called your wife a liar".  His accusations are truly unfounded and this finding was a result of an indepth investigation which lasted several days and not as described by [redacted].  [redacted] called in to complain about his driveway damage well over one week after it occurred and insisted that it was witnessed by his wife and the contractor whose dumpster was in the driveway and who moved the dumpster on the day of delivery.  It was extremely unusual that no report to this company was made immediately, the following morning or even a day later.  The moving truck which delivered his items did not and could not possibly have damaged [redacted] driveway since it is inoperable when the lift is lowered.  This was repeatedly explained to [redacted] to no avail.   When asked why only after more than a week he decided to inform this company of such damage when "it was witnessed by his wife and his contractor (responsible for the dumpster)" he had no logical answer to provide and accused staff of calling his wife a "liar".  The driver, Jamal, clearly stated to [redacted] that the truck did not damage anything and  informed him that the dumpster was responsible for the damage since it was dragged.  It is indisputable that the damage was caused by the dumpster and that after that company would not take responsibility, [redacted] attempted placing blame on this company.  We are sorry that [redacted] driveway was damaged, but cannot take responsibility for a damage we did not cause and suggest he resolve this with the responsible party.  His description of his move is inaccurate, his inventory did change and the changes were made by him as is documented.  We anticipated the tone and rhetoric of [redacted] response  since he repeatedly stated his intention to  "Trash the Reputation of the Company".  We are very sorry that [redacted] had a bad relocation experience and it is clear that there are more than one company he is dealing with which can be stressful.  We are more than happy to accept blame for any loss/damage we are responsible for, happy to process a claim for [redacted], however it must be factual and the voracity of such a claim proven.  At this juncture, this company has not acted in any questionable way.  Again, we cannot take responsibility for damages we did not cause nor can we take responsibility for [redacted] shipment size.  He was welcome to ship as few or as many items as he wished and this was relayed to him.   We make all attempts to please and accommodate our clientele in every way possible.  We generally are able to do this and have a large customer base of happy clientele and repeat customers and referrals. We cannot and will not, however,process claims which are not factual and will not be intimidated by [redacted]  threats to malign the company and its reputation based on false compensation claims.  Again, we are sorry this individual was unhappy and hope that he is happy and less stressed with his relocation after all is complete for him.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is not  satisfactory to me and the matter has not been resolved  . If it not my next action is civil suit. 

I disagree. Aone states "Definitively shows that the inventory originally presented by the shipper was changed at pick-up" and "There was a significant addition of items to be shipped added".
What changed specifically?
What were the significant additions?
Both inventories (original and pickup) are the SAME!

[redacted] contracted moving services from New Jersey to Kentucky.  Their original inventory of items to be shipped changed dramatically several times, growing larger with each change.  It was explained to them on more than one occasion that the final price was...

predicated on the size of their shipment and they fully understood this.  An oversized truck was dispatched to their residence on the 7/**/15.  The [redacted] received full packing services and an exclusive truck to transport their belongs to their new residence.  The truck dispatched was not a[redacted] states, a "small [redacted]" which is the size of a large Van and not utilized ever in the Moving Industry but generally intended for DIY transporting.  The [redacted] apparently vastly underestimated in their description of items for transport, the amount of things they wanted to transport and thus the Revised Quote.  In fact, the [redacted] shipment could not fit onto the truck and necessitated a second truck.   Had it been communicated more precisely, this company would have dispatched two trucks to the site and additional moving staff.  It is not to this Companys benefit in any way to return a second day to the pick-up location.  It is always preferable from the company standpoint to complete pick-up in one day.  We do not in any way blame the customer, we understand the stress and confusion involved in undertaking a large relocation,  but can only operate with the information provided prior to and requests made on the day of pick-up.  We transport as much or little as the customer instructs, which is precisely what transpired.  The delivery was made in as expedious a manner as requested on the first load; the majority of the shipment which was delivered directly and arrived two days later on the [redacted] of July, which was the day they requested delivery.   The second load, picked up on day 2, was a small shipment and was also was delivered timely.  Several attempts were made by this writer to speak with [redacted], VM"s were left, but no call was returned.  The Bill of Lading was thoroughly reviewed and was correct.  No overcharge existed and all charges were fair and legitimate.  We are at a loss in understanding Mr. [redacted] complaint and would like very much for him to return our calls.

[redacted] reserved a move from Selden NY to Raleigh North Carolina.  He provided a list of items for transport and was issued a quote.  It was explained to him that the quote was based on the information he provided.  It was also explained to him that packing materials and packing...

services were additional.  Finally, it was explained to him that on the day that his belongings were picked up, they would be measured in his presence, that in the event he had additional items, the bill would adjust to include those items and that the Final bill would be based on the ACTUAL MEASUREMENT of his shipment/the space in the truck required to transport his belongings.  This not only was explained verbally, it was also sent to him in WRITING.  He acknowledged and signed confirming receipt of this email, which explained everything mentioned above. It states clearly in the Note section on the very First page of the Estimate (it is not in any way hidden, ie. in small print):Note:* This estimate is based on the list of items provided by you for transport and is based on average size.** The final price will be determined by the actual cubic feet of your shipment, to be measured in your presence on the day of the move.PACKING MATERIAL: All packing materials will be available for purchase on the day of your move and are not included in the rate per cubic foot.  Packing Services are available at an additional charge.Any packing materials you may need prior to your move are available for purchase at a discounted rate for our moving customers and are delivered free of charge.  After a thorough review of [redacted] paperwork,  we noted that the discrepancy [redacted] is upset with, was due to the fact that he shipped a few additional items, a few items were larger than the average size , and he incurred some packing charges.  When measured, his shipment was larger in size than reflected on his quote.  He understood this and opted to nonetheless ship all items.  This is confirmed by his signature on all paperwork.   We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding there may have been, but assure [redacted] that there was absolutely no overcharge in any way.  We would also like to assure [redacted] that at no time was he ignored.  The salesperson, Susan, was indeed dismissed and most certainly no longer worked for this Company when [redacted] telephoned.  This is verifiable.  Alternate staff did attempt to reach him, a call to him was made however there was no response. He most certainly could have made another attempt to reach this office which is fully staffed M-F, 9am-5pm.  We received no additional communication in any form from him with the exception this complaint.  We most certainly would have been happy to explain, review and answer all questions about his bill with him.   To conclude, after a very stringent and thorough review of all paperwork, interviews with all staff members involved in this service , we can unequivocally conclude that all contractual obligations were fully met, that all charges were correct and precise.  The rate afforded was an extremely competitive rate.  We find no merit to the portion of the complaint regarding price.  We,do however sincerely apologize to [redacted] if he in any way felt we were not responsive to his call.  We have taken immediate and corrective action regarding this portion of his dissatisfaction.   Staff have been reprimanded and effective immediately 3 return call attempts are to be made to all customers required at all times.  Again, we apologize to him for any inconvenience this may have caused.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

This is a moving scam and a threat to any consumer that uses this company.  I cannot accept the explanation that was provided.  Please responds to the facts and evidence presented below.I have attached documentation to validate the fraudulent inducement by Aone Vanlines.  This information justifies this complaint and the request for refund.  Aone Vanlines used the inventory lists from two separate accredited moving companies, Mayflower and Allied.  Both of these firms sent representatives to my home to inventory the items to be moved.  I have attached both inventory lists and that of Aone Vanlines.  Both Mayflower and Allied independently and separately observed roughly the same cubic feet and weight of the shipment.  All three match on item count and cubic feet (~2800 cu) and weight (~19,000).  Quoted from live walk through inventoryMayflower             Allied     Aone quoted     Aone actualCubic feet           2,806     2,914          2,708                         5,000Weight         19,642     18,358             18,956                  ??**Supporting docs attached with witness contacts from [redacted] and Allied On the move day, Aone vanlines , packed an identical inventory but charged for 5,000 cubic feet, double what they quoted and the two other reputable moving companies for the same itemized inventory at 2,700 cubic feet.   It seems that since Aone did the packing also, that they effectively “jumbo packed” to make the shipment larger in cubic feet to increase their fee.Please refund the difference between the accurate quoted price based on the detailed inventory list and the erroneous price that I, the consumer, was charged. Thank you. Attachments:Complaint email (unanswered) to Owner Josef C[redacted] Quote with Inventory from Aone van lines from sales guy Gene G M[redacted] Inventory Allied Inventory  
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[We are still missing many items as I told them on the phone, they have left 2 messages which I have responded to both times and then they never get back to me.  As for the billing, they gave a quote and came in 3 times higher than what was quotes.  When they got there we had no choice as we needed to move.  These people are scam artists and seem to have a very polished routine for taking advantage of consumers.]
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

We are very sorry to hear of our customer’s frustration and apparent misunderstanding of her contract and quote.   We apologize for any inconvenience and truly wish that she understood the documentation that was sent to her.  Anything that was not clear to her could have been easily...

explained in a phone call.  Our staff do their utmost to communicate to our clientele, in a simple and clear manner, all the fees involved in the move process as well as the procedure followed.  Unfortunately this customer did not comprehend the explanation given verbally as well as in writing.  At no time did any member of this company “lie” to our customer either verbally or in writing.  We are not “brokers” and this is documented and can be easily verified.   If our customer had the knowledge to contact the it would seem she would be able to verify quite simply that WE ARE NOT BROKERS.  We are a Moving Company.  Our staff wearing our uniform driving our trucks with our logo on it came to her residence and picked up her belongings.  There was never a lie regarding delivery date nor price.  All was explained, verbally and in writing.  Again we apologize that the customer did not comprehend and did not ask more questions if this was the case.  Our staff are available and always ready to answer questions.  The price of the move is contingent upon the size of the shipment.  Again this was explained to the customer verbally and in writing.  We do our very best to approximate the size of shipment based on the customers information however on the day of pick-up quite often the items to ship are not always as the customer originally informed  us.   The customer told us in writing that she wanted her belongings ASAP.  This is documented.  We complied and made delivery ASAP.    When the customer was not ready to accept delivery we had no other option than to either put her things in storage with a local moving/storage company or return them to NY.   The customer wisely opted to have her things left in a storage facility.  We negotiated with that facility on her behalf for the most cost effective pricing and manner for her to receive her belongings.  Of course, since her things needed to be stored at destination a different company stored the customer’s items.  We are a NY based moving company.  We do not have offices and warehouses in all 51 states.  Our offices and warehouses are located in NY.  We again apologize to this customer  however  we thought it was crystal clear to her that we were placing her belongs with a storage facility locally.  Packing services and materials are an additional charge and again this is clearly stated on her quote and was explained to her.  Blankets are free of charge and she received this.  There was no fee for mileage added to her bill.  It appears that the customer is confused as to the breakdown of charges and is having difficulty reading and understanding  the paperwork.  We will be very happy to patiently explain again all charges to her if she wishes to call in.  Again we apologize however there are no grounds for any refund.  We upheld our contractual obligation to our customer fully at every step of the way.  There was no overcharge nor was anything done improperly at any  phrase of the service and therefore no refund do.  Again, we are happy to once again explain all in as simple terms as possible to the customer if she choses to call us.

Apparently the customer misunderstood the informationprovided to him about the televisions. On more than one occasion staff membersexplained that a TV is fragile and cannot be transported unless boxedproperly.  This is a packing service,which is an additional charge and clearly stated as such on the quote. Thecustomer was given an option to purchase additional insurance, again bothverbally communicated to him and also clearly stated on his quote. He opted notto purchase additional insurance.  Hereceived valuation free of charge with his move which is .60 cent per pound perarticle; this also is clearly stated in his quote and was also communicated tohim repeatedly.  Upon delivery the moversreceived instruction as to where to place the items by the customers mother towhom he instructed his shipment be consigned. Those directions were followed. Prior to delivery, the customer’s mothercalled this company, asking about insurance for the broken items.  The items had not even been delivered and theshipper was already proclaiming damages. The company was disturbed by this and questioned why it was beingassumed that there were damages even before the items were delivered, which wasat best unusual and most likely suspect. At no time do our drivers laugh about claims. If after an investigation ofthis type of allegation, such is proven true, that driver will forfeit his job.  All drivers upon hiring are informed of this.With regard to this particular driver, who is not newly employed, NEVER hasthere been a complaint of this nature.  At no time was the shipper threatened with non-delivery of items, heopted to change the inventory to be shipped, a new quote was issued, and theshipper was given opportunity to cancel his move and use an alternateprovider.  He opted not to do so and to remainwith this shipper.  We are at a loss inunderstanding all of his unending complaints. After exhaustive investigation we have unequivocally determined his complaintshave no merit.  The documentation aloneis proof of this, however each staff member involved was questioned and theirstatements concurred.  The customer isnow claiming damages, as expected, and has been forwarded a claim form forvaluation.  It will be processed andinvestigated as soon as it is received. Again, we regret that this individual was so dissatisfied however the servicerendered was as promised and all contractual obligations thoroughly met.  The customer must understand that his neglectin reading his quote, contract and documents are through no fault of thecarrier.  His complaints are just notlegitimate at all and therefore we cannot offer compensation that he is lookingfor in this.  His new claim will beprocessed timely as soon as it is received.  Again, we regret this customers dissatisfaction and hope he is happy inhis new surroundings. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
Again, with the lies and slander.
First, the ‘in-depth’ investigation they describe is a complete fabrication and outright lie. They say it took several days…hmm… weird… because the first time I brought up the claim was at 1:36pm on August [redacted] and I received a call from Joann (the claims representative) at 5:20pm the same day. Again, these are not honest people. (see my previous response for the what their in-depth investigation entails)
Second, I think I made it pretty clear that if my wife saw the dumpster bang up our driveway and not the truck, we would be taking it up with the appropriate party. Apparently, mgmt of this company is too dense to realize that. Once again, I’ll reiterate, the truck lift on the a-one van lines operated Budget rental box truck damaged our driveway while backing up. And again, I’ll reiterate, if we saw the dumpster damage our property (like the truck did) we would be filing a complaint with them.
Third, Jamal, on our call said his lift was down when he backed in. However, he had a hard time getting a word in (as did all of us) because Joann spoke over him (and us) repeatedly and said there is no way the truck lift can be down in operation (i.e. while backing up, in motion etc). When I told Joann that its 100% possible for trucks to be used with the lift down, she put me on the phone with her operations manager (i.e. someone who apparently knows the trucks inside and out). After explaining to him what happened, he corroborate Joann’s stance. He said there is no way a truck can be backed up with the lift down. Well that statement is simply not true. I’ve had several trucks come by to deliver furniture in the past week or so. Asked every single one, if they could back up with the truck lift down. Each one, with a befuddled look (because they didn’t know why I was asking), said yes, with the caveat that it’s not a good idea. I even called Budget (the third party truck A-One was using); they said it is possible, but not recommended.
OK, so apparently A-One van lines, in their infinite wisdom, are the only ones that believe a truck with its lift down cannot be put in motion. And apparently they are sticking to that claim as "indisputable"...
And for those who will eventually read this, this is the owner responding to my complaint. This is the tone and rhetoric you can expect from an owner of an A rated company with “happy clientele and repeat customers and referrals” when you call them out for their wrongdoings.
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.Sincerely,[redacted]

The customer contacted this office several times, extremely agitated.  Her allegations were investigated and repeated phone calls made to her, however she did not answer her phone nor was there any option to leave a voicemail since her mailbox was full.  She finally called back, again...

very agitated and was very difficult to speak with.  The Credit Card she alleges was charged twice, was never charged twice, as the attached email from our bank confirms.  Repeated attempts to explain this to [redacted] were unsuccessful.  We requested she call her bank so that they could confirm to her that her card was not charged twice, however for some reason, unbeknownst to us, she was reluctant to do this.   [redacted] complains that the movers arrived late.  When reserving any move, as was explained to [redacted] when she contracted her move, there is a window for arrival.  All efforts are made to arrive timely.  [redacted] was moving out of an apartment in Manhattan.  Unfortunately,  Manhattan traffic and congestion it is not within our control.  Our records indicate that the truck was delayed in extreme congestion in Manhattan.  [redacted] was contacted by this office and notified that the truck was running late.  Our office logs confirm the phone call made by the secretary and the conversation with [redacted].   We apologize again as we repeatedly did to the customer.   We are more than willing to contact her building and explain this to them as well.     [redacted] complains that the movers spent an inordinate amount of time locating the destination.  Our records indicate that the only delay was caused by [redacted] attempting to locate the entrance the truck was permitted to use.  The movers only delay was waiting for [redacted].    At no time was there ever any attempt to overcharge [redacted], she was unfortunately extremely annoyed throughout the move and difficult to speak with.  The movers made every effort to please her however this apparently was useless.  We apologize for any misunderstandings.   [redacted] packed her own boxes.  The movers make every effort to handle all inventory with care however they are unaware of how the items are packed.  We offer the service of packing however [redacted] preferred to do her own packing to save monies. If items are packed improperly the responsibility remains with the owner.  Any special instructions regarding the boxes should be pointed out to the movers.  [redacted] did not do this.  She apparently was too stressed out about her move from the first moment the movers arrived.  We again apologize.   [redacted] was transporting several pressed wood items.  Pressed wood items are extremely fragile and generally apt to breakage when transported, especially older pieces that have undergone multiple transports which in fact was the case.  We do transport these items, however, at the owners risk.  This was explained to [redacted] by our Foreman, [redacted] opted to transport the items at her own risk and signed a Waiver (attached) to this effect.  Again, we apologize for any dissatisfaction.   This company is in no way biased towards women and is in fact an equal opportunity employer.  Our staffing are comprised of members of all ethnicities and gender.  It must be pointed out here that this type of accusation is unacceptable and defamatory.       We have repeatedly told [redacted] to file a Claim.  A Claim was emailed to her on July *, 2015.  We will gladly, as she has been told, process her claim and remit  any due damage compensation as per the Legal Unit of this Company. [redacted] is aware that the coverage which was free of charge is 30 cents per lb. per article.  She elected not to purchase additional coverage for her move.  She again was upset at this and blamed this office for this as well.       It is unnecessary for [redacted] to state mistruths, which we can prove are untrue by irrefutable documentation.  She should file a Claim.  It will be investigated and processed.  She will, however, not be given a Free Move.  We always make every effort to please our customers and our motto is that the customer is always right.  In this case, however, there are indisputable facts.  We would have liked [redacted] to have been happy with her service but doubt that this was at all possible regardless of the company or the movers.         Susan C[redacted]

A One Van Lines spoke with [redacted] on 1/**/2015 she agreed to accept  $350 as compensation. A check in the amount of $350 will be mailed out to her. This dispute has been resolved for all parties.    A One Van Lines  [redacted]

The quote for the move of the customer changed between the issuance of the quote and the actual move dueto the customer’s decision to change the items being shipped on theday of pick-up.  Had he called in to inform us of this, a new quote wouldhave been issued prior to the move...

date.  The quote was updatedonsite to reflect the actual items being shipped and the customer was reissueda new quote on the day of pick-up for which he signed, acknowledged andapproved.  There were items removed from the original quote as well asitems added.  The items added were significantly larger than the itemsremoved which is the reason the bill was slightly higher than the originalquote.  At the time of the move the customer witnessed,understood this and agreed with this.  The biggest item added was alarge sofa bed which was significantly larger than the items thecustomer removed.  A large suitcase and two boxes were also added. The customer was clearly informed on more than one occasion that his TV's wouldneed to be crated for transport if they were not in the original manufacturer'sbox.  There is a charge for crating of a TV which was explained to thecustomer by more than one salesperson on more than one occasion.  Thecustomer told this company that he would have all items boxed and ready forshipping.  Apparently he was unable to do so for the TV's.  The TV'scannot be shipped unless crated to protect from breakage.  Again, this wasexplained to the customer on more than one occasion by staff.  Finally,the customer apparently misunderstood the shipping timelines which are clearlystated on the paperwork, which he reviewed and signed.  This was alsorepeatedly explained to the customer.   His shipment arrived precisely asrequested in writing.  Only when the shipment arrived did the customercall to say he was not ready.  Had he informed this company earlier theshipment would not have left NY.  At the point that the shipment wasalready at destination, we had no other alternative than to deliver or place instorage.  This company makes no profit by placing a shipment in an out ofstate storage facility.  The storage fee is paid directly to that facility. Conversely, it is much easier for us to ship directly to the locationoriginally designated by the customer than have to lose time and gas inrerouting.  The customer was informed that he could designate a storagefacility in which he has a space and we would gladly complete delivery tothat location.  To reiterate, NO PROFIT is made by this company inplacing a customer’s shipment in an out of state storage facility.  Weapologize to the customer for any inconvenience and regret that his situationdid not go smoother for him and he had a housing delay, however we were in noway responsible for this and upheld every aspect of our contractualobligations.  The price of this customers move was not only fair but verycompetitive.  We regret the customer being dissatisfied with any aspect ofthe service; however there is no justification for any refund beingissued.  Again, we regret that the customer had any difficulty in hisrelocation, however this was not due to our services and we wish him thevery best.Tell us why here...
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

To date there is no resolve to my complaint; as a matter of fact once the company got paid an additional nearly $900 cash money over the original estimate (before it was due) they dropped contact with me. I haven't called them since because, I know when I've been run over by a steam roller. The entire ordeal was seriously rushed with no review of contract beforehand.The around was inflated immediately after my belongings had been loaded onto their truck.  Next, the pushed page after page in front of me saying; "sign this, "initial that" etc. I even have a cancelled check showing that I paid a personal check requested by their A Ones driver for "gas" as I was told was necessary. The calls that were made started coming less than 24 hours later and were within the same hour of my arrival to my new out of state residence.Only because the cost of service had been so inflated was I unable I to afford delivery of my items on the original delivery date of May *, 2017. I arrived to my on Sunday April **, 2017 around 5:00 pm and my cell phone began ringing and didn't stop until the next day when I "found a way" to get the money. I was harassed and threatened that I need get the money, borrow it or whatever to prevent having my belongings dropped off to some storage facility  in NC. That was never agreed upon. I'd been told that I would call when I was able to pay the balance of the inflated amount. I explained I don't know anybody here and have no one to call for money. There was no consideration in their tone; (Joseph was the major player, among others. I told them I am a senior citizen on a fixed income and could pay them with Soc. Sec. check on the 2nd Tuesday in May. (same thing I'd told before they drove away with my items and upon which we agreed). They would not hear of it and suggested I get the money, figure it out, borrow the money or whatever had to be done. Ultimately, I begged the money from a cousin back in NJ and I am still paying her.  To add insult to injury the company lost my professional art supplies worth $3-500; I am told they would look into it but I never heard anymore. When I followed up they laughed and said the items are only worth $30 if I'm lucky but more likely $18, because I packed it myself and because they would only consider reimbursement based on the size of the box and not on the content . I was never offered insurance on my items; there was absolutely no discussion of such.  I just feel like I got really scammed with a company that has no good intent to make things right and no regard for the consumer. Id be willing to bet there is a history of this sort of underhanded business practices with this company. 
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

I would like to let you know A one van contacted immediately after I submitted my complaint. I spoke to Joseph L[redacted] & Eric L[redacted] who were very professional and apologetic. I am happy with the way they handled my complaint and certainly I will use them again in the...

future. A one van is very legitimate company with professional staff working there. I highly recommend any one to use them for local or long distance.  I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

A thorough investigation of this parties claims were conducted.  The allegations were not substantiated.  Throughout the course of the move as well as post pick-up and delivery, the customer was extremely agitated and belligerent towards onsite staff members as well as office staff. ...

Both screaming and the use of profanities has been among the tactics used.  Additionally the customer has orchestrated a false campaign to malign this company by having friends and relatives post false bad reviews (findings of an independent investigation).  This Company has tried to work with the customer, has implored the customer to file a claim, to no avail.  There is a process, if the customer is claiming damages, this needs to be verified.  Since the customer has not filed a claim we are unable to investigate it.  As time lapses, that investigation becomes more and more difficult. This was repeatedly explained to the customer to no avail.  Staff were cursed at, screamed at and hung up on by the customer.  Regarding the claims of overcharge, on day of pick-up the items that the customer originally conveyed to be shipped, drastically changed.  The shipment was much larger than described.  Due to this, the quote was reissued, this was explained to and signed for by the customer. The claim of overcharge holds no merit and no refund is or will be due.  The customer however should file a claim for damages but must understand that this will be investigated to confirm the claim.  The customer needs to cooperate with this investigation so that we may process the claim.  We apologize for the inconvenience and await the claim.

The Company immediately reached out to the customer in sincere attempts to address his concerns.  He was given a discount of $500.00 to compensate him for any inconvenience. He accepted this offer and stated that he would withdraw his complaint to the We again apologize to him for any...

inconvenience and regret that we did not speak sooner.

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