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A Plus A Contracting, Corp.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

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I reviewed the response submitted by A plus A Contracting and would like to clarify my position. They did begin working on my project around the end of November 2014. There were foundation issues that were discovered by A plus A and which were ultimately resolved with them asking for an additional 30,000 to complete this job. I paid this new expense immediately so the foundation problem did not cause any significant delays to the project. I agree with them that there were problems with the inspections. However, this was due to the work not being up to code and/or done incorrectly by A plus A Contracting. This is why they were continuously failing inspections. I fired this company on September **, 2016 and my new GC has been on the job since October 2016. The new company has been working diligently and have not once been held up by inspection. They will be done this month so they will have spent about three months on this project which was about the same timeframe given to me by A plus A. The new company's work has passed with no problem, because they have worked up to code as the town expects, and any contractor should know what is required to pass inspection. A Plus A Contracting was either not aware or did not care to make progress on my house.Furthermore, delays were not just because of the inspections as stated in their response. My neighbors complained to me and the town several times because of inactivity at my house. My house had no one working on it for weeks at a time. I was told by neighbors that once in awhile someone would come and work from 10am to 2pm and then not show up for weeks after that. It's no wonder that the work was never properly completed and progress was minimal.I expressed my concern to them numerous times and in response received excuses about health issues and family problems. As my concern grew, I offered them an out many times if they were unable to complete the project. Every time I just got excuses and false promises that the job would commence soon and that they could handle it. I have photos of the work done by A plus A and the state my house was left in. I have a statement from my new contractor that can be supplied if necessary to substantiate my claims. I have all emails and statements from my town inspector that refutes the allegations made by A plus A. I can obtain witness statements from my neighbors as to the regularity of work done by A plus A. I also have all texts and emails of the conversations I had with A plus A, so clearly my project was not being held up for nearly 10 months because of 'failing inspection.' The only time they were in contact with me was to ask for more money to begin work that was never finished or even started. On April *, 2015 I paid an additional $18,550 to correct existing plumbing problems which was never finished. On April **, 2015 I reached out to A plus A Contracting expressing my frustrations on the project having so many delays. Everything was pretty much started and ripped apart then left incomplete. I reached out again May **, 2015 advising that I had been talking to other contractors and needed to move forward. I requested a real timeframe and updates to make a decision on how to proceed. I even said several times that if they couldn't finish to please let me know and send me an itemized bill on all the work that was done versus what I'd paid for so we could figure out the money situation. I advised them I could not go another 6 months with no progress. I was paying a mortgage and a secondary rent with no end in sight. I never received an itemized bill to be able to go over what I was owed. Inspections were also cancelled by A plus A contracting. The inspection would be scheduled and the inspector would contact me letting me know they had cancelled the meeting. I was informed by the inspector and my neighbors rather than the contractors as to updates with my house. When it came time for the siding, I paid for that in full and the building inspector did pass it. A plus A ripped out 3/4 of the old siding but left most of the job incomplete as they did with everything else in my home. They never started putting the new siding on my house. I requested an invoice and credit for siding that I paid for. Didn't receive either. Finally with no end in sight, and these people giving me the run around pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves, I terminated my contract with them on 9/**/16. Not because I was 'to upset to continue' as A Plus A claims. I called them numerous times and left messages and never given the common courtesy of getting a response back. Last I seen or heard back from them was on 9/*/16. Since then my house was vacant. So how they planned to start work is beyond me which is why they were terminated. So that claim is also false. Their work ethics and workmanship was not done professionally. I essentially had to pay twice to redo their work properly. I have photos of their work and how they left my home. Not only was it not up to code which is why it continuously failed inspection. Consequently, they failed to mention they never had a portable potty on the job site and were using the bathroom in my house despite the plumbing not working. That is not professional or respectful. The portable potty was in the contract and never on site. As for the POD I was promised verbally they would supply one to protect my furniture. When the work commenced I saw there was no pod and my furniture had just been pushed aside and ruined. There was nothing else I could do at that point. I had no idea in that moment that my ruined furniture would be the least of my worries or losses. Had they told me I had to supply my own pod I most certainly would have. I did not wish to have my furniture ruined. The cost wasn't an issue as I chose their company to do the project, although being the most expensive bid because they came highly recommended and promised me my dream home. As far as the credits being offered by A Plus A Contracting, we came to an agreement on a credit and they offered to give it to me in a payment plan over the course of a year. They did not offer to pay me interest or any incentive as to why I should accept a refund under these terms. I did not agree to that because that is not fair to me. I did not ask them to do the work in advance while paying them on a payment plan; I had to pay everything up front and this was the problem. This is my first home and I had no experience with home remodeling. They took advantage of my naivety and had me pay up front for labor, then never completed the labor and my project was pushed to the side because they had already obtained their payment. Lastly, their claim to want to resolve this issue timely with me is clearly false. I have not heard from A Plus A Contracting since November *, 2016 saying they could not meet my 'terms' of receiving my refund in one payment. They told me since I refused to agree to their payment plan that I needed to have my attorney contact them. I am aware that Albert C[redacted] recently applied for disability. Regardless of his personal health and family issues, he should have been honest in letting me know he was unable to complete my project rather than continue to request very large sums of money, in cash, for work he never intended on doing. I'm confident he never intended on doing the work, because now when a refund is owed to me he does not have my money and can only pay me in installments. How can you spend someone's hard earned money without first completing your contractual obligation to that person? After having discussed my case with an attorney, we came to the conclusion that litigation is necessary for the pain and suffering I had to endure throughout this whole ordeal. I understand my only recourse is litigation, however, no attorney will take my case on a contingency. Since my house was left an empty shell and completely unlivable, I had to choose between litigation and completing my project. I could not afford to do both. Once my project is complete and I have the total amount of damages I will be able to proceed with litigation. My main concern is to warn other consumers about this incompetent company. They broke our contract in many ways and did not provide me with the refund amount we agreed to in writing. They charged me up front for labor although I am now aware a reputable company would not do this. They lied to me countless times about the status of work progress and their intentions to complete my project in order to continue to accept payments from me. I feel that I was preyed upon being a young, single, female that was inexperienced and apparently affluent. I almost lost my home, my life savings are gone, my credit cards maxed, my original budget is more than doubled, my brand new furniture ruined, I've had to borrow money from friends and family members, and they won't give me any refund because I won't accept my repayment in monthly installments. Please help me to expose the kind of business A plus A Contracting really is to avoid having them take advantage of anyone else. 
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[redacted]  [redacted]
[redacted]Response: We began working on the project toward the end of November on the masonary portion of the project.   The foundation...

needed to go in first before the framing can start.  During this time there were multiple issues with the existing foundation that needed to be taken care of with inspections before the scheduled contracted foundation work can start.     With the 2 extra inspections for the unforeseen existing foundation work, on top of the normal 3 inspections for a foundation added several weeks to the project.    The next couple of phases went very smooth up until structural design issue was noticed by the homeowner and myself with the architectural plans.  The design called for a major flitch plate to be installed as a drop header running right through the middle of the kitchen.   Now we needed to set up arrangements where we all can meet to go over designing and changes to correct this issue.   Several weeks went by until we agreed that this major flitch plate on the outside wall is to be lifted "upset" up into the floor system and second floor wall to create one even ceiling.         A Plus A continued with plumbing and Electric and received inspections to proceed to move further.    Now we were up to siding and that is where the next month of delay took place.  Every time we called for an inspection to close up and do siding he would find something to stop siding from starting.   After 6 inspection and arguing over items that he wanted to be installed his way, but I continued to do it the proper way.    Finally after almost 2 month I got the ok to start the siding but at this point the homeowner was to upset and did not want me to continue.    Due to inspections and many unforeseen issues this project got delayed many times not by A Plus A.    Aplusa did offer all credits for work paid for and not performed with a breakdown.   An agreement was never met.  There was a new GC hired and is stating that all the work is done incorrectly.   I am stating that all the work was done professionally and was inspected.   The framing, plumbing, electrical including the high hats, and insulation was all inspected and approved.   We worked carefully around all the furniture as she did not get a pod.   It was mentioned by us for her to get a pod for all valuables but was never supplied.    I would like to come to an agreement to settle this matterDesired Settlement:I would like to come to an agreement to settle this dispute as soon as possible.   A Plus A Contracting

The company started an extension on our home in June & till date has not completed the project. The sum of money involved was $330,000 plus & till date only around $18,000 is remaining for us to pay. Earlier they had done some work for us & based to trust we paid them proactively. A lot of the contractual work has not been done, the radiant heat panel has not been put in, electric panel has not been upgraded, the bath fixtures, tiles, light fixtures & vanities are cramming up our garage - no work has been done. They lost the key to our main door, broke the kitchen door & shed lock, we have developed dust allergy. they only just duck taped the doors to prevent dust flow after repeated requests. We have texts, actual contract, signed scope of work remaining document as proof of the immense amount of work left undone. They charged us $15,000 for 8 additional skylights (1 is still in box) & re billed us for the skylights saying that we paid for only 5 & need to pay for 3 more. They painted the ceiling & closet in a room the wrong color & when I spoke to them, they got really upset & billed me for the color change. All outside wires, new AC unit fixtures, oil vent cover were moved when exterior brick work was done, nothing has been put back in place. even to put the fence back in the left side of the house, they have decided to charge me. The entire brick work done on the house is paid for, we even paid $3000 extra (not in contract) because they informed us that the mason had to slice some bricks for the top portion of the house. They even billed us for chimney liner replacement when some years back we had a new one put in. I could go on & on but Christmas is around the corner & we are heartbroken. Our beautiful home is in a mess & I don't think they will do anything anytime soon. We are planning to send them legal notice.

I did brick work for a plus a they never pay me full money for my work, work is done excellent, the owner home love my job and pay for a plus a full. They robbed me.

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