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A Plus A Exteriors

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We accept the conditions and work through the attourneysWe will no longer have contact with them until legal notice and legal action has been takenLike we've said once before, we would of gladly conplete what ever they keep stating as incompletedBut we will settle for court Thank you!!!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[They have not contacted me since I contacted you all. I refute to be threatened when a job is not done and then someone stay on me about being home while we are at work. Doesn't work that way. They have had almost a year to finish this job. Nothing has been done. We will be hiring someone else to come in and finish and fix what needs to be since no one else seems to take this matter seriously. We will also be meeting with an attorney to cover our assets on getting our house and the mess done here. Thanks for taking the time to read my problem.]

Dear,   I have read the complaint notice and would like to follow up the statement. We are willing to complete and satisfy the customer, we have reached out numerous times and left many voice mails to [redacted] 2 phones numbers belonging to the company were...

changed but there were other numbers listed as well for contact purposes. We’ve tried to contact them several times but were sent to voice mail; we have texted them with no reply or were followed up with excuses. at one point she confessed to have spent the insurance money. We are more than willing to cooperate to finish the work.  We ask for nothing but time to complete this and receive the pay in full when completed. There is plenty more screen shot and I'm willing send them as well.

We accept the conditions and work through the attourneys. We will no longer have contact with them until legal notice and legal action has been taken. Like we've said once before, we would of gladly conplete what ever they keep stating as incompleted. But we will settle for court.   Thank you!!!

I would like to thank A Plus A Exteriors for not only handling the entire Insurance process for me, but for also installing a beautiful new roof, gutters, and siding. All looks perfect and the cleanup was exceptional. Thank you again A Plus A Exteriors!!!

Review: due to hail damage a plus exteriors roofing & siding replaced the roof & siding on my home. They removed the down spout off the gutter & placed it on the porch. I contacted the contractor & asked him to put that back on since they had taken it off & he said he would make out a work order and that's been a month ago.Desired Settlement: I want them to attach the down spout back on the gutter since they had removed it.



We received the complaint from[redacted].

I was very happy with their service. Within one day they started and finished my entire roof. Very friendly people and they took care of my entire insurance process. I love their service, quility, and commitment to their clients.

Review: I contracted with A Plus A Exteriors to repair damage to my roof and gutters resulting from hailstorm damage that occurred on March 2, 2012. Their sales representative, [redacted], worked with my insurance company to determine whether I had sustained damage. The insurance adjuster agreed that I had sustained damage and authorized full replacement of my roof and part of the gutters. Upon receipt of the insurance check ($7,070.46), I contaced Mr.[redacted] so the work could be scheduled. He told me they would do the roof first, but would not be able to do the gutter work the same day. The settlement worksheet that came with the check showed the insurance compamy was allowing $6,412.31 for the roof and $673.55 for the gutters after depreciation was taken off. After the roof was replaced, Mr. [redacted] called and asked for the full insurance check. Still under the assumption they would do the gutter work I wrote the check for $7,070.46 and stated in the for section that it was for roof and gutters. After receipt of the check , he informed me he no longer wanted to do the gutter job and that I should just keep the money. I told him he had the money. He told me that once he returned the paperwork to the insurance company (that the roof was replaced), I would be receiving a second check for the depreciation portion of the claim. The depreciation amount withheld on the roof amounted to $914.83. I did receive the depreciation check, but it was only for $221.31. I called Mr. [redacted] and left a message on his phone, concerning the amount he needed to return to me for payment of gutter work never performed. The gutter allowance was for $673.55. I advised him I needed the remaining $452.24. He never returned my calls. After several unanswered calls to their office, I sent an e-mail detailing the problem and asking for someone to contact me. Never heard from anyone. I sent a certified letter on July 9. 2012 to [redacted] Road, Louisville, KY 40214. The post office attempted unsuccessfully to deliever this letter on July 10th. They left a notice with the tracking number for redelivery. As of this date, no one has attempted to pick up or have this letter redelivered. I would never have given them the full amount if I had known they never intended to do the gutter work. I need this money back so I can contact a company that does want the job.Desired Settlement: I would like for them to return the portion the insurance company allowed for gutters. The amount still owed me is $452.24.



My name is [redacted] and I work for [redacted] at A Plus A

Exteriors Roofing & Siding. On or about July 31st, we became aware of a

complaint made by our customer, [redacted]. After receiving this


Review: Hello, my name is [redacted] and I'm the [redacted] of [redacted] and [redacted] here in[redacted] Ky. I contacted this business because they were one of the first business's on the google search and had a good rating. I made contact with the number listed and spoke to their service man and told him about our gutter and roofing leaks. This was on Friday Feb 7th at around 6pm. He mentioned that they he had already left work and had started drinking (red flag) but said if I called back and left my info he would contact me Monday morning and come out to fix leak. he never called Monday so I called him again Monday night.. he answered and said he had gotten backed up all day and said he would come out first thing Tuesday morning. I told him the leaks were getting worse and causing more damage and he reassured me he would be out first thing the next morning so I rearranged my schedule again for him to be at the restaurant that morning.. Again on Tuesday he was a no show and now he isn't answering phone calls. Due to his neglect and lack of work motivation I'm 3 days behind and had to find a new roofer to fix problems. I hope this service man is new or something because I hate to think someone with this type of integrity was representing my business. I have a few million dollar buildings and business's and many employees. I get rid of people like this so they don't destroy my reputation. If A plus keeps this guy around they are doomed because he doesn't understand customer service. I'm going to devote some man hours getting the word out and put one of my office girls on this and make sure I get the word out so this doesn't happen to someone else. I found this business from a google search. My goal is to make sure if someone google's them now they hear about my experience so it will help them choose another roofer. ThanksDesired Settlement: Just want to help others so they know who their dealing with. It would be nice to have the owner of this company contact me for an apology.



To Whom It May Concern:

My name is [redacted] and I am a sales man for A plus A Exteriors. I received a phone call to estimate a gutter leak repair. The problem was that I received the call in the evening; that evening there was terrible weather conditions. The roads were covered with snow and ice. According to the weather forecast, there was another big storm coming in and this complicated my decision to drive all the way to Bardstown to make an estimate. I did not think it would be a good idea for me to go out and make an estimate or repair when I knew the roof and gutter would be covered with snow and ice. I did recommend the owner of [redacted] to call a local company in Bardstown because my estimate was going to be higher since I had to drive from Louisville to his location for a repair. I am so sorry for all the inconvenience and I wish the best to Mr. [redacted]


Any question Call me Please [redacted]

A Plus Exteriors



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution. Please respond here ONLY]


This rendition of events is incorrect. The weather was fine a few days after the call and he kept promising to make the appointment. The cost was never an issue as it is an insurance job and he never made any mention to call a local company.. What business does that.. Pass up insurance work.. This is a common theme with this company as I can view most all the other complaints have been with communication. I just want to reiterate the face that this salesman kept promising to make the appointment he scheduled and failed to show up numerous times. When I tried to make contact after the second missed appointment they wouldn't pick up my call or return my message. This is totally a customer service issue and not a workmanship issue. They may do good work but customer service is very bad. I would be afraid to let this company work on any of my buildings. As I mentioned I found them on google and they had an A- rating this is why I used them. They need a b- or c+ to drop them down the pecking order so this doesn't happen to as many people. There are other companies out there that deserve an A... But not this company.

Review: March 3, 2012 I signed an agreement for A Plus A Exteriors to perform repair/replacement of my storm damaged home. Mr. [redacted] of A-Plus-A exteriors was the company representative and signed the agreement. Although the contract was vague. We discussed payment, materials to be used, waranty, etc. Scope of work was to be completed in accordance with insurance adjustor report. Roofing was completed satisfactorily, siding and gutters were replaced unsatisfactorily. I had several conversations by phone with Mr. [redacted] between April and August 2012 about the issues I had with the work, namely, siding work remaining, presence of damaged siding remaining, installation of 5" gutters in lieu of 6" and the fact that no gutter gurds were installed on garage as specified on insurance adjusters report. I called the company's main office number numerous times but never received a return phone call. [redacted] agreed to meet me in-person on Friday Aug 31'st to discuss and view the property and issues I had in an attempt to come to resolution and agree on way forward. He also mentioned during the telephone call that the company had used some roofing crews to perform siding work and he was apologetic for that and the other issues I was reporting. Mr [redacted] called on Aug 31st and cancelled our meeting and said he would call me back on Sun or Mon Sept 2nd or 3rd to come meet with me. I have not received a call since. I have called Mr. [redacted]'s phone and left numerous messages since then and have called the home office phone and left numerous messages requesting anyone in the company to return my call so I can resolve these issues. I have phone records to document these calls. No one will return my call. My insurance Company and Mortgage Lender are contacting me concerned about the status of work, distribution of insurance proceeds and property value or additional damage due to not being repaired. These unresolved issues are causing me a lot of worry which could be avoided.Desired Settlement: 1. Contact me so we can establish a written agreement on the material and services which were provided satisfactorily

2. Accept Payment for material and service provided to my satisfaction and Sign and notorize an Affidavit of Bills Paid and Release of Liens by Contractor so I can satisfy my Mortgage Lender's Requests

Mr. [redacted], Homeowner, will take responsibility for repair/replacement of other items on insurance adjustors report which remain or are incomplete.



I am writing regarding complaint [redacted]. The issues I

reported have been responded to by A Plus A and I am now satisfied with the

quality of service provided by A Plus A. The communication issue has been

resolved. This demonstrates the benefit of doing business with contractors

which are members of the This complaint can be closed.


[redacted] is the salesperson. Two downspouts of the roofing/gutter job were not completed even though he promised it would. The work needed to be completed involves replacing two downspouts and a trim panel on the side of one gable. I have called him more times than I care to mention. He always promises to come on certain days but never shows.

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