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A Plus Auto Repair

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I would like to say that Good Shepard treated me and the loss of my beloved pet with respect , courtesy and sympathy I would recommend them to anyone in a time of need in this situation Thanks to Charles and Stephanie and all the kind folks that work there James

See attached

Review: Itook my honda Civic to have the Air Condition fix and the car air condition don't blow cold air its feels just like cool air. I took my car 2 times and he says its working good, but I can not drive my car in a very hot day because its too hot in the car regardless if the air condit is turn on!Desired Settlement: I would like to have this company to return my money so I can have the air condit fix some place else



RE: Case Number [redacted]

To whom it may concern:

On June 20, 2014, Ms. [redacted] came to our shop for an A/C system check due to her car only blew out hot air when the A/C fan’s on. I examined her A/C system and found out the A/C compressor was not working. I informed Ms. [redacted] the problem, then gave her an Est. of $750.00 for A/C compressor replacement and A/C system recharge. The car was finished the same day and A/C system was working well and blew nice cold air. Ms. [redacted] asked me if she could pay installment for the $750.00, and I said OK.

About two weeks later, Ms. [redacted] told me over the phone that when she turned on the A/C, her car wants to die, so she had to turn off her A/C while driving.

A few days later, when Ms. [redacted] came to the shop to pay her last installment payment, I checked her car, and A/C was blowing cold air. I asked her to leave the car with me, so I can check if anything wrong with her A/C system. But Ms. [redacted] refused.

Couple of days later, Ms. [redacted] came to the shop again. This time she agreed to leave the car with me so I can find out what’s wrong. However, within 30 minutes, she came back and told me that she needed the car and will return another day for me to check the problem. Before she left, I did a quick check of the temperature in front of her; the thermometer read 54F degree.

I informed Ms. [redacted] both times that if there is something wrong with any of the works I’ve done or any of the parts that I put in her car; I would fix the problem at no costs for her. But in order for me to do so, I would need her to leave me the car.

I’m a little confused regarding Ms. [redacted]’s complaint: Is she complaining about the A/C system not working? Or is she complaining about the car wants to die when the A/C is on? If she is complaining the A/C system not working, the thermometer showed 54F degree at the shop; if she is complaining about the engine stalls problem, she hasn’t gave me a chance to diagnose the problem.

Please let Ms. [redacted] know that we’re sorry that she is not satisfied with our services. Please give us a chance to take a look at her car. If there are any parts we put in have failed or any mistakes we’ve made, we’ll make sure to fix the problem at no costs.

Thank you,

A Plus Auto Repair

1701 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA. 95815 ###-###-####

Review: My 2001 Chevy Camaro was in need of a Fuel Pump replacement. So I had my car towed to Aplus Auto to have the mechanic "C" do a diagnostic to first make sure it needed a fuel pump and to services the vehicle for the necessary repairs. On August 14,2014 I received a call from "C" and said the cost for the repair would be $1245. I am no expert - the estimate appeared to be more than I assumed it would cost - but I trusted this mechanic. So I made the first payment of $500 over the phone with "C". On 9-2-2014 I went in person and spoke with "C" and mentioned that I felt the cost of repairs was still a lot. But he persisted and said that it was a "reasonable" price for this work. I told him that I all had was $305 and if he could release the car. At this point he calculated the total end cost of services done on the vehicle and it came to $1193. Minus the $805 given a remainder of $388. "C" said that if I didn't give him the $305 today that he'd charge a daily storage fee of $40 or give him the pink slip to my car until everything was paid in full. I began to feel threaten and bluntly asked if he was trying to keep my car. "C" said no and stated that either pay the $305 today and leave the car or give him the pink slip to take the car. On 9-2-2014 I paid the $305 and said I'd return with the final payment of $388. On 9-10-2014 I returned with the final payment and picked up the car. On 9-11-2014 I met a certified mechanic named [redacted] who told me to contact because the cost of repair for my vehicle was over priced.Desired Settlement: My receipt reads as follows:-Tow =$60-Hazardous Waste = $9.95 -Fuel pump assemble = $444.98-Fuel filter= $19.88-"C" total labor = $621-Sales Tax = $37.19Total = $1193I would like to be refunded half if not all because I and other mechanics believe I was taken advantage for what ever reason and there was no need.



To whom it may concern,

The billed amount of $1,193 is correct.

Quoted from her statement: "Tow =$60-Hazardous Waste = $9.95 -Fuel pump assemble = $444.98-Fuel filter= $19.88-"C" total labor = $621-Sales Tax = $37.19Total = $1193"

On Chevy Camaro, it requires remove exhaust system, which takes an hour and half; one hour for diagnostic; the tank on her car was full of gas, it took me over half of an hour to drain and refill the tank; 4.2 hours to remove and reinstall the fuel pump; totals 7.2 hours for fixing her car, and I only charged her 6.5 hours trying to help her out.

(labor charge: $621/our hourly charge: $95=6.5 hours)

The car was finished on 8/16/14, and she came to the shop on 9/2/14 wanted to pick up the car without pay in full. I said No. I have a small business, and I had 8 customers in the past four years took their cars without paying the full amount and never came back to pay the remaining payments. I told her that if she wanted to pick up the car without paying in full, she could leave me her pink slip as a collateral. I didn't threaten her, but just tired of being taken advantage of from ungrateful customers, and have decided to protect my own interests. She promised to come back on 9/5/14 to pay in full and pick up the car. However, she didn't pay in full and pick up the car until 9/11/14. I should but I never charged her storage fees for 25 days. She, in fact, lied to me and didn't show up on the promised date to make her final payment.

All charges are legit, and I will not refund anything to her. Please look into this matter. Thank you,

A Plus Auto Repair

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