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A Plus Cleaners Reviews (9) this time, I have not been contacted by A plus cleaners regarding complaint ID [redacted] This complaint is still not resolved What are the next steps?Sincerely, [redacted] this time, I have not been contacted by A Plus Cleaners regarding complaint ID ***.Sincerely,*** ***

Response from *** ** *** to allegations from *** * *** *** ***, 2/22/ID#1*** Job start date was on January 25, Cabinet doors and drawers were removed from the *** kitchen and taken to my workshop for finishingWork space at the *** was limited and it was cleared with them
that I was to finish the doors and make the drawers at my workshop at homeUpon removing the drawers and cabinets, it was discovered that there was a leaky faucet behind the cabinetsI cleared the repair of the faucet with Mr*** and I proceeded to fix & replace valves for the faucetsThe counter tops were supposed to be removed by the granite company but there was a delay and in order to expedite my work I went ahead and removed them to complete my workThe owner of the granite company, *** ***, is related to Mr***In the contract Mr*** was insistent that I put a clause in the contract that would state days to finish jobOn Wednesday, February 3, Mr*** stated that he was not going to pay any extras like the valves and mentioned a sealant that granite companies use to seal natural stoneMr*** was asking me on three different occasions about the sealantMr*** was trying to get me to do extra work like installing appliances and plumbing fixtures with no extra pay and I surmised at that point that he was not going to pay me my final draw and balance of $1,plus the extras of which I have kept receiptsThe granite company delayed in installing the granite and I could not finish my work without the granite being installedMr*** proceeded being very belligerent and stated" I could eat the "G" and roll out of his place nowHe stated very clearly he was not going to pay meI then turned to my worker, *** and said "He is not going to pay us, we need to leave." I received a call later that day from Mr*** ,he asked what happened and could I go back and finish, I stated to him that full balance would have to be paid upfront to complete job, he relayed to Mr*** and I was told the next day that he refused to pay, I also stated that if he paid $for the refinished cabinet doors, hinges and drawers I would turn over to Mr***He was not going to pay with or without the cabinets & drawersMy company was very helpful to Mr***; for example, I offered to help with color and material decisionsI met Mr*** at Home Depot and he stated that after picking out backsplash if I could load and deliver boxes of backsplash, because he had a lap band and could not lift, the less I took the task of delivering backsplash, and a slew of other tasks with no payI went out of my way to accommodate Mr***Mr*** toward the end was very disrespectful calling me a "dog"

Complaint: 1[redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: Mr. [redacted] has submitted a totally fictious report of events occurred. We the [redacted] did not give Mr. Chaps permission to take cabinet doors to his shop this was done by him and him alone. Mr. Chapa was not present most days to supervise any work done and once punch list was submitted to him as standard practice in contacted services he did not want to comply. He has done less acceptable work on this job assignment. He was never talked or communicated with anything, but in a professional manner ie.text messages/Verbal/and phone conversations. Mr. Chapa has displayed a very unprofessional attitude and performance as an independent general contractor. We have submitted a demand letter to him requesting partial refund and release of our property(cabinet doors and hinges paid for by us) at this point in mediation efforts we will continue to request that we the [redacted] and Mr. Chapa attempt to reach resolution amicably. Since withdrawal of Mr. Chapa from this contractual agreement signed by both himself and My husband we have had several contractors come to give estimates to correct the work that Mr. Chapa left behind. All the contractors that have come to give estimate have given their professional opinion and in agreement stated this is not acceptable or correct work this opion included by Mr. [redacted] owner of granite fabrication company that di complete granite countertops as contracted. Mr. Chapa has stated to myself and Mr. [redacted] that he is a high end contractor and this does not to be the case with the substandard work he presented and left unfinished at my residence of [redacted] He did provide some recipes that at this point may be questionable due to the limitation he placed on what we could and could not do to when it came to our kitchen remodel. He attempt d to explain and one piont that we only had two choices of crown moldings and when we contacted the vendor this was not the case. All of this is documented between him and my husband via text messages. It appears that Mr. Chapa was not keen on the time framed allotted and attempt to make up any deductions from not completing assigned job task by itemizing the bill with things such as changing a water supply line and attempting to charge as if he was a licensed plumber which is is obviously not. 
[redacted] this time, I have not been contacted by A plus cleaners regarding complaint ID [redacted].  This complaint is still not resolved.  What are the next steps?Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I dropped off two shirts to be dry cleaned at [redacted]) in [redacted] only to find out upon my return that I would only be receiving one of my shirts back as the other was lost. I was told that it wasnt the laundromats fault as they in fact they ship the clothes out to A Plus Cleaners ([redacted]) to get all clothing dry cleaned. Upon showing the manager of [redacted] a copy of my receipt for the shirt that I bought ([redacted]) I was told that they would not compensate me any more than $30 reasons being:1)The manager claimed she could not read English (yet was very able to see the price).2)Told me that the shirt must not cost that amount because she shops at [redacted] and white tops like that are not that expensive3)I bought the shirt in February therefore I should not be reimbursed the full amount.The manager of [redacted] suggested we call A plus cleaners and that I speak with them over the phone. I was again told the following in a very defensive tone:1)If I bought the shirt in February of THIS year, it is not brand new and therefore should not be given the full price. 2)If I didn't want to take the $30, just "sue the company." Even after I explained that I had the receipt in my email and could email it over to them as proof of purchase and cost they were not willing to listen nor accept any accountability in that they were at fault.When a business is customer service oriented, I would expect to be treated fairly and with respect, especially when the customer has to listen to we dry clean over 500 shirts a day, one shirt gone missing is no big deal. With business ethic like that, I am shocked they are still able to maintain a proper business. With all this being said, how would I rate my customer service experience? Extremely POORDesired Settlement: Desired resolution is a FULL refund of the price of my shirt which I can no longer wear due to Incompetency and lack of accountability in adequately doing their job correctly.



At this time, I have not been contacted by A plus cleaners regarding complaint ID [redacted]. This complaint is still not resolved. What are the next steps?Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I went in to dry clean my uggs boots. I was told it would take up to two weeks for it to be cleaned and was given a receipt. I went on the day to pick it up it wasn't ready. He said give it another week or so. I called a week after to see if it was ready. He said yeah come in I went to pick it up the dry cleaners bleached my uggs and ruined it. He said give him a week he would see what the company can do. He refused to pay me for the boots. I paid $220.00. He gave me a run around and had me wait for an entire month then to offer me $100.00. Its a pair of uggs. Not a cheap pair of boots.Desired Settlement: I want the cost that I paid for the uggs. The cost is $220.00 plus sales tax. I told them to clean it not ruin it.



At this time, I have not been contacted by A Plus Cleaners regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

This people here burned my blouse and my husband church white shirt with some glue or silicone was a white hard stuff similiar to silicone my 2 blouses had these all over them and white shirt has on it , they redoit but one was gone but the second one color yellow one had looks like burned or something material of this is silk , was a brand new blouse , and went to complaint about this one of the female latin emplyee told me that my yellow silk blouse is not a Michael Knors , they do this a lot and mine it "different" like mine brand new no Michael kors silk blouse is crap? so only designer brand clothes are treated in the way is supposed to be and my cheap $25.00 plus tax silk brand new blouse and my husband white shirt is treated like nothing I dont care brand? like this bussines is located in galleria, memorial or woodlands area? 'and the owner/manager told was me /us who that ruined my clothes told me "I can not do anything about it" because it is your fault telling like is yoour problem, the re dit but 2 of them you can see this glue or silicone on it? specially my brand new silk yellow shirt?that is not the way to deal with your customers , at least and apologize or pay me my blouse and my husband shirt, but they dont care about it.hope to understand and do something about it.thanks

A Plus Cleaners charged me for the same service twice, and behaved as if they do it all the time. I dropped off a suit to be cleaned and pressed. The cashier directed that I must pay up-front, so I did so, and received a slip marked "paid". I returned 6 days later, and was told that I must pay the full charge as no evidence of my prior payment existed. I pointed to the slip I gave the cashier with my name and tag number and directed her attention politely to the word "paid". She quickly tore up the slip. Unbelieveable! I asked to speak to the manager and instead was told he is very busy and might be able to speak to me one day in the future, perhaps in a few weeks. I asked for his telephone number and she quite literally laughed in my face. I paid and left. The cashier practically sing-songed me out the door "This happens a lot! You don't have to come baaaaaaaa-aaack!"

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