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A Plus Sewer Service Inc.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
[This Company has graduated to lying!! there were no roots in my sewer!! if there were, I would not have been able to snake it out with the small snake that I rented!! the drain was not working for a week! April * it was snaked by A Plus. it was backing up during laundrythe next attempt at laundry was April *and it backed up again! there was no offer to return at good faith!! if so I would not have contacted !! I was told that I would have to pay another service call fee!! I emailed the company, no response!! I called the office twice!! no response!! (yes I left a voicemail with my info!!) I spoke to a guy who says he manages the business for his Uncle and he told me he would clear the drain when ever it backed up again at no chargeI told him that I do not have this issue on a regular basisso if it never happens again, I have to live with paying them to do a terrible job, and pay for the rental of equipment so that I could do it properly? paying twice for the same job? this appears okay to this company but it does not sit well with me! I want my money back!!
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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and will wait to hear from them.
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A Plus Sewer Service was called out to [redacted] house for a backed up sewer line. A Plus Sewer sent a technician out to snake the sewer line. The technician  snaked the line and pulled out heavy roots from the sewer line. A plus does not warranty sewer lines with root problems being the line must be broken. The technicians explained to the customer as we do with all the customers with root problems that the line should be televised. It was also explained to the customer that we do not put a warranty on lines with roots. The sewer line worked for an entire week before the customer called back  the technicians cell phone- not the office phone and demanded we come out for free on a weekend and snake his line. He was told again at that point that it’s been a week and we do not warranty lines with root problems. He was told if he waited until Monday we would come snake it again out of good faith. Apparently that was not good enough so he told us never mind. So the next thing I know is he had called the to make a complaint. Apparently he had to rent a snake,  to snake his line, so he wants money for that and the money back from the call.  A Plus did nothing wrong or unfair to this customer. I called him back and tried to make good of the situation by offering him one free service call of any type during normal hours.  He firmly refused and just wants his money back.  The customer never once called back and spoke with anyone in the  management of this company. He called a technicians cell phone ( which tells a customer to call the office ) in which the technicians does not make any decisions for the company.  A Plus also wrote up a bill that’s detailed on the root problem and no warranties. The customer declined his copy of the bill or he would have it in writing that there is no warranty and a root problem. We cannot make people take a bill if they don’t want one.  I have made an effort out of good faith to work with this person but he is refusing to be worked with. I respect and try to take care of my customers.                                                 ...         Any questions please call- ###-###-####                 Thank – You                 Office Manager                 JoAnn T[redacted]

My toilet on the lower floor was backing up and would over flow. This problem first arouse 1-2 years ago. I employed A Plus sewer service. They came excavated my yard and replaced a pipe. Problem resurfaced in May of 2013. I called A Plus sewer service they came 5/** and diagnosed the problem. I gave them a cash deposit which [redacted] requested. [redacted] told me they would have to return to fix a line that may have broken in the bedroom near the bathroom. [redacted] told me I would have to take up the flooring in the room so that they could jack hammer to the pipe, he also told me they would have to also dig outside through the foundation. [redacted] and The owner [redacted] came on 6/** jack hammered the floor to access the pipe. They never dug again outside as I was told previously, but yet they had no plans to reduce the price which was quoted for substantial work. [redacted] became angry as I spoke to him and walked away as I pleaded my case. The initial quote was $3,600 additionally I paid $300 dollars for the initial visit, then 600 for the down payment. [redacted] reluctantly took 2,500 instead of the $3,000 balance. I was informed that the issue was fixed, however, 2 days later on [redacted]. The problem returned, A plus was called again, [redacted] came and I received a call from him stating the problem is further in the house. I was told that the owner [redacted] would call me which he never did. On 6/**the toilet overflowed, however. it was just clear toilet water which never flowed outside the bathroom. My husband called A plus Sewer service and was told someone would return. I arrived home from work on 6/** to find [redacted] in his truck reeling in the pressure line that is used to flush pipe lines. I entered my home and was greeted with a horrible odor and found my bathroom, hallway, den, closet, and part of the bedroom flooded with black muck. My belongings from the bedroom that had been moved to the den so the work could be done in the bedroom was saturated (mattress, box spring, 2 area rugs and bureau). I called [redacted] who told me he was "doing me a favor" by returning and that it was my sister's fault for not closing the toilet seat cover. my sister , and children informed me that the seat was closed. I informed [redacted] that it didn't matter if the toilet seat was up or down because the pressure exerted in pipe would cause the water to come out the sides of the toilet seat, there's no way the cover would act as a cork to stop the pressure and water from building. [redacted] then blamed it on the builders. My home was built in the 1980's. He then blamed it on my children ages 12, 9, and 7 old enough to know better and have been told never to put anything in toilets other than toilet paper. Then he told me the toilet paper I use is causing the problem, then he told me coming to my house is aggravating and he doesn't need the aggravation and hung up the phone. I've called A plus sewer to speak to the owner [redacted] to no avail, he doesn't return my phone calls. I have never had the displeasure of dealing with such unprofessionalism and rudeness in my life.

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Address: 603 County Route 50, New Hampton, New York, United States, 10958-3451


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