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A thru Z Handyman Gary Holtermann

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A thru Z Handyman Gary Holtermann Reviews (2)

Our company hired Mr H to repair a job for usHis correspondence was unprofessional and his work had to be redone by himI would not recommend this vendor to anyone

Review: [redacted] charged me for being on the phone with [redacted] for 3 hours. I contacted [redacted] and asked them what sort of record they had with [redacted] being on the phone with someone at their business. They told me that their records showed he was on the phone with them for 1 hour at most. I tried canceling my check 20 minutes after he left my house, but he had already cashed it. I've also tried contacting [redacted] to discuss the matter, but he won't answer his phone.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate [redacted] refunding me the amount he mis-charged me.



All this started at the beginning of February with a visit to the [redacted] house in [redacted] to clean, lubercate and adj the windows throughout there house. At that time I discovered they were all [redacted] type windows and doors. I told Mrs [redacted] I think they have great warrantees on these, but would have to check on that. At the time I made a list of handles that needed to be replaced. They are what operates the windows, before I called [redacted]. I stopped by home depot to get the number of [redacted] and called. I first talked to them to find out what the warrantee covered and what was covered. After finding out what the warrantee covered I called the [redacted] back and what I had found out and that I would call [redacted] back to get parts sent to me and get back to them when I have them. I then called [redacted] back, it took forever to talk to a rep and I got disconnected a few times. Talknig to a rep he said it was unusual to have to replace so many handles (10), and if this didn’t repair the situation, that they would feel better to have a rep stop out at the [redacted] house and inspect it for themselves. Which I thought would be a great idea, as well as help get them all working correctly. At that time they got addresses and said the handles would be in the mail. I do feal they only logged in the time that I talked with them not any other time spent in this matter.

I had bin by the [redacted] to do other repairs on 3/11 and informed them of the progress with [redacted] and the parts were on the way, as soon as I get them, I would call the [redacted].

When I got the box of handles, I called the [redacted] and left a message, got handles, when would be a good time to put on? To see if that was the problem, or did a rep need to be called.

I did receive a call back from Mrs [redacted] about a week later. At that time I was bizzy with others could we touch basis in 2 weeks to see if that timewas better. The next time Mrs [redacted] called me back I was going out of town and when I get back would call her first thing.

I got back into town called, message on macheine. A few days later she called with a few more jobs, front door, interior doors and set up an appotement 9/9/13 at 8am.

On 9/9/13 she called me at 730am to tell me she was running late, and if I was there at 8:00, thanking her for the “heads up”. When I got to the house I found her home. Then we went through the a list of things that needed to be addressed as well as the handles.

When I opened up the box of handles I noticed they were the wrong color, and possible wrong size as well. I checked on 3 to 6 windows and I didn’t like how they looked color wize as well as performance so I told Mrs [redacted] of what I found and that the [redacted] rep would have to be called, as I was instructed by [redacted]. She said “ok” and at that time I gave her the box and phone number to get in touch with [redacted]. Was there anything else I could do to help her with it- No- So I will fill out a bill.

When I came back into the house she was in the office and I handed her the bill. She got her checkbook out and wrote a check. When I was going to put paid on bill and as well as the number of the check I noticed it wasn’t for the full amount. Asked her why it was a lesser amount? She said I don’t have many checks. Than after a moment of silence she goes for her purse and handed me a $5.00 bill. Another few moments of silence as she was short $0.18 I listed on the bill what she paid and said good bye.

On my way to the next job I passed the bank and took care of banking stuff & I cashed the check.

When I stoped for lunch, I noticed I had a message and one was from Mrs [redacted], I called her back and she was upset about the billing of [redacted]. At that time she said they had one hour listed and she felt the other hrs were not fair, and wanted her money back. At that time I said I was being more than fair as I had spent way more time in this manner and split the time with her, which I had also explained at the time of billing (Hours earley) and thought it was fair. I excused myself as I needed to get off to work.

Then at 4:00 pm when I got back from work I called Mrs [redacted] back, the same day,and apologized for the miss understanding on the billing, “ How could I make things right at this time.” I then said I would have a check off to her the next day.

The next day I went to the post office and got a postal money order #[redacted] dated 9/10/13 and put it in the mail & after checking address was correct when I have had on the phone.

The next day 9/11/13 I receved your letter and called your office to talk with [redacted]. The rep said she was gone for the day and switched me to voice mail. She also stated I needed to submit my side in writing. But [redacted] would call me in the AM next day. In the AM of the next day I called again and [redacted] was in a meeting and would call me as soon as she got out of the meeting.

[redacted] called me back and left a message and when I got back I returned her call and we talked and it was explained that I needed to write all down and send it to her as well. I had mentioned what I had done and the check was sent and hadn’t gotten a reply back from the [redacted] at this time. Did I need to call her?

[redacted] wanted to make sure this matter was taken care of and would check when she received my side of the story.

Thank you for your time in this matter. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do in this matter.


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Description: Handyman Services

Address: 246 Village Run W, Encinitas, California, United States, 92024


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