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A to Z Quality Fencing

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We are not responding to this customer anymore She has been all over the Internet slandering our business....she attempts to get into internet arguements, posted pictures that was not the finished product and out right lie about the situation We will have no further communications with her except through our attorney We are sorry it has come to tbis but its obvious she can not be professional We have documented everything from day one and will not be bullied by her

At A to Z Quality Fencing we strive to make all of our customers happy. We are sorry Mrs*** feels this way. But the bulk of this compaint is just palin and simply not true. Yes there were some minor problems with the install stemming from the weather but mainly the over bearing
customers. I have the contract that shows the fence original height that they ordered was 4'. They also signed our paper work that they wanted it changed to 4'-6" after we already installed all the post and they needed to be taken out and reinstalled with longer post. The husband agreed it was there mistake and agreed to pay for it. These customers were nearly impossible to work with...they thought there was only one way to install this fencing and that they knew more than my crew and myself. Our crew did every thing they could do to please these people. They would agree to do something one way and the crew would do that and then the next day they would want it done differently. My guys worked with these people the best they could given the degree of difficulty these people were. As far as damage that she claims except for a small hole drilled into the barn to put the power through there was no damage...this is the first I am hearing of this. The weather was so bad during install, yet the customer was adimant that this jub needed to be done because they had more animals coming in, that I do suspect there were some staple and some wire under the snow and when it thawed it was found. Any other so called damage has never been brought to my attention and I do not believe is true at this point. This job was finished on the week of Dec 8th and paid in full. This is the first I have heard of this complaint. Prior to finishing they had a punch list of things that they wanted done, we did them all even though a good number was not even reasonable demands. Then after it was finished the husband tried to over tighten the tensioners and broke one (this is where she is claiming the brace failed) , I sent my guy back to look at it and he took pictures of the over tightened tensioner and repaired it anyways. The claim that *** yelled and screamed at her is also false...she did tell Mrs *** that she was being really unreasonable and that if we couldn't come to an agreement that we would take the fence out and she could have someone else do it. Mrs*** became very irrate and yelled and screamed at my wife so my wife left the house and Mrs*** then called the police ( I am quite sure she was afraid we would take the fence out), she made her claims to the offficer and the officer talked to everyone on sight and determined nothing happened. I will also point that another contractor was contracted to do this job and for some reason they refused to do it and backed out. At this point we will not be refunding anything. They have a great fence for their animals and like any of our customers if they have a problem they should go through our warranty process. We have been installing this kind of fencing for more than years...never have we ever had a customer like this
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.This response from A to Z does not reflect the reality of the situationI have described the situation truthfully, though admittedly in an abbreviated version, as documenting the flaws in just two paddocks (a fraction of the total work) took me three hours and pages of handwritten notesThe typed version of those issues can be made available to the upon request, as well as photo and video evidence of some of the more problematic areasAny inquires about the incident requiring police intervention would best be directed to the Green County Sheriff's officeUltimately, the fence A to Z built conforms to neither industry standards nor manufacturers specifications, does not serve its intended function, and is completely unacceptable to me.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Posting an honest factual review on the facebook page of this business is well within my rights. I have also submitted a review to the Since this company has now stated that will not respond further or attempt resolution, I believe that may also render this company in breach of contract, since they gave us a 7 year warranty on their labor, which they have just stated they have no intention of honoring. 

Excellent communication – I had tons of questions and they answered them all very quickly before the project even started. The crew came out and was very professional, and their work was phenomenal. We couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU!!!

I had a fence installed by A to Z Fencing in the spring of 2003. It was a fence that enclosed my entire backyard, 96 feet of fencing to be exact, with a arbor and gate over $4,200. My husband call A to Z over 2 weeks ago regarding a section of fence that is badly bowed and the rivets are popped out. We look to see if we could fix it but we can not. So, I suggested to call A to Z Fencing to have them come and fix it since I do have a lifetime warranty. So we called April 2nd, April 3rd and April 4th. [redacted] called us on April 5th and really gave my husband a hard time. He first asked my husband to e-mail him regarding our problem. My husband stated why would I e-mail you, I have you on the phone now, and by the way I don't use a computer. All, Mr [redacted] did was laugh at my husband and said "I can't believe in this day and age you don't use a computer." Well, my husband is retired and used a computer for over 20 years and can't stand to be on a computer. After talking to Mr. [redacted] for over 10 minutes he did not state if or when he would come out to fix my problem. I think that is very poor way to do business. Needless to say A to Z Fencing has not come out to look at my fence or to even call to discuss the problem. I have notified the company that makes the fence to let them know that a company like A to Z Fencing is not honoring the warranty or backing their service.

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Address: 6510 Aurora Rd. Suite C, West Bend, WI, 53090-9412


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