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A - Z Diabetes Care Club, LLC d/b/a Diabetes Care Club

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Company ran a false advertisement, charges customer an agreed upon price, sends the wrong product, charges the client additional outrageous amount.

Below is an extract of the letter I sent to Diabetes Care Club. Attachments are available upon your request. On October 3, 2012, I sent the supplies back to Diabetes Care Club via U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail, Receipt #XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX.

Dear Diabetes Care Club:

In August 2013, your company ran an advertisement on a local television channel and your internet web-site claiming to have a testing meter that one could use to test glucose levels from alternate sites; specifically the forearm and leg areas, which is said to be less painful (see advertisement at attachment #1). Since I have been using the finger testing site for years, I thought this would be a great alternative because I was tired of pking my finger, which is somewhat painful. It was because of this advertisement that prompted me to join the Diabetes Care Club so that I could obtain this meter, and start using this alternative testing method. At the time I signed up, a representative from Diabetes Care Club contacted me and we discussed the meter I was seeking, insurance, and credit card information. I was told I would only be charged $20.48, which my credit card was immediately debited (see invoice at attachment #4). I was led to believe this was my payment for the meter and the testing supplies. At no other time during this conversation did the sales representative discuss any additional charges or a 30 day return policy. Had I known I would be later charged $343.34 (addressed below), I would have declined this order all together. Hence, I could have bought this same meter along with testing supplies off of e-bay for $24.95 (see e-bay add at attachment #8). That is why I thought Diabetes Care Club was selling the meter and supplies for $20.48 - a slight better deal, which I paid.

Nevertheless, in mid-August 2013, I received a box of from your company containing testing supplies. After opening the box and viewing the contents, it was discovered that the meter was not the one I ordered nor was it the one that was advertised on the TV commercial/internet. The meter advertised is an "Embrace" (see advertisement at attachment #1). The meter Diabetes Care Club sent was an "Accu-Chek Nano" (see attachment #2). It was however, similar to the same meter that I currently use to test from pking my finger (see attachment #3); the same meter (meter only) you can buy from Wal-greens for about $19.95.

In late September 2013, I received an invoice from Diabetes Care Club with charges of $343.34, with insurance payments adjustments of -$153.78, patient payment adjustments of -$20.48 (stated above), and a balance owed of $169.08 (see invoice at attachment #4). Since talking with your Customer Service representatives on October 2 and 3rd, I was informed that the new balance owed is $189.08. Where are these extra charges coming from and for what? I have not received anything additional.

After repeated attempts to resolve this issue with Diabetes Care Club Customer Service representatives, I have received nothing but resistance, and advised that the charges will still stand despite the above. I was even told, "We'll just set up a low payment plan for you." During one conversation, I asked for an address to send the supplies back and the representative placed me on hold for at least 10 minutes so I just hung up. Further, I was told in a sarcastic manner that I could send the supplies back, but you will still be required to pay for them. No, I didn't return the supplies back in 30 days because I was told that my payment for the supplies would only be $20.48 so I might was well keep them since I could probably use them at a later date. As addressed above, I wasn't aware you would later charge me $343.34, which I wasn't advised.

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Description: Medical Testing Supplies, Diabetes Services & Supplies

Address: 6840 Carothers Pkwy Ste 600, Franklin, TN, 37067-6392


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