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A1 Arrow Movers

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This company is full of itMove scheduled they were a no call no showI called and left messages and not until I said I was going to place the unprofessional way of their service did I receive a return call Strongly do not recommend this company I must take fault I scheduled with only reading reviews on their siteThank God for family and friends on last minute notice

Horrible, horrible company!!! I attempted to use them for an office move, thank goodness I didn't!! To start with the person who was to come quote us showed up late and let me know that he wasn't a mover and had other appointments that day Didn't bother calling to let me know he would be late or anything, I had to call the owner to find out where his person was When this sales person showed up he let me know it would be no issue moving us for the $a person an hour, that they had no problem invoicing, they would come with bubble wrap and paper to wrap our art work, yadda, yadda, yadda, lie, lie, lie Well the closer it gets to the move I haven't heard anything, no confirmation, nothing, I finally have to call to confirm that this sales person even put us on the scheduleWell, low and behold we are on the schedule so he at least managed to do that part of the job (this was probably the only truthful statement he made while at my office) Well the day of the move comes, the movers are scheduled to be at the office at 830, no show, at am they finally call to let me know that they don't have a moving truck and have to find one Really? A moving company without a moving truck?? a.mrolls around and a group of of the most unprofessional looking people show up to the officeAnd when I say they looked like they had been up partying all night, was an understatement These people show up in tank tops and board shorts and are unable to park their borrowed truck I'm assuming the owner got on craigslist to find anyone to help him make a buck It was sad At this point the "crew leader" gets out of the truck lets me know that the rate, has changed, they want cash on hand (keep in mind this is after their excuse for a sales person agreed to invoicing) and they bring thin blue sheets to cover our artwork, also letting me know that the owner forgot to have us sign a contract so he will be their at any time I told this person that no, that is not what the sales person and I discussed, he let me know very quickly they have issues all of the time with this sales person promising all kinds of things that they do not doAfter several back and forths with their crew leader he put me on the phone with the owner, he was changing his tune as well After so much crap and bs with this owner letting me know I didn't know what I was talking about, after other people were standing in the room with his sales person when he was making these promises, and extensive notes on these movers, I finally got tired of dealing with this crooked man and his minions They were asked to remove themselves and their clunker of a poorly parked moving vehicle from the premisesNever will these people get any nice words or any kind of reference from myself or anyone in my company (everyone saw this sad display of events and the excuse for a crew that was sent to us) Poor, poor business practices, unorganized, late, to the point if you wonder if this is just some business someone is running out of their garage

This is a horrible company. Pretty much everything they told me over the phone was a lie - then they rip people off and try to charge illegal taxes. The workers were lazy and one of them even was caught smoking a cigar when he was supposed to be helping to move stuff. They couldn't even fill all my belongings in their moving truck, which was supposed to be large enough to move a 3 bedroom townhome .. turns out it couldn't even fit a 1 bedroom aptmt .. I had to have one of the guys that was helping me to put some of my stuff in his truck cause all of my stuff couldn't fit in their truck. I strongly advise not to use the folks they are SORRY!! There are many complaints about them online and I will be adding one shortly. Although the complaints are not on this particular site, just Google their name on the inet and you will see many complaints. I will also be reporting them to the IRS for illegal taxes as well as the Attorney General, etc, etc. As a forwarning - you do not want to use these fake movers! If anyone is interested in a Class Action Lawsuit, feel free to contact me as I do plan on taking the owner to court! I took the Police to the Owner's house because after my move they wouldn't even return or accept my calls. If you happened to use them and they try to scam you - - my suggestion is that you record all of your dealings with them then call the Police so they don't steal your money like they did to me an many others!!!!!

1. Job was originally scheduled for [redacted] @ [redacted] am. I received a call on [redacted] at [redacted] stating they could move me that day and could be at the location in an hour to an hour and a half. I stated Okay.2.The Movers did not arrive at my location until [redacted]. 3.I was showed a schedule that included included an Administrative Fee and a minimum fee of $199.00. I told them that I had spoken with [redacted] or [redacted] twice on the phone and sent emails and that I was not informed at all about any additional charges and told them they could leave. They then came back and stated they would move me for the hourly fee, plus a $29.00 Admin Fee. 4.I asked when I called what type of payment they accepted. I was told they preferred credit card, which was fine with me. However; once the payment amount issue came up, I was told by the movers they needed cash as they did not have a credit card machine and that dispatch was not in the office.5.As it was so late by the time all was delivered and unpacked to the apartment, they followed me to the bank to obtain cash from an ATM. I paid they $180.00 cash.6.I went to the apartment [redacted] morning to unpack and noted that one of my solid wood bed rails was not there. I immediately called and was told they would check the trucks when they came in. I asked that they call and check the trucks now before they accidently deliver to someone else. I had to check up twice on this situation. I was finally told that the item was not on the truck and that it may have been left in the storage. My storage was climiate controlled and had a light. I told them nothing is in the storage but a washer and dryer. No one seemed to be aware of how a bed side rail could be missing. So, now Im without a bed.7. In unpacking, I'm finding complete boxes missing that I helped load on the truck. No linens, only one bathroom out of 2.5 bathrooms that was p acked. I'm missing an entire box of kitchen items.

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Description: MOVERS

Address: 11810 Kings Lynn , Houston, TX, 77058


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