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A1 Auto Sales

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I cannot say enough positive things about MrB*** and his serviceHe was prompt and professional, explained clearly what needed to be done, and resolved our problem in short orderSometimes you just know from the outset that you're in capable hands, and MrB*** inspires that kind of confidence in every wayWe feel so lucky to have happened across his business and will absolutely recommend him without reservationKudos and thanks!

I had service on Friday 8/5/and then used all mowers (Z turn, commercial walk behind & push mower) that Mrxxxxx servicedI was extremely pleased with the quality of service and the cost
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint #***I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved.
*** ***I have proof on everything he never responded to my messages I contacted him more then times And got no response the car is currently sitting because I don't have dollars to get it fixed Within the first week the car broke down while on our way to way to registerdWe contacted him with pictures soon as it happened and we got hit with the "I don't know if your mechanic messed up the car " but what we doesn't know is The shop we brought it to didn't do any labor to the car they just lifted it and seen all the rusted parts and told us to go get our car back and that we got played An then again he had a day warranty sticker on the car that's the only reason we traded then when I called the number on the sticker they told me that the warranty didn't apply to this car and told us to bring it back to the shop We brought the car back the day after we purchased it and he was suppose to fix everything We got it back and nothing was fixed but the head light that was out The motor mounts was still messed up plus the muffle wasn't connected right because the car was real loud but he told us it was and that it was just "warming up" We got an estimate on what the car cost is going to be to get fixed the shop told us the center drive shaft was 1,aloneNot to mention motor mounts Please help me I'm months pregnant and I have a four year old I need my carI traded our a perfect car and got this lemon ! Now I'm on the bus with my son This isn't right !

MrBrooks is usually right on time and labor costs are fairIf your lawnmover needs parts he'll tell you how to order them and come back and install the partsPleasant attitude and knows what he's doing!

Hello, [redacted] spoke to her and told her to bring the [redacted] in on two different occasions but she never never showed up or contacted him back. They did a even swap her [redacted] for the [redacted]. It was a $2400 transaction. We asked for the paperwork to see what the car failed for but never...

received it. From my understanding they never got the car registered or inspected. Please let me know

Complaint[redacted] . I bought a jeep liberty 02 from A1 auto at the end of February, , and I haven't stop spending money on the truck. 4 monthes and over $1, 500 dollars later and the truck still needs alot of work. .so I called [redacted] one of the [redacted] and explained my situation, , at first he acted concerned, I also explained I don't like or feel safe on the highway with the truck either, I told him I wanted to trade it, , because "he always takes his cars back," he claimed when he sold me the car,, I bought for $5400 in feb 2013 3 months later, , Im not happy he acted like he was going to do a even trade on a 2003 passat wv. Told me to come get it Tuesday, , its Monday he is telling me the day before to bring a extra $2200.00 with me, cus he is only giving $4,000. As atradein I told him that's not fair and crazy, he told me even trade a week ago. Now he wants a extea $2200. Way on blue book for the wv passat, I told he the best I could do is a $1000.00 and even thats not fair, I bought the jeep for $5400. 3mnths ago put $1500 into it.. and hetold me it was a even trade... now a couple days later wants to charge me $2200. Plus my jeep, [redacted] said owell there's nothing he can do. I told him the best I can do is $1000.00 the most.. he said no way really rude,, trying to squeeze every penny from me. ...bad business, , he lied to me. .Desired SettlementI want to trade my 2002 jeep liberty, a1 auto sold me in for the 2003 wv passat. And the most I am willing to give him is the jeep he sold me plus $1000.00.. which is well above the blue book value for the 2003 passat.Business' Initial Response [redacted] bought 2002 jeep liberty February 25 2013 for a sum of $ 5200.00 warranty included.She put a new sound system in it .Now she wants to trade it in and do business with us again,strange if she thinks we "ripped" her off.[redacted] called on june 7 wanting to trade it in toward a 2003 VW Passat we have for sale $6450.I told her we just got it in and I would check the trade in value for her vehilcle which is NADA $3525 average trae and $4245 clean trade.I told her we could give her $4000 for trade towards 2003 Passat .she got angry and rude and I said im sorry she wasn't happy.I don't believe that reporting to the because you just don't get your way is acceptable.we are a small family owned business for 18 years and take pride in customer service.please feel free to call us at (XXX)XXX-XXXX my name is [redacted], I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Extended warranty was a scam & used to help sell older high mileage vehicles.On 10/19/11 I drove to A-1 Auto from Maine to buy a 2004 Ford F150 pick up with 146,271 miles. I never would buy a vehicle with high miles but it came with a 5 year 150,000 mile extended warranty. I now need service & found out that Clear Advantage Vehicle Warranty, the company that A-1 used to warranty the truck was a scam & had many complaints going back to 2009 and has gone out of business and the owners have vanished. I find it hard to believe that on 10/19/11, 2 years later, A-1 Auto did not know about all the complaints & the fact that it was all a scam. I also think A-1 Auto kept advertising the extended warranty to make older high mileage vehicles more attractive so that they could get "top dollar" for their vehicles. The only reason I bought this truck & traveled over 400 miles to buy it was because of the Warranty. The warranty came with the truck, but, in a way, I did pay the $1500. by paying "top dollar" for a truck with 146,271 miles on it. The warranty price was hidden in the price of the truck. I would like the $1500. or have A-1 pay for my repairs that should have been covered under warranty. I have all paper work, including: the original ad for the truck showing it came with a 5 year 150,000 mile warranty, buyers contract & any other paperwork that might be needed. A-1 Auto sold me a truck which included a warranty, now, I have no warranty. Desired SettlementA-1 Auto claims my problem is with the warranty company and refuses to do anything about it, however, I bought the truck which came with a 5 year 150,000 warranty from A-1, not the warranty co. I'd like a $1500. refund. The price of the warrantyBusiness Response In response to Mr.[redacted]'s complaint, I would like to say there are NO other complaints against A-1 Auto do to 3rd party extended warranty going out of business.We stopped providing the warranty immediately when we got returned checks from the company.If we were using it to sell "TOP DOLLAR" vehicles there would be more complaints.2. Mr. [redacted] did not purchase the warranty, we paid for it , in addition to our limited warranty that we always honor.3rd I notice MR. [redacted] does not mention the purchase price of the vehicle as it was well below book value and that being the reason he travel so far for the vehicle.When he called I explained best I could but did offer to help him , and get him our costs on repairs, but no refund for something you did not pay for.

We had clear verbal agreement, offered by [redacted] himself, that he would return our $deposit if the car loan were not approvedHe refused to do so.On Saturday - 9/7/2013, my husband and I chanced upon Awhen we were supposedly checking out a car across the street[redacted] was nice and friendly and showed us a Jeep Liberty Sport with VIN 1J4GL48K47WXXXXXXIt didn't look bad so we took it for a drive test; the steering wheel shook while braking, the brakes produced smoke and a strong smell, the A/C fan did not work properly, and the rear power window was stuckWe told him these initial problems even before having a mechanic check the vehicle, to which he assured us that he does not sell cars as-is, these problems will certainly be checked and repaired, besides the fact that by Massachusetts law, we get a 30-day warranty.We told him we were actually not shopping for a Jeep, and that we still have to see if we can get a car loan, because we have limited credit history, having used our credit cards without problems but only for monthsHe said he could wait for us to get a car loan, but meanwhile he made us sign a tentative bill of sale and leave a deposit of $cashHe promised unequivocally that he would return the full amount if we didn't get a car loan, we just need to show him proof that it has been declinedHe went on and on to say that this is a family business in a small town, everyone knows him, his father, his son, and we can trust him because he keeps his word.In the next business day, 9/9/- Monday, we went to our credit union to inquire about the car loanWe were informed that for this particular Jeep, which had a mileage of more than 139,811, they could lend only $3550, less than half of [redacted]'s $asking priceWe informed [redacted] about this immediately, and asked if he would consider options like lowering the price a bit or accepting installment for what the loan will not coverHe would not entertain these options so we said he should let someone else buy the car.[redacted] suggested we try another credit union, so we submitted an application to that credit union that same eveningThree days came and went and our application was still pending, we informed him of this, and reminded him that if it were disapproved, we should stick to our agreement that he return our full depositThe next day, Friday - 9/13/2013, the status of our application showed "DECLINED", so we sent [redacted] a PDF of this and said we cannot do anything more.He did not reply to these latter emails, so the next day, Saturday - 9/14/2013, we called him to follon our refundHe immediately launched into a fiery monologue about not understanding why we had asked for repairs, why the bank would lend so little for the Jeep, why we had wasted his time with the test drives and negotiationsHe was shouting on and on there was no way to talk anymoreHe finally said he was used to people wasting his time but he had no time to waste anymore and hung up.Three days later, Tuesday - 9/17/2013, we sent him another email stating our agreement and asking him to either mail the $check to us, or prepare the cash for pithat following SaturdayHe answers the next day saying we had forfeited our deposit to the repairs he made, because we called and emailed many times requesting those repairsHe said we could use it as credit for any future purchase at his shopHe further said he had to tie up a vehicle that could have been sold.We emailed back to clarify these facts: (1) The repairs were agreed so that we would consider buying his Jeep, it had nothing to do with the depositHe offered to return it in full, not credit it to another purchase(2) We emailed him about the repairs only once as a reminder, on Sunday - 9/8/2013, before we could apply for the loanWe had also called only twice: once on 9/9/when we asked about sales tax, and then on 9/14/when he gave that loud monologue(3) We had informed him within the next business day that there was a problem with the loan and he should offer the Jeep for sale.We can send you these docs/emails.Desired SettlementHe should simply, within the next few days, send a $check for:Ma Edweena [redacted][redacted]Durham XXXXXHe should not try any of his talking/deceiving tactics anymoreNo more communications from him, only the check please.It would be great if he could change his character, so others don't get deceived, but that would be too much to ask, right?Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: (XXX)XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted] There was never any verbal agreement offered by myself to return $deposit if the buyers were not able to get auto loanThey said they were pre-approved with there bank and that financing was not an issueI told them the deposit would be refundable if there was any problems with the vehicle it self.Buyers insisted that we make some cosmetic repairs not pertaining to safety or emission warranty and actually called the following Monday to make sure we were completing those requestsWe made it first priority to have it do as they asked.after several emails and calls with questions about our warranty and if work was completed which it was ready that Monday, buyer called Wednesday and said there bank will only loan them $for Jeep LibertyI tried to explain that the low loan amount from there bank was due to there credit not our vehicle value.I made a suggestion to them of another bank they may want to tryA week later buyer called saying they could not get loan and wanted deposit, I explained that the cosmetic work they insisted be done to vehicle was completed and vehicle had been off the marketI would not return there deposit of $but I would give them a $credit to any vehicle they purchase Buyer was rude so I ended the call and after received threating emails that if I did not send them a check it would " burn a hole in my business" We been in business in asmall town for almost years and take pride in our rating.Usually if the customer is right or wrong we would just ncancel deal and return any deposit made, but this was different and theres principles involvedthank youFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The dealer's answer is full of liesThere was clear agreement that he will return our full deposit if we did not get an auto loanWe have been honest from the start that we have not applied for an auto loan yet and are not sure we will get one, because despite our credit history being clean, it only spans months, and credit institutions want at least a yearWe did not insist on the repairs, only reminded him of our agreement to have them done were we to proceed with the purchaseThose were not cosmetic repairs either, one was an issue with the brakes which we said should be resolved before we would even consider buying the vehicleOur original complaint submission details all the dates and communicationsHis dates are inaccurate, we had informed him the next business day after the agreement, Monday - 09/09/13, that we could not get the car loan because of the low bank valuation for his carThe bank had not even checked our credit history yet, but the NADA Guides give such a low value for the Jeep Liberty with 136,800+ mileageI can provide a copy of all emails to prove these detailsThe dealer was ignoring our emails so I called a week after, but could not say a word after my greetings because he plunged into a very rude monologue and hung upHe lies that I was rude, I was polite and even started with an apology about the inconvenience, but he never gave me a chance to speak once he had startedSo we emailed him, giving an ultimatum to send our deposit back, or keep it and feel it burn a hole in his businessThis is not so much a threat as the truth and its natural consequence: the lack of integrity in his dealings will surely burn a hole in his businessWe would not waste our time running after $200, but we would make sure he doesn't deceive more people, which is why we submitted this complaint and will continue to warn others about this business.It is a surprise that their rating is good, the reason must simply be that other people have not filed complaints with the correct bureau, they simply vented their frustrations in other internet sitesIndeed we have read complaints about their lies, only too lateBut we have received excellent advice to file with with the, and we hope this will protect other consumers from this kind of business.Please allow me to submit a pdf of our emails as evidence of the real communicationsAnd please let us not allow this to just go around in circles like it now doesOur original submissions had all the dates and details, and the dealer tries to twist them with his liesThis lying is the whole problem in the first place, he should not be given an avenue to continue with his lies and waste other people's time and money

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Address: 2200 Summer St, Hammond, Indiana, United States, 46320-2922


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