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After we paid for A-1's evaluation of repairs ($249.00)we followed the recommendations which A-1 made, however the company failed to complete repair of the most critical problems on my RV, despite charging me over $3500.00 for the work. When I was notified vehicle was ready for pick up and camping and I found it was a complete mess inside and not in any form of readiness. They apologized and promised to attend to it so I left it for another week. When I retrieved it the most critical problem (a leaking sewer disposal system) had not been addressed. Several repairs that were done, were done poorly, e.g. sealant on roof incomplete, the new battery was run down while in their shop, the outside shower had not been checked, stains were left on upholstery, etc. When I complained I was told to come back and did so a total of at least 7 times, but each time problems still remained, until I felt it was futile to return. The manager seemed dismissive to my concerns. The company advertises "We fix it like it's ours, guaranteed." This company does not live up to their promise.Desired SettlementWe want only that others know of our experience with this company.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]/General MgrContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]/General Manager**though I was not involved in the handling of the initial repairs and customer concerns that appeared to have taken place, I did speak with [redacted] on the phone and listened to his continuing concern. I encouraged [redacted] to come down to the shop with his RV so that I may review any problems with him personally. [redacted] did bring his RV to the shop and I met with him and went over his concerns one by one. I felt that [redacted] and myself were able to communicate well as I expressed my apologies for his displeasure and I asked him for the opportunity to correct the problems with my direct supervision while it was in the shop. [redacted] agreed to this and we scheduled for him to drop off the unit the following week so we may facilitate the corrections/concerns.The following week, the week of his appointment, I received a call from him stating he did not want to bring the unit in as he was much to frustrated to give us the opportunity to help him and correct our mistake.I feel that some of the concerns [redacted] experienced were that of poor communication that both [redacted] and our service technician may have contributed to. Some of the concerns were correct repairs, but maybe a bit sloppy, which is a concern and is quite valid. I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to satisfy [redacted] and would like for him to be happy with his repairs.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)[redacted] acknowledgement that some of A-1's repairs on my RV were "a bit sloppy"hardly compensates me for the seven times I brought the vehicle back for them to fix what they promised to fix- particularly the main sewer line (and as I have just learned on my first road trip) a leak in the main water tank as well, both of these systems were among the first on A-1's evaluation, for which I paid 250.00Following payment of approx 3500.00 for a-1's negligence I have had to pay $650.00 to another RV repair service to fox what A-1 failed to fix. Mr Regan is surprised that I am frustrated and don't intend to return? Instead I expect that A1 cover the cost of repair work I've had to do elsewhere, as the very least they should do. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Upon our first visit to A-1, [redacted] personally discussed his concern about a possible leak in the main sewer valves with **, A-1's shop foreman. [redacted] informed ** that this was a priority due to safety/health issues. Any problem in that system certainly should have been identified in the "complete safety inspection" (for which we paid A-1 $249.00), not only because we drew it to A-1's attention but because sewage would have leaked onto the ground or a public street on our first trip, an obvious and serious health hazard. The fact that A-1 admits having "overlooked" this critical defect constitutes worse than a "bit of sloppiness". In our opinion it constitutes serious negligence. We are requesting reimbursement for the repair of same, totaling approximately $600. We also want to be sure that others are warned away from this company who falsely advertises they "treat the vehicle like it is (their) own". We would not consider any service credit from this company. Final Business Response I left message for [redacted] on 10/31/14 in effort to resolve this case. [redacted] returned my call on 11/4/14 to discuss further that A-1 RV and Body is reimbursing him for the repairs he had to have made by Sierra RV on invoice 4962 by Sierra in the amount of $685.84. I will call [redacted] when payment is processed for pick up at his convenience. [redacted] is in agreement this makes him whole again and case is closed.Respectfully,[redacted]General ManagerA-1 RV and Body


I have had my motorhome into A1 Auto Body for a number of repairs, the last being work on the hydraulic systems. Each time that it was in for repairs I was told that it was fixed and to bring it home. After having it at home for a day or two, the problems that were to be fixed came back. The last time I took it in they had it for approximately three months and I was told that it had been fixed again. Arriving home that day, the same problem arose. I called them immediately and told them that the problem had not been fixed. I was also told on my last visit that they did not have paperwork to give me as to what was done. When I called to tell them that the problem was not fixed I was told just to go out and enjoy the motorhome and bring it back after taking it for a trip. This morning I brought the motorhome back to their shop, and after heated discussions I was told that I would have to pay another diagnostic fee and when I told them that I did not feel that this was fair, they told me that they would not do any more work on my motorhome. I was also told they still didn't have paperwork showing what they had done over the three month period. I have an extended warranty policy and they were charged (I assume since I have no paperwork to confirm)for the repairs as I gave A1 all the information to call [redacted]'s for the warranty work. Also, through all of this process we have had to deal with at least five different people, all telling me different things.Product_Or_Service: Class A MotorhomeDesired SettlementI would like A1 to repair the hydraulic systems to my satisfaction at no charge. I would also like all the documentation on the repairs that were done over the last four months.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] G.M.Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted].comA1RV and Body Shop2050 Glendale Ave.Sparks, NV. 89431April 20th 2015Re: [redacted], [redacted]Case# [redacted]Business Reply,Mr. [redacted] has been to A1 RV on a few occasions for various repairs to his 2005 [redacted] XL Motor home, due to normal wear and tear of the coach after almost 10 years.His first visit regarding specifically his hydraulic system complaint stated prior was to us on or about 9.8.2014 for worn and leaking hydraulic lines on his jack leveling system, particularly the lines feeding the rear. His hydraulic system has several leaks in various areas however this is the worst and was consistent with his complaint or problem operating the system. We diagnosed and replaced two of the worst lines with new ones. On or about 11.4.2014 Mr. [redacted] came back with more concerns regarding his hydraulics. His complaint is the left rear jack is still dropping or sagging after sitting a while and bleeding downSo we re-evaluated his system through a third party service and found after dismantle of the jack the cylinder had wear and seals were leaking pressure along with two additional lines causing the bleed down.At this point he decides to submit the concern through [redacted] Insurance that after many communications from the team here at A1 Body Shop and RV., (he was informed the are not liable for wear and tear of components and hydraulic system normally are not covered under those coverages), decided to pay his claim. I personally informed him once we replaced the Jack and lines that hydraulics are not predicable as they will tend to find the next weak spot in the system and begin to breakdown that point further from the high pressures combined with age will enviably aid in that process much like a brake system on a car. He seemed to understand that scenario and all was well.Then on or about 1.23.2015 he states the jack is still sagging and wants another one. So we once again check his system and while the work we previously performed was not leaking the jack did seem to have an additional stroke or travel in the ram area meaning it would extend and additional 2.0 inches vs. the other remaining three. Now while it has no bearing on the functioning of the system properly, (because the jacks are rarely ever "fully extended" as they are used to "level the unit" as needed so one may be extended several inched then another jus to level the coach due to ground grade), we did replace it at no charge to him to make him happy. We believe in doing the right thing since 1969 and it is how we built our business foundation. Finally, on or about 4.13.2015 he returned again stating his system still leaks in the area we replaced and his jack still does not function properly. After three of us here at A1 reviewed the coach with Mr. [redacted] in person I decided to ask him to show me the particular points of his complaints. He proceeded to point out additional items leaking we did not service or create any further wear/damages to and that his jack still didn't work properly. So again I asked him to show me how he used the items in a sequence as if he was out setting up to use on a trip. He begins to lift the coach in a twisted fashion or extremely un-even.The coach was so severely twisted I thought the rams may bind as a result on our parking lot. This is where we found out he did not know how to properly extend and retract the hydraulic rams from inside the cabin because he kept asking "how far is the ram" while telling us he and his wife normally operate them together meaning one performs a visual and one presses the buttons. We have shown him that by pressing the button to retract the rams the system will give an audible beep when it is fully in the "up" position and no need to have assistance with this phase. So in closing, we at A1 have performed the work to proper standards and during his visit to us on 4.14.2015 we found no further leaks of our work performed at all, however did find further leaks on other areas of we did not create, as we informed him there would be eventually from breakdown and age. We have gone further and above for satisfaction to not only Mr. [redacted] however our own and Mr. [redacted] was shown how to properly use his hydraulic jack leveling system. Please note Mr. [redacted] did not complain here to the B.B.B. his system does not work because in fact it does. It was pointed out to him by me personally the system does have other concerns that need be addressed as I told him it would back in 11.2015 it would, again do to wear and tear of a 10 year old hydraulic system. Mr. [redacted] has had paperwork of all we have completed under his warranty, customer pay or insurance company, and if he would like we would be happy to provide to him at no charge more copies. Respectfully,[redacted]G.M. A1 Body Shop and RV. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all, Mr. [redacted] didn't show me anything I did not all ready know about lowering and raising the hydraulic jacks. My first visit regarding the hydraulic systems was back on 8/7/2012. On this occasion A1 repaired the hydraulic chamber and fittings. On 9/26/2012 again A1 repaired hydraulic leaks. As you can see, A1 has been working on the hydraulics for over two years. On 1/23/2015, I returned the motorhome after having it for twelve days telling them that the jack was sagging. After conversation with their employee, I was told that they put the wrong jack on and that's why I was still having a problem. So you can see that they didn't replace the jack, to make me happy, they replaced the jack because it was the wrong one. The paperwork that I am requesting would prove that they ordered the wrong jack and prove what I'm saying.How I raise and lower the jacks has no bearing on putting the wrong jack on and not fixing the leaks as they were paid to do.After picking up the motorhome after A1 replacing the wrong jack that they had ordered (as told to me by a gentleman named [redacted]) I was told I would receive paperwork concerning replacing the wrong jack and whatever else A1 one had done to the motorhome in the two months they had it. I have still not received the paperwork that I requested at least three times to no avail. When I was told A1 would not work on my motorhome any longer, I asked [redacted] (the gentleman who had promised me the paperwork I'm talking about) in front of Mr. [redacted], he told Mr. [redacted] he had not compiled all the information yet. As of today, I have pictures of leaking hydraulic lines that A1 replaced. I am complaining to because, in fact, the hydraulics still have issues and leaks. If as Mr. [redacted] states that he had other concerns that needed to be addressed, back in November 2014,(Mr. [redacted] put 11/2015 incorrectly in his response to this claim) and my insurance company would have paid to fix any of his concerns, at no charge to me, why would I have not done it? So I'm disputing he ever told me anything about the hydraulic problems.So in closing, I'm still requesting them to give me paperwork that [redacted] said he was compiling, and either fix what is wrong with what they did, under warranty that is still in force, or pay someone else to do it correctly.[redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all, I never declined any repairs to the hydraulic systems. The reason I was not charged the $40.69 nor the $14.65 as they were repairs to the system after their first repairs failed. Second, Mr. [redacted] is not going back far enough to show how long I've been taking my motorhome to A1 for hydraulic problems. This includes the leaks and the driver's side rear jack. As I stated on my first response, I've been taking my motorhome to A1 since 8/7/2012.As far as the "O" rings are concerned they were actually replaced three times because A1's repairs kept leaking as they are now. I'm attaching two pictures, one of the hydraulic hoses (taken 4/21/15) that A1 replaced and is still under warranty. The other picture taken today (4/29/15) is of the rear driver's side jack (which is still under warranty) which is still coming down after sitting in storage for two weeks.I cannot see how A1 can deny fixing the problems with the systems that are still under warranty. If needed, I will take my motorhome to another RV repair shop and have them confirm my allegations that A1's repairs are failing (which is still under warranty) and I expect A1 to pay any repairs needed to A1's work.I also still do not have any paperwork, signed by me, showing the replacement of the first incorrect jack to the second jack that is on my motorhome now.I have been dealing with a gentleman named [redacted] since first bringing my motorhome to A1 and I believe if he is truthful he will confirm everything I have said.Final Business Response 6.21.2014 Mr. [redacted] was in for left rear jack sagging or bleeding down with many leaks.(He declines repairs ALL)8.22.2014 Mr. [redacted] was in for leaking same concerns and authorizes 2 "o rings" for replacement.(He never pays balances due of $40.69) W/o write off no charges to him.9.3.2014 we replace water tank panel indicator.(Has NO relationship to his hydraulic leaks)9.8.2014 Replace 2 Hydraulic lines leaking(Remember 6.21.2014 he was infirmed of SYSTEM LEAKS and we also W/o another $14.65 he does not pay for)9.8.2014 we replace additional 2 lines leaking (To be clear this makes 4 old lines leaking at this point)10.15.2014 we replace awnings etc. wear and tear normal. (No relationship to hydraulic systems leaks)11.4.2014 [redacted] insurance declines replacement of NEW Ram on left rear with MORE lines leaking. (For reasons I have already mentioned before. Age, wear and tear etc.). We requested new system but the extended warranty company declined new system. They finally authorize to replace left rear ram and two more lines with fluids only!1.23.2015 we replace left rear ram under internal warranty due to replacement one being 2 inches longer than first replacement one. Again had no bearing on performance of system as one would NEVER have the need to lift all four jacks at the same time to the same length at full extension the system is designed in the aid of leveling needs as parking grades will vary as will the length of the jacks requiredto provide a level unit on un-even grades.Again, Mr. [redacted]s' hydraulic system has several concerns/ leaks as I have mentioned several times in this case and even his extended warranty company would not replace everything it needs. He is in denial that this system needs additional work and it is his burden to bear as a maintenance service is on any other mechanical system of a car, truck or even a motor home.Having inspected the system as stated prior on or about 4.2015 knowing first hand our repairs completed and are not failing, we at A1 are satisfied we have completed our obligation to date.

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