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A1 Dry Cleaners

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


[redacted]Of course, there is no law in the United States regarding racial bias or prejudicial language except as relates to the employer-employee relationship so what is nonsense is that the

business owner would try to turn the situation around by threatening to file a racial bias complaint with some non-existent entity.  However, I certainly did not use racial slurs nor was I discourteous in any way.  "[redacted]" was not on premises so she has no way to say what happened or who said what.  Moreover, as I did speak to her briefly by phone over my disappointment that the work done on my garments was incomplete and sub-par, she is NOT who I spoke with regarding the the two calls she referred to in my letter.  In fact, I spoke with a younger sounding woman who I believe was the one working in the back the day I picked up my cleaning.

I was certainly never told that they do not run machinery over the weekend nor would that have concerned me if they represented that they could get my garments cleaned by the day I needed them.  I would not have left my garments with them if this were the case as there are a lot of other cleaners in the area I could have used instead.  As to the unfounded allegation that I never intended to pay, why then did I pay them anyway or why did I not open a dispute with my bank to reverse the charge?

My shirt was absolutely not stained all over.  There was "normal" collar and cuff ring and that is all.  They could not have run my shirt through three times (an excuse for why it was soaking wet and just being put on a hanger after I arrived).  I say this because when I phoned to see if it was ready, the woman with the younger sounding voice asked if I could come later because they had not even started my job. 

My suit coat had the same dried food on it when I took it out of the dry cleaning bag and dry dirt from where I accidently dropped it on my driveway on the way to drop my cleaning off.  It also had no dry cleaning paper "sticker" attached to it anywhere.  I have SEVERAL photos of my wrinkled shirt that I have posted to a review site where I have found lots of complaints about this dry cleaner and the rude treatment of customers who complain by the owner and one or more employees.

I am posting a PDF with several photos of my shirt taken right out of the dry cleaning bag as soon as I got home.  Photos do not lie.

From everything I have read from other customers on review sites, this owner takes no responsibility for their mistakes, is unwilling to correct their mistakes, still expects to be paid and tells off customers who complain.

This is the worst dry cleaning establishment that I have ever used and I would encourage anyone who considers using them to Google the business and look at the many terrible reviews that have been left by numerous customers.  Where there's smoke there is fire!

Thank you, for this valuable service.


P.S. our best friends and my Godson are Asian.  They would be stunned at anyone calling me racist!

I asked them to take off 1/2" and 3/4" off the waists of two pair of Tommy Bahama golf shorts. I've had communication problems with them in the past so this time I actually put sticky notes with the following on each short...."3/4" off waist" and "1/2" off waist" respectively. This was to eliminate any confusion, or so I thought. When I showed up yesterday they had taken 1/2" off the length of both shorts not the waist, nevermind I asked for 1/2" and 3/4". When I told them these were $100 shorts and that they needed to fix the problem they simply told me they didn't know what I was talking about and that I never put sticky notes on my shorts. I was so upset that they accused me of lying that I walked out and had my wife get our money back for the alterations. I now have two pair of $100 shorts incorrectly altered on the length. What a shame and an absolute disgrace for a business. I would steer clear of this place and this family at all costs. I hate to complain and try to give people the benefit of the doubt but enough is enough.


My name is [redacted], owner of A-1 Dry Cleaners.  First, Mr. [redacted] did not bring the order 5 days before.  He came in on 12/27/13 on Friday late in the afternoon.  I specifically mentioned to him that we do not operate any machinery over the weekend so earliest we...

could finish the order would be late Monday after 5pm.  Like he said, he did call to check if the order was ready on Monday.  I again told him between  4 and 5pm.  Because of the New Year's holiday we closed at 5pm on that day.  However, his shirt was heavily stained on the collar and the cuffs we had to run it through three times.  Anyways, the order was completed just weren't bagged due to the extra time we had to spend on his shirt when he came in to pick them up.  He is also saying that the shirt was soaking wet. that is nonsense.  He is saying we were rude to him?  It was the other way around.  He was saying my employees cannot understand English and cussing at us at the same time.  He insulted my employees when they spoke perfectly fine English.  One of the employees was my daughter who was born in the states.  Just because of the color of our skin, he tried to put us down and tried to take advantage.   I feel like he has already planned not to pay.  We tried our best to provide best service we could possibly can but he did not even tried to listen to us.  Instead,  he kept on saying about the charges.  I cannot believe he has filed the complaint against us for waiting just for a couple more minutes to bag the order.  I think We should file a complaint against him for discrimination and being prejudice.  He owes us an apology for his actions.

Thank you.

I took a man's suit and a single shirt with French cuffs in 5 days ago to be cleaned. My instructions were to dry clean and press the suit jacket and pants and to launder & press the shirt with heavy starch. This was December 24, 2013. I phoned & spoke with a young lady before taking these items to be cleaned to ensure I'd have them back in time for New Year's Eve. She assured me I could pick them up on 12/30/2013. When I brought the items in about 30 minutes later, I asked again and received the same assurance.Today, 12/30/2013, I phoned about 1 p.m. to make sure my items were ready. The girl told me they were not ready yet but would be at 4 p.m. At about 4:30 p.m. I went to pick up my items.I lifted up the plastic bag to check the shirt and was shocked that it was wrinkled, not properly ironed & the french cuffs, collar and area where the buttons run down front of the shirt were SOAKING wet. The counter clerk, an Asian man, became very defensive when I asked about why the shirt was wet and he said "I just spray! I just spray". (I am not trying to be ethnically inappropriate, but am trying to quote literally as his command of English comes into this situation). It was clear it had not been laundered or starched and properly ironed, only hastily sprayed with water (if it was a solution, it had no smell). One sleeve had a sloppy crease on one sleeve and the other had none. They only buttoned the top button on the hanger. The collar stays that came with the shirt, worn only once, and the area where the french cuffs fold back were grimy and not creased. When I pointed this out to the clerk, he said 'I didn't put there! I didn't put there!". I said, "I know you didn't. What I am saying is that you did not clean this." He got very animated and raised his voice at me repeating "I did not put there!". I told him I was not going to pay for it since I would need to launder & iron it myself. He put me on the phone with the owner who was very rude to me. I paid reluctantly.

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Description: Dry Cleaners

Address: 4980 S. Alma School Road Suite A2, Chandler, Arizona, United States, 85248


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