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A1 Golf Cars

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Review: I purchased new gel batteries from A1 Golf cars, on July 2013, They came to my house and made a service call, they took out the old batteries which worked, but they said was almost dead and replaced them with Gel batteries. The old batteries were a standard car looking battery which required water, these batteries are completely different then the Gel batteries which they installed. The batteries were replaced and worked properly till about a month ago which was September 2014. They started to not hold a charge and run down much quicker then usual. I had the batteries tested, and they are being charged at too high of a voltage, this is caused by having the charging system not configured correctly. A1 golf cars connected my battery charger to the new Gel batteries with out configuring the Charger to the proper algorithm. By leaving the charger to the old settings for the old batteries which contain water, the charger was charging the gel batteries at a higher voltage, not only could this have been dangerous it has caused the life of my batteries to deteriorate much more rapidly then with the correct settings. Since A1 was trusted to instal the batteries correct with the proper charger settings they must be responsible for putting the system together in a matter that not only could of been dangerous but destroyed my 1600.00 gel batteries.

This is the warning from the manual that comes with the charger.

"Warning: Use charger only on battery systems with an

algorithm selected that is appropriate to the specific battery type.

Other usage may cause personal injury and damage. Lead acid

batteries may generate explosive hydrogen gas during normal

operation. Keep sparks, flames, and smoking materials away

from batteries. Provide adequate ventilation during charging.

Never charge a frozen battery. Study all battery manufacturers’

specific precautions such as recommended rates of charge and

removing or not removing cell caps while charging."Desired Settlement: I want A1 to replace my old batteries with new Gel batteries, and I will have the algorithm programed correctly by an expert because they clearly have no idea that it is even necessary to program a charger. I am probably not the only person they have done this to and they probably tell the customer the same thing that they told me.

"That I was unlucky and the batteries don't always last that long" Also was told "I don't like those carts they always use the batteries too much."

Please help.

A-1 Golf Cars and the owner, [redacted] are not responsive nor qualified to work on gas powered [redacted] Trucksters. My vehicle was taken in to have valve jobs done on both heads. After I called to check on the vehicle I was told the vehicle was ready for pickup 3 weeks after I delivered it. This cost me $[redacted] I drove it home and everything was the morning I noticed 2 large pools of oil under the vehicle...I called to complain and they came to pick up the vehicle...they had the vehicle for another week. I called to check on the vehicle and was told it was ready...I drove it home, this time, the next morning, the vehicle was hard to start and would not run evenly and there was oil pooling on floor under one side of the vehicle ...they came and picked up the vehicle and said the carburetor was dirty and needed cleaning...I have had to call each time to check their progress, they never called me to tell me the vehicle was finished...this was $[redacted]...this time I drove the car home and it was good for about 3 days then started to make noise in the the engine...they came and got the car again, this time they had the car for another week...I was told by them they tried to call me several times, but a cell phone shows each call and this is the only number they had for me. My phone never revealed a call from them. Upon arrival by me to pickup the car I was told the piston is broken on the side of the engine they took so much time to repair...and the car now will not drive, I am out over $[redacted] and am totally frustrated by their work.

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Description: Golf Carts

Address: 2600 Temple Heights Dr #G, Oceanside, California, United States, 92056


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